Made in Abyss

Hopefully the next chapter comes out on the 30th. I'm hoping that we're going to have a Reg/Faputa/Veko chapter.

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Didn't you hear user? The next chapter's been delayed until the 10th.


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How stupid do you think I am?

at lest 4

"Nanachi is a girl" tier stupid

Thread in abyss

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>You could die tomorrow

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Oh come now Riko, Ozen was just being Ozen.

>Give the sage Riko's body
>She dies and withers away soon after

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Reg(dog) is best boy

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This absolute madman looks like he needs a shave.

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What will Srajo the Puzzling's madness be?
Ozen was an emotionally dead psychopath, Lyza had murderlust and Bondrewd was Bondrewd.

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ch46 never ever

he's just a turbo autist

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I appear to have ascended too quickly.
Please tell my friends at the orphanage that I love them.

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good boye!

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But don't hug granny. Her skin might blister.

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Best boy!

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the best mother

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This seems rather incongruent with Lyza's character.

Should by Lyza crying and handing a baby to Ozen, and then Riko getting chucked into the box.

all are

I want my Lyza flashback where she just massacres a couple hundred people in gobbo slayer brutality.

Is not that amount exaggerated?

Where do I start reading the manga after finishing the anime?

The beginning.

Did he get busted for child porn?

Chapter 1 page 1
You welcome

So how old are the White Whistles anyway? They seem like a bunch of old farts with the exception of Lyza (and Riko I guess now that she cheated the system).

What do you mean cheated the system, she found an incredibly powerful artifact that let her face another white whistle in combat. The artifact just happens to be adorable.

According to Bondrewd Wakuna is an "old man" possibly 50+ years
Pic related for Srajo

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How hard does the Orth government censor the truth about white whistles? Seems like only a select few know how they're made

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Ozen, Wakuna in their 80s.
Lyza, Bondaddy in their late 30s.
Srajo is mysterious.
Riko is 12.

>found best relic on 1 layer
>built a deep bonds with whistled girl after talking about dicks like for 15 minutes
Honestly, I want to like Riko, but her immense luck in combination with her being carried by the team and thickest plot armor in Solar System is complete turn off.

I don't think the government has anything to do with it, it's just that people who know the secret are either insane or they are weirdos and loners

Ozen needs a ride home, user.

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>her being carried by the team
This may be literal after dealing with Belafu

Let's go

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awwwww that is one of the cutest Reg pics I've seen to date.

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Reg is always cute!

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I want to marry bun and make her happy!

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>I'm hoping that we're going to have a Reg/Faputa/Veko chapter
You mean like a threesome? Veko strikes me as the type who'd gladly milk a little boy dry.

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Post cute Regs

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bun is kill

>Made in abyss slowly turns into a harem manga
keikaku doori

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It's all I do really.

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Clearly a god among men. A WW, Lord of Regus

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How Nanachi knew about the existence of the other 2 white whistles? Did she meet them when living at Idolfron?, why she didn't mention anything related to them before?

He is a good man

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I'll follow her to the depths of the abyss!

Thanks anons. I just love cute shotas, and Reg is the cutest.

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And I save all your regs...

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I'd assume she heard of them through bondrewd, or they showed up while she was there. As for why she hasn't mentioned it? Probably because those two just aren't relevant right now, no reason to bring it up until someone asks.

Lewding robots is illegal

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Lyza wanted to see the truth of Abyss.
Nothing can retard her even if she love her baby.
And she had been said she need to go before Riko be really acquainted with her.
Or she will leave Abyss and Orth with Rico forever.

Too bad there's no one in the abyss to enforce laws.

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Police can't catch me

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>Chapter delayed
>Someone is going to be crushed by the Chinese Space Station before the chapter is released
Someone is returning to the abyss before it returns to us.

nanachi's face is so good there

That's getting a little too lewd there user, you may not get caught in the abyss but you can on this site.

