Did Sup Forums hate it because it hit too close to home?

Did Sup Forums hate it because it hit too close to home?

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>5 out of 19
Am I safe?

No, since I loved the VN. The anime was just a shit adaptation.

Noah fucking when.

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>Has hair that goes to ears

No, you're not. Get the fuck out.

I hated it because the adaptation was shit, as it was Chaos;Child


Honestly VN Takumi, who was more fucked up than show Takumi, was more relatable for me.

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*ruins your plot*

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Sup Forums is not your hikki safe space

It is

Yes it is.

It absolutely is.

>Sup Forums is not your hikki safe space

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Not anymore if the Darling threads are anything to go by.

i hated this guy because he was an even bigger failure than i was.

>Darling threads
>a good representative of Sup Forums
You and I both know that those threads are filled with crossboarders and other trash.

honestly look at welcome to the NHK, extremely close show in terms of what happens to the protagonist, but one is of a watchable caliber while the other should be thrown into the deepest pit of hell.

Face it user, Sup Forums is dead, we're just inhabiting its decomposing carcass.

>normalfags pieces of shit are permitted to live

You just go in there and shit post just as hard user. That's how self moderation works, that's why generals are cancer. The moment a poster doesn't feel immediate and sudden push back for some dumb fuck normalfag opinion is the moment that behaviour is reinforced.
Sup Forums is the best example of this. The Sup Forums is love attitude and the advent of generals allowed posters to completely ignore the culture of the rest of the site while thinking they aren't newfags because they posted on Sup Forums about homestuck every day for two years. You have to blow them back.
Besides Trigger is normalfag shit anyway. Bunch of no talent westaboos who would change demographics if they could. Don't get me wrong. A lot of excellent authors like western content but they're not westaboo like Trigger

Yes but it is MY descomposing carcass and I will fight (ie shitpost) for it

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You have been saying this for years, if you hate it so much just move on already!

Ever seen the picture with the Otter eating salted watermelon?

>14 out of 19

shit nigga get me out of here

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I liked it because it hit close to home. The VN, at least.

A fellow National Quiz fan. Very nice.

moot would be fucking ashamed of you r9k niggers, Sup Forums was not and never has been intended as a hugbox for fucking failures. Get the fuck off my board

Its a very good manga, I would do a storytime if the captcha wasn't such a bitch

>3 Gekkou Carnival figures
>No Alice Figure.
Shit VN waifu taste.

moot became a normalfag and abandonded you. Who gives a fuck what he thinks? Make like a faggot and disappear.

I have been posting here about being a neet long before /r9k/ was a thing, my dear newfriend.

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pay the sheckles or u get heckles

plis delet

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I miss Takumi threads. I miss Takumi.