Respect the original folks

>loves the protagonist unconditionally and for basically fuck all reasons
>says darling all the time
>wish fulfillment character
>fanservice character
I think it's fair to say Zero Two's character borrows heavily from Lum.

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Both are ugly as fuck.

Not exactly saying you have to watch Urusei Yatsura to enjoy FranXX. Not sure how this is gate keeping.

02 is literal perfection. I don't even know who the right one is, probably just some obscure meme waifu.

02 is better.

fucking brilliant work, good thing you were here to connect the dots, otherwise nobody would have noticed that

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>obscure meme waifu.
>02 is better.

What happen to this world?

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Kill yourself seasonal shitter

Lum is like 02? Thanks for telling me, I'll remove Urusei Yatsura from my watch list.

stay mad fag

reminder to ignore bait and not o give (you)'s
reminder to ignore bait and not o give (you)'s

So Lum is less than 02?


both are shit
no one cares grandpa


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pink and blue->green)

gave me a thunk

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If you’re in debate just remember which of the two’s tits you’ve seen.

its happening

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The absolute state of nu-Sup Forums

Look at that soy body
>narrow shoulders
>wide hips

nobody over age sixteen has watched more than one episode of franks
nobody under age sixteen has even heard of urusei yatsura

I want to give Lum nakadashi nightly.

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>02 is literal perfection
>Doesn't know about lumchan
Go back to school retard. Just because Kim Kardashian was inspired by 02 doesn't make her best girl.btw i dont see darling in the franxx having 6 movies and 12 OVA's you brainlet

>Guaranteed replies: The bait

>Just because Kim Kardashian was inspired by 02 doesn't make her best girl

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He hasnt seen it

>>loves the protagonist unconditionally
she doesn't, actually she is the villain here.

Besides being meme magical girls they really aren't alike in execution, personality or presentation which is all that matters.

It's just the same character archetype with a few similar visual cues, but they are completely different when it comes to everything that makes them a character, and especially in their relationship with the lead.

Fuck off, anime from the 80s was godawful.


While that is a "less than" sign the value on the left of it would be the lesser one, not the one on the right.

Fuck you


Not an argument.

jesus christ she stole his dick or maybe he didn't have one to begin with? maybe none of them have genitals?

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