High Score Girl anime is in 3D

This is how you kill all the hype.


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nice that means they won't go bankrupt for making it

Still cute.

Reminder that this is the future of anime wheter you like it or not

Is interesting to see that anime goes to shit, just like games with the coming of 3D
2D will always superior

Retards that don't understand that 3D will eventually become indistinguishable and eventually superior to 2D for a fraction of the time and cost.
More anime will be made, and more stories will be told. Go yell at a cloud.

FUCK man
but shes still cute

I feel odd for never having heard of this before. How deep do they go in to the arcade gaming? Because that sort of thing is right up my alley!

Read the manga.Its pretty deep into the console and arcade gaming.

>More anime will be remade, and more stories will be retold.

what a shame
the mangaka is actually a decent player at a jp arcade, aka can likely rape a baka gaijin
was hoping for better, oh well

I'm not one of those people who hates CG for no reason so this doesn't affect me at all, in fact I find it nice because it works as a good pleb filter.

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looks decent, I do not understand all the hatred, this is totally different from Berserk and the original art of the manga is originally simple.

It doesn't feel far off from the manga art. Maybe it's the lumpy style used for their heads and faces.

Fights in Ajin, Blame, Sidonia no Kishi, Houseki no Kuni >>>>>>>>> 95% of the anime made in 2D in the last 3 years.

Manga art is pretty shit, so it's not like the bar is set very high.

I AM one of those people who hates CG, and it's not for no reason. It's because people use CG to be lazy rather than make good art. The only time I've ever seen CG used even halfway decently was Tiger & Bunny.

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straight into the trash it goes
it's great
yeah but right now it looks like a poorly animated gamecube game. no shit it's the future but it doesn't make the current trend any less fucking hideous.

>How deep do they go in to the arcade gaming?
Pretty fucking deep, the author knows his shit so if you are an arcade/retro-fag like me you'll be right at home

It's a cute romance story that's set in the author's love letter to the Japanese early 90s arcade scene. It's less about the games and more about the arcade "culture" itself.

>yeah but right now it looks like a poorly animated gamecube game
You'd be hard-pressed to even tell this was CG during the limited-motion shots. That's a far cry from the Gamecube's simple cel shading abilities.

All of those minus Houseki no Kuni were fucking horrible

There's no reason why it would be. This assumption is based on American animation films.


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Wouldn't it be harder to animate the cabs if it was 2d?

3dcg could mean they can actually animate the analog stick movement during their heated battle, cant wait to see if thats what they are going for.

The arcade gaming is a huge part of the manga.
Seeing the list of game publishers got credited at the end of each volume feels pretty neat.

The design looks like that fetus ghost anime. Any relation?

Same mangaka.Good taste user.

>all their budget is being pumped into OPM s2

For a moment I confused this with Someday, We’ll Get There.

Man, Pupipo anime actually looks good.

But this? I guess it's okay.

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Houseki no Kuni was fine, faggot.

So will this be the next Aku no Hana?

didn't expect to see Splatterhouse footage in the trailer. That's neat.

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This actually looks pretty good

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I'm not even mad.

I'm just glad there will be a slight chance of at least ONE good vanilla doujin of these two.

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Now I'm only saying this in relation to other full CGI anime I've seen. It's certainly above others in recent years.

Not like there's much to this since they're gonna be hunched over for arcades the majority of the time

>minus Houseki no Kuni
Don't kid yourself rockfucker.

don't lewd the rich

>Ajin, Sidonia no Kishi, Houseki no Kuni >
Nigga stop joking
That shit was trash

If you want quality cgi fights then go with KARAS and Majestic Prince

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Koharu > Oono

>NTR end

How could they do this to finish the series?

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>not this shit again....

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>Take the greatest love story ever told
>Adapt it to anime form
>Fuck it up

It probably wasn't going to be 3DCG if it were made years ago.
Fuck SNK.

This is what happens when a chinese person takes over and suddenly thinks it's a good idea to stop making pachinko machines even though it's been super profitable for SNK

They dont get paid enough to incentivize doing good art

The chinese actually smoothed out the manga licensing issue if I'm not mistaken. If not the manga would be killed due to copyright bullshit.

i think snk whining was before the chinks spent their shekels

Enjoy your 30 second pans and powerpoint "animation", faglord.

>use 3D to save time and money
>animate it like it's bottom of the barrel low budget 2D anyway

Go back to your "bottom of the barrel" 2d QUALITY then faggot. I'll take CG over that shit any day.

Will they actually use the characters? Or will they use off-brand look-a-likes?

>tfw no Someday we'll get there anime

>Koharu needs this shit to stand a chance
just end this Oshikiri, her character is beyond ruined

New Japanese regulations made them stop.

Did you even watch the fucking pv?

It's not that bad.

Kill it with fire.

At least CGI actually moves, and not just still images like most studio's do, besides Kyoani.


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>the CGI shit eaters are already here defending their PS2 graphics with negative fps