Cakes are made for pruning out of the anime genepool

Cakes are made for pruning out of the anime genepool

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Mmm, prunes.

>still no filter for cakes on danbooru

"mature" works well enough. Or go the OL route.

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Cake is a buzzword anyways

It's been appropriated by normalfags and turned meaningless. Same thing happened with tomboy and is currently happening with loli.

Cake was always pretty meaningless, same for tomboy too albeit latter was ruined by nips themselves. Everything with a short hair, abs and boyish personality is a tomboy to them

I want a cake to step on me (penis).

Holy shit this artist is a fucking gold mine. He's sniping my bunny-suit fetish so hard.

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>boyish personality
That's the definition of a tomboy.

The blonde in the middle kinda reminds me of Seiba. This emphasis on hips and thighs are gonna break me.

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Its not

How much would a successful business woman like this need to pay you for you to work as her personal seat?

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I'd do it for free. Especially if she would be dominant about it.

Older ladies in age inappropriate clothes are my fetish.

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Cakes have the best bodies.

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Tomboy literally means boyish personality you tard

I want to fuck those legs.

>there are "people" that refer to MILFs and married women as cakes
This is how you know a word loses all meaning.

Lies. Cakes are for loving and treasuring.

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>baww why do meanings change over time?

Fuck off grandpa

Cake anime when?

I kinda wanna find out what her asshole tastes like.

Probably tastes like poop desu.

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Bangs of sand

>yfw you will never wake up to this

My appreciation of cakes grows exponentially the older I get.

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Fuck off newfag. Cakes are only unmarried women underage.

I didn't know I needed this...

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At this point I don't even know what a cake is anymore

I like cake.

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Fuck off nigger, you don’t define shit

It's the thing you throw out when the 25th is over because no one's buying it. It's really not complicated; the name spells the entire thing out.

Yarr, matey, step on me penis

And bullying

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Most of these women could pass a MILFs though, it seems on a physical level there's little difference, and it's more of a mentality of the woman thing

Any good seinen drama romance manga with older female love interest? Something like Natsu no Zenjitsu, but less depressing.

A "cake" has never been purchased. Never eaten, never married. It's possible for them to have had sexual intercourse, but not necessarily likely, and some might try to define them as virgins.
1) CANNOT be married. NEVER married.
2) Usually a virgin, not required
3) There's usually a reason they're not taken and it has to do with their personality, fetish or quirk (in manga/anime, they're still hot as fuck, though)

A "MILF" literally has to have been fucked. They are literally a "Mom I'd Like to Fuck" and you can't really be a mom without semen. Can't be a MILF if they are barren and never had a children. They're usually married, too, but it's possible they're divorced or widowed.
1) MUST have a child.
2) They're generally at an age where their child is approaching, but hasn't quite reached, puberty. However, they can be as young as possible to bear a child (by definition) or, more commonly for "earliest", when they're still lactating.
3) Personality and body type are irrelevant. They are usually wide-hipped and large breasted, however, and display stereotypically motherly qualities.

Black haired big sister OL cake for me please.

You do realize you're attempting to reason with the type of person who thinks doujin means porn, right?

I'm not that type of person

Conflating cakes and milfs, you are that type of person.

No I just think the difference is entirely non physical when it comes to the art that gets posted

There are a lot of terms that need to be tags.

There's still no tag for characters like Tomoko and Hex Maniac for example.

Ehh, MILFs are almost universally depicted as large-breasted, wide-hipped, plainly dressed women. Motherly and caring. They can get any man.

A cake, though, usually looks hot as fuck with nearly any body type. Their only uniting factor is that they have to look "slightly" mature. What you'd expect a woman in her late-twenties and early 30s to look like. Their common factor is usually that they're delinquent in some way, are overworking themselves, or are hiding a secret they're ashamed of anyone finding out about. They can't get any man.

I write this just to say I disagree: cakes don't look like teens, but they don't always look like MILFs.

you can't really say someone is a cake without a story, that's the problem. at this point cake threads are consistently derailed because actual cakes are rare and people use these threads as an excuse to post women with voluptuous body and mature appeal.

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Hey just like all of us.

Truly there's no better match than cake and user.


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What the fuck are you doing.

Cakes belong to their cute kouhai.

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Damn, I love OLs so much. All these suits, pencil skirts, pantyhose.
>tfw you`ll never have an OL girlfriend

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2D cake are for love, 3D cake must be purged

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If I recall the dynamic of women in the work place in Japan, typically the two are considered incompatible. Maybe not at the gf stage, but marriage is supposed to signal the end of their financial independence and the beginning of the "housewife" stage of life.

Thank god.
Pour over coffee might as well be water.

Ore x Yome - Cupid no Itazura. The first story.

Short fluffy haired cake with big tits and a genki smile to hide her pain, also wearing a cute dress with pantyhose

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Anyway, it would be amazing to have japanese GF in her OL stage. But I don`t think it`s possible for gaijin who lives outside Japan, especially for me. Sad.

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Is the ideal OL harem still five?

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For me only one would be enough. Every time I see OL uniform, I have a boner.

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You'd watch this.

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>type ''business_suit''
>get all the cakes you can possibly want

so why are they called cakes :V

It's short for Christmas cakes
Because they expire after the 25

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Sakie isn't a cake sge's 24, and never will be

post more delicious cake

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I'm still not sure if she's virgin or not.
She may be 30, but she acts like a kissless virgin.

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We are kindred spirits you and I.

If she has been a wageslave in Japan for her entire life, who knows


But doesn't she get married at the end?

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I can't help but laugh at betas that fall for the cake meme.
>w-women will get desperate when they're o-older and settle for my obese ass!
Can't wait for cold hard reality to hit you faggots.

I wanted her so bad back in the day
then I saw an episode of Boruto and it was like my entire childhood was suddenly stepped on

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Y-yeah... I mean who's a kissless virgin at 30, right?


I don't think that's proper business attire doe.


What the fuck are you, a normie?

did it hit too close to home user? I'm so sorry

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I want to take Kae to Okinawa!

Projecting like mad there, user.

Cakes are great because maturity has its own appeal.

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I don't keep up with Boruto, what do you mean?

That said
>he's never seen it happening

She's fat now, user. And I don't mean chunky, I don't mean chubby, I don't even mean THICC. Like for real fat. The dangos got to her.

are you happy for the cake when she finally gets married?

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Every time I see a happy couple I want to die



Thanks senpai

Oh, don't worry, user. You'll never be part of one.

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