Isekai: shieldbro

Tate no Yuusha No Nariagari, the tale of a young man summoned along three other people to defend a world beset by disasters called "The waves of destruction". Betrayed and unjustly framed for a crime he did not commit, Naofumi iwatani, the latest shield hero, is sent to the streets penniless and alone. Shunned by everyone from king to peasants, Naofumi's thoughts were filled with nothing but vengeance and hatred. Thus, his destiny in a parallel world begins...

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Power and level of complexity of magic systems
Catgirls: Why?
Should kings be important and powerful characters?

Has anyone yet unironically written an isekai about a Sup Forums user getting trucked and uses his garbage wikipedia, /k/ and /out/ knowledge etc. to fuck with the world?
Does anyone remember the Frost Giantess quest threads on /tg/? That shit was gold. It's still on suptg.

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>Power level
No limit to how strong you can get, but it shouldn't be easy to gain strenght

>catgirls why?
Ever since the dawn of time, man has looked to the stars in wonder. We ponder if we are truly alone in the universe and hope that we are not. We seek to go out among the stars and find new and interesting life forms much like ourselves.

And we want to fuck them.

>Power and level of complexity of magic systems
Whatever fits the story. I'm a sucker for magic systems with detailed mechanics that allow the characters to modify and create spells but that's just my autism.
>Catgirls: Why?
Because they are cute.
>Should kings be important and powerful characters?
Again, it depends. A weak king could lead to interesting shit happening to MC in the kingdom.
Just don't have one king who is purer than Jesus and another king (or rather an emperor) who is worse than Satan. Also, don't make MC insantly befriend him for some bullshit reason.

Read a bit of the spear hero manga...

His end game is Firo.

But isn't he being idiotic not letting Naofumi power up like the original time line?

Just let bow hero take his place up to after the first wave and then join him.

I've got an idea for an Isekai - reincarnated as a noblemen (15 or 16?) and inserted (resurrected in place of) an existing person, who'd died of fever known to cause personality alteration. It's Grand Duchy management and medieval warfare, no RPG mechanics.

Does that sound like it works?

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Do you actually need to be strong to parry? It's always the superior option as opposed to dodging and blocking, but the other only requirement may be timing in action games.

No, but they predicted Goblin Slayer more or less.

yes, there is a isekai wher a neet gets trucked together with his house( that still has electricity for some reason) and his spends most of his time shitposting on 2ch

It's not about whether or not if it works, but that you'll write it and make it work. Do, not think.

Also, for the love of God, make magic something that actually requires study instead of "I read "Basic Magic for Retards" and now I can summon an army of fire soldiers".

He's too focused on firo. Spoilers suggest that he tried this but it ended up horribly.

First person or third person?

I vaguely remember this actually. Is there a cap?

It's simple
Girls are cute
Cats are cute
Girl + Cat = super cute

Sure, you just need to make it work

Third person is best for general storytelling, but first person is superior if you want the reader to connect with the main character by hearing their thoughts, dreams, and fears as they travel around.

Oh well, he tried, can't really blame him that much then.

I've taken some fencing lessons, you can basically deflect an attack with your wrist. don't know how it mounts up to other martial arts. think plain blocking is a last resort in most

except when they turn into muderhobos that will kill you if you look them the wrong way

How awkward is the split between the two? MC is in first person, but other sections are third person.

Fran a cute tho

Reminder to read Faraway Paladin and The Amber Sword to restore faith in jp and cn isekais stories.

Can't find raw LNs for this. Anyone have it or know where to find them?

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>Catgirls: Why?
/sci/ will find a way.

Bullshit. We only started looking to the stars seriously once we had already explored every corner of the earth and found that there were no cute mermaids or lamias waiting for us.


Only as awkward as you make it user. So long as you clearly mark section separations you won't lose your audience.

In the second spear hero series he regains his memories at the same time firo kicks him in the balls so he got to be with firo in the end... well, she still avoided him a lot. And then after the wave business was done, the dragon's era minute hand sends him back to the 4th timeline.

It can get a little jarring to swich perspectives like that, besides, the whole point of writing in first person is the unreliable narrator, something you lose the moment you go to third person

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WOW. LH translations do suck. Should have translated that as "surnames" and "given names". Btw some chineses have 3 names, the surname, the middle name and given name. Depending on tradition, the middle name might be shared amongst brothers/sisters.

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As long as they aren't killing me or my friends who cares?

The biggest topic yet.
How do you feel about protagonists somehow recreating (not summoning with a skill) modern technology such as firearms? Is it ever justified?
Does the presence of firearms ruin a story for you or do you want your Isekai to be Skyrim with Guns?

They're cute, so who cares?

>cat ears only
>cat ears plus human ears
>cat ears and hair always cover where human ears should be by the will of god

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Shieldbro had the reincarnators introduce firearms and vehicles such as tanks and jets but status magic determined how effective those would be.

It's cool. It's good when done cool. Yeah, when it's not done cool.

99% of the time it's fucking retarded and I hate it.

So long as its plausible its fine.
But lets be real, in the vast majority of these stories its never plausible.

>magic systems
Spells have to actually be learned/studied. I can't believe this is something I have to explicitly say, but so much of the magic is more convenient than potato chips.

Power scales from imagination and how well the spell was formed. Adding more power willynilly just makes it less efficient and prone to mutant effects.

As for complexity, there is a point where rather than one big complex spell, it's better to get separate mages casting each part of what you want to happen, or just design an elaborate ritual.

Because it sells

Powerful enough to do the summoning, but otherwise being talk no jutsu is good enough.

>Bringing up Chink names in a japanese Isekai
For what purpose?

If its hard earned, then its fine, roland from release that witch for exemple.

This pleases me greatly.
Thank you.

Roland is kind of bullshit too, though.
He knows a lot of shit that can't be excused through his old profession.

Xanxia isekai user. You know you wanna reincarnate in chinkverse and eat beads while meditating really hard to cultivate your 9-tailed rainbow dragon core.

every isekai I've seen they have both cat and human ears and the cat ears are more for being sensitive.

I don't like when the method used tocreate firearms is "it's just magic bro"
Humans have been using projectiles for war since the stone ages. If "just your average japanese highschooler" could figure it out, then so could any sage in that world

maybe he's a /k/ user

Roland's bullshit is how by the first year he has working muskets. So rather than "how much he knows", it's "how fast R&D went".

You don't have to worry, most catgirls are slaves anyways.

plz no user. I'm already annoyed at all the chink LNs/Mangas flooding all the translation sites.

Boo Boo had antagonists recreate primitive firearms and rocket launchers which were dangerous because they weren't affected by the defensive percentage magic used by humans. They did have the advantage of being able to travel back and forth between worlds (only their bodies though) and were a military unit so I guess it doesn't really count.

>I was transported into another world and now want to save catgirls from slavery?!

>betrayed and unjustly framed for a crime he did not commit,
Let me guess, everyone finds out he's innocent all this time and he gets to unload his revenge boner on the ones reponsible because they make it retardedly obvious they're cunts.

Sounds like every revenge isekai out there

Nips literally copied chink culture and custom esp FREE Okinawa!
Nippon is literally chinkaboos.

>Most catgirls are slaves
>only Isekai protagonists ever buy them
>They're insanely strong/loyal/sexy
>Extremely cheap as well
Why doesn't everyone buy a cat girl slave?

I'd like to read an isekai that draws the introduction of fire arms to it's logical conclusion: at least one massive, global war as nations test out their new weapons in a free for all land grab.

The MC is lucky to get the cute ones, they're usually average.

They do, but just like real world cats, they breed out of control so there's always a surplus of catgirl slaves.

More or less.

But what does that have to do with the translators explaining how the protagonist messed up using his last name as westerners would use their first name, thus causing everyone to think his last name was his first name?

Why would you want to?

Most are kept as cock-sleeves in some noble's basement, so we never see them.

Ehh, I find myself enjoying more chink isekais then jp ones
It could be because the MC usually has goal instead of just dicking around

What are some worthy isekai goals though?

I have a Brandon Sanderson like habit of designing an entirely different magic system for every story. I find it's a good catalyst for making me think through how everything else interacts.

Kings: there was and is a huge variation in real life, therefore there is a huge variation in fantasy worlds. Instability at any particular moment in time is a storywriting feature, not a flaw.

WW1 but in jrpg land

>Get bitches
>Get money
what else?

Why would the MC be stupid enough to think that european-looking country has Japan's weird naming custom?

Youjo Senki?

Dude just named himself like he normally did, because he naturally understands everyone, and didn't think about the difference in naming customs.

You've got a point. Nipsekai is all, oh I've been transported to another world. I'll just wander around, picking up girls I'm never going to so much as glance at while I cook delicious revolutionary food. Oh and I might beat a badguy of the week.

Chinkxia is all I will become the greatest in my clan and all clans in the universe and anyone who insults my girl are dead. Their family is dead. Entire generations of their clan will be wiped out. But I gotta eat these beads cause some chinese emperor in the past thought eating mercury would give him immortality.

Find a way to travel between worlds whenever desired.

Struggling for your life?
Actually working hard?

>returning home
>developing the land around you
>starting a business
>starting a family
>Become imortal and accend godhood

Remember how in gate all bunny girls were sold to slavery? It's the same for all cat girls and cat shotas.

isekai where the male protagonist reincarnates as a female but keeps his sexual attraction to women
>i reincarnated as a girl but I'm a raging lesbian?!

I like it.

So most isekai where the MC becomes a girl?

are muskets that hard to make? aren't they just a metal tube with some explody stuff and a metal ball?
the hard part would be in making a reliable fire arm, but he has a human precision metal shop that brings his development cycle down to hours.

An user from a few threads ago was writing something like that. It was in not-france and he(she) had illusion magic that only worked when he(she) sung.

He sung lesbian porn in front of the entire city.

Most chineses barring christfags name themselves