Darling in the Franxx

Will Mitsuru and Kokoro actually have a baby, can Parasites even have Children and will they invite Futoshi to the wedding? So many questions....

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Their baby is going to be the cutest

>can Parasites even have Children

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their happy baby

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Kokoro a shit and Mitsuru is a fag.

>Futoshi, Mitsuru and I are going out to dinner tonight for our anniversary. Could you watch the children for us? All 5 of them are pretty well-behaved.

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Post more of their child

Can we settle this?


How can Oni, Miku and Ichigo even compete?

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Be honest Sup Forums, were you a Cuckorofag?
I was, but I repented and found salvation.
Pic related.

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By not deceiving their partners?



Like mother like daughter

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Based Miku


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can anyone add a hiro mask, maybe change the dialogue as well

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Sad that i'm going to miss this banter, I hate catching up.

>literally Futoshi: the post

Fucking fatsos.

Fatoshi pls

Actually, I was always a Mitsurufag. But I knew that one way or another, he would end with Kokoro because of the interview.

More Mikus plz

>Will Mitsuru and Kokoro actually have a baby
There is a high probability they will. But one of them will die.
>can Parasites even have Children
Maybe. I'm more inclined to believe Parasites don't live longer than 20 years though
>will they invite Futoshi to the wedding?
Obviously, he will be the Godfather

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their daughter is the Milklady

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Ikuno deserves more attention

Nope, go back to your cuck shed /u/

No 02?
Ah much better.

Still not voting though. How many of these are there?

Didn't he say he "loved" her. Sure he'll have trouble moving on, but I don't doubt that he will.

They're teenagers right. I think the show's doing a good job with a coming of age story where the characters are making mistakes and growing with each and every one.

The daughter has Mitsuru's personality. A bit of an asshole but kind like her mother

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Actually she was my second favorite after Miku and I still love her. but not as much as Miku

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Once they find out she's pregnant, she'll get taken to the infirmary and share a room with pic related.

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Is this the first people are talking about this anime?
And what happened to make everyone make 50 threads on this?

Easy there fatty

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>No 02?
I don't think there's a straight male who actually thinks 02 isn't best girl, so it's probable that these polls are just for consolation prizes.
A Jezebel with that much loyalty, slowly coaxing a sleeping monster out of you, is a fucking intense idea.

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Will this give us Punished Mitsuru?

This is all because Kokoro didn't even bother to tell Fatoshi WHY he was shit.

>str: 99
>dex: 1
>int: 1

I'd buy all the BDs if they do

I'm quite amused at how much Mitsuru/Kokoro fanart has surfaced since Saturday

Can't wait for the train to also crash into the next station

Rape incoming

Where is the guy which was doing the troll subs?

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Mitsuru is hot.

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A fat kid got ntr'd.
>skinny woman wants to see her partner's dick without having to dig it out of the chimichanga fun pile. Sup Forums's top experts left baffled.

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Get a clue, fattie.

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This is when Futoshi knew he had lost. What was Kokoro thinking?

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We need more

I don't know what your problem is, but she handles it terribly. She leaves him asking himself and his friends why it happened when she could have explained it.

I hate missing current updates, but I haven't been invested in an anime season since Kemono Friends or Hajimete no Gal.
Mostly because Kissanime died and I have to use alternatives like Animeheaven or Anilinkz. I don't have a torrenter yet.

More plz. I really want a episode dedicated to her that not transform her into a slut like Kokoro

Will Mitsuru actually talk to his team mates in a more positive light now? At least a little?

I kinda want to see him interact with Satan for some reason

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Mitsuru is hot and Kokoro cute. I have yet to see fanart of Futoshi with Ikuno

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Stop this surprise boxes shit. 3 posts in a row.

me too but i require more

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No idea but he'll definitely start talking way more with Kokoro. Expect daily visits to the garden

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She got wet

Me too user

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Miku, 02, Kokoro
Marry, fuck and kill. GO

Marry Miku
Fuck 02
Kill Kokoro

Probably because she doesn't even understand why he's shit. She just knows that she doesn't want him.
These are high schoolers, and on top of that, these are high schoolers who didn't even know what a fucking kiss was. When Fat boy said "I LOVED KOKORO!!!", he had absolutely no idea what that word meant. How do you expect her to be self-aware enough to realize that his puppy dog pleas for assurances weren't as attractive as milk man's grim determination to go to his grave without getting hurt again?

Fuck Miku
Marry Kokoro
Kill 02 by raping her to death

Well I only recently found anime heaven after the fall of KissAnime and the ads are non harmful, and anilinkz and that site works if it has youupload3 as a player, it's how I say the Senran Kagura OVA. I just don't know where to get torrents and I put enough of my HDD space to gaming already.

Ichigo is actually boring now that she isn't suffering in every episode. The show constantly bullying her really was a core character trait.


>Second cour is all about Futoshi trying to rape Kokoro

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Dumb gayposter.

just imagine how bad that cockpit smells

Kokoro cured the Gay

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Marry Kokoro
Fuck Miku
Kill 02

Man, Zorome must be so light, I wanna piggyback him and princess carry him around.

That's probably one of the reasons Kokoro left his ass.

What would be your method of killing 02?

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Marry kokoro
Kill 002
Fuck miku

God, he's so hot with his hair down. It's a crime how he's not gonna adopt that look.

He's super gay.

Miku > Kokoro > Ichigo > 02 > Ikuno

No other way around it

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Limb removal

I don't know which Torrenter to get and I'm not sure where to download the newest anime episodes.
Also Torrenting to me always reeked of viruses, and my antivirus would probably try and block me if I tried to download anything. Animeheaven is pretty okay though.

so futoshi lost the love? will he still love her

>this is how far we've fallen
>just let Naruto on the board "who" said

Horn removal

>can Parasites even have Children
I'm leaning towards they can't. That's the real tragedy at the end of all this.

Marry 02
Fuck Miku
Kill Kokohoe

I doubt it, after all this. He's got nothing there and he knows it

He will move on. Thats what that episode was about
Mitsuru also moved on from his obsession with Hiro

I've just got cold feet on torrenting, I can never make that leap, i'm afraid of getting in trouble with either police, viruses, or other malware.

How? How do you think viruses work?

>Miku > Kokoro

Honestly this. The others are fine but these two are best.

Dr. Franxx will make it that they can again.

use nyaa and utorrent. Please lurk more.

You must be trolling.