Did you like Hitsugi no Chaika, or is it all memes?

Did you like Hitsugi no Chaika, or is it all memes?

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Chaika was cute enough so I gave it a try.

it was fun
no huge flaws, not outstanding, just all-around decent
i don't regret watching it but have no intention of rewatching it

Second cour is pretty rough but it was a legit good show regardless of memes, plus standard fantasy is always nice

Would rewatch a properly done second season.

season two was ass and the ending was lame.

It's most efficient communication.

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Scrapped Princess > Coffin Princess

She got the worst ending

theyre built for anal

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I loved it. I am still waiting from some user to deliver the full resolution pictures for the script the show uses. It was released in some paper/digital mag but that's as far as I could track it down.
If any user has them PLEASE give them to me. I'm particularly interested in the 3 (hand written) (Caligraphy) (standard) charts.

All in all it was a solid okay, the funposting in the threads was the best part though. And the butts in this series, in the LN's at least, were remarkably delicious. A shame it didn't carry to the anime.

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>only 4 volumes are translated

I enjoyed the show, but the final is shit.

It was memes and a good watch.So yes, chaika.


Just memes for me. The thing about it is it wasn't bad in any particularly outstanding way, it was just kind of boring and never really got interesting. Chaika is cute and Freddy is actually really great, but everything else was forgettable.

Well said.

It's a great first half and a typical Bones ending. Show was really competently written, it was a nice adventure story, had very natural exposition and worldbuilding, and at least in the first half, had a clear theme about warrior people lost in peacetime.

best episode its THOT Chaika aka episode 11

best chaika is blue chaika

season 2 was a fucking shitshow

Liked it enough to rewatch it more than once.
Only bad thing was the rushed S2 ending.

this desu

was rushed that anything to be fair

>not purple

the real issue that I had was the (badly forced) explosive joke

Do these girls run on TCP or something

Purple > Red = Blue > White > shit > Black > diarrhea > Green = Pink

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Change Blue for Pink and I totally agree with you.

The fights were well choreographed. Unlike your typical anime fight which follows a fixed pattern of an exchange of attacks followed by a crippling attack from the enemy and the a powerup on the side of the protagonist and victory, here the fights had an element of unpredictability that made them feel real.

>Purple >

I love Fred.

I'm glad someone appreciated them as well.

no no no, OP, you worded it wrong.

Chaika, suki? Meme desu?

>tfw I share my name with Red Chaika
Why would you give a slavic male name ti a cute girl

>Red Chaika
That sounds pretty feminine man.

Isnt the chaika names originate from slavs/eastern yurop car brands? Probably common anyway.

Yes. Chaika.

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>A shame it didn't carry to the anime
I will be mad forever.

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I like it.

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Red is so hot

Contrary to white Chaika is Red for the lewds.

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Overall, yes. It was fun.

I want to fuck blue without protection!

>characters with heels are same height as everyone without heels
God I hate artists so much.

That's dangerous.

Wish the artist did more hmanga

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It's alright. Basically this

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Superior Chaikass

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The meme went from chaika's eyebrows to im cum to chaikaface
It was cute autism

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I agree unironically. She had a clear and strong purpose in life, and was willing to throw away her dignity and sell her body to achieve it. Also I like lewd girls.

This too.

What a hole/footfag thing to notice or care about

Yeah, it's almost as if people who like something would focus on it.

I love all Chaikass

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I really, really, really like her design. It's so different from everything else in the world.

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>blue chaika is a whore

dont shit captain obvious

she gave father funeral so I'm satisfied

A real ass man

Best Chaika!!!

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A cute

That's a bad idea user.

Who red here

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Absolute shit rushed ending
S2 took a nosedive fast at the exact point someone reminded the writers how much episodes they have left exactly

She's perfect.

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Your dick would disintegrate into the bubbling stew of STDs.

Me too

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Everyone's covered all the qualitative stuff already, so I'll just chime in with more it's fun, I enjoyed it.

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>Chaika's face when you want to give her headpats

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Best performer

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She'd enjoy it.

I liked it before the memes.

Chaika and Sakura are the daughterus I didn't know I wanted.

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Unexpected factoid.

im watching it for a second time
imo its really good
btw does anyone know how tall chaika is?

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Just another smoldering pile of debris among the trainwreck.

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