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There are no laws in the abyss.
Now out of the way, I'm delving for rare Regus to bring back.

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Is this a rare enough Regu?

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Did anyone know this feeling?

This is a rare Reg

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This is just wrong, Reg clearly has a nose how dare they

Why are his hands so tiny?

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What happens first, the next chapter comes out, or Reg turns everyone gay?

>implying I wasn't already gay for Nanachi

When will he finally get punished?

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>Riko stares at Belafu for a bit, thinks really hard
>Realizes that Nanachi is fairly safe for the moment and that she needs to find Reg, because he might still be in trouble.
>Tells the wormy boi she'll think it over and be back soon
>Right as she's leaving-
>Bonedrewd kicks down the flesh door and starts screaming that Belafu stole his Mitty
>Belafu explains that it's not stealing, it's a copy
>Bonedrewd argues that illegal reproduction is paramount to theft
>Baddad takes the worm to Narehate Court and sues him for soul piracy, wins nanachi and clone mitty in the settlement
>Lets them go so he can go back to watching the Nanachi Channel back at home, fucks off
>Reg probably shows up and incinerators someone in the middle of this

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Reg will enforce them!

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>Yearning of boys and girls

>molests bun on regular basis
>gets raped by moth
>enforcing laws

But what if Reg is being lewd on his own?

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Stupid sexy shota.

He's only sexy if you're attracted to him, user.

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I love Reg so fucking much.

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How can someone not love Reg?

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What’s his endgame?

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I have about 400 non lewd Reg pictures. How many do you have?

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Only 175, and they're all images I can post on this board. I'm pretty picky with what I save.

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There is absolutely nothing gay about holding Regu's soft, smooth, warm body in your powerful arms. Feeling him squirm and seeing his face instantly turn beat red out of embarrassment couldn't be further from the realm of homosexuality. You'd have to be some kind of repressed homo yourself to see anything deviant in his cat-like pupils locking deep onto yours, his hot, labored breaths whisking across your cheek, or his increasingly rapid heartbeat pounding underneath his smooth chest as it presses up against you. Maybe you'd reach down to grab a handful of his shapely, feminine ass and give it a hard squeeze as hard as you could knowing your fingers can't leave a mark on his precious artifact skin. And yeah, he would probably let out a whimper and bury his face into your neck, but that's all just normal skinship between bros. Only a truly perverted asshole would feel Regu's tiny erection quickly growing against the skin of your abdomen and think "Gay!" instead of seeing it for what it really is: a normal physiological reaction that can happen to a boy his age at any time. A sick fuck like you would also probably find fault in spreading Regu's asscheeks with your fingers and inserting one or two to check his internals for damage like a true friend would. The impossibly warm sensation enveloping your digits as his rectum greedily devours them, never wanting to let go, would probably fill your head with gay nonsense as well. I wonder how your twisted mind would then perceive the image of Regu squirming out of your grasp, his body now quaking and glistening in a sheen of sweat, arching his back so his perfect ass is as high in the air as it can go, and him looking back at you with frustrated, pleading face as tears form in the corners of his eyes? I for one am sick of perverts sexualizing Regu. He's a good kid that doesn't deserve this.

Reg is MY shota, all mine.

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Same. I only save decently high quality pictures, colored or non colored. I don't save anything that's degenerate nor anything that involves Reg in pain or discomfort. All of mine can be mostly posted here too.

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No you are mistaken sir, he is MINE. I ordered him and everything, I've got the paper work right here.

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I signed the contract last week. Give it up.

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Thanks for the boner user.

I prefer slightly lewd Reg images, specifically with him in undies. Not much of a fan of shota suffering either, even if the chair scene is what got me into this manga.

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Its nice meeting someone exactly like me.

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Undies are god-tier, especially when they're tight.

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Looks like Natt finally gave up on marrying Riko.
After this thread, he knows he cant compete with Mr. Roboto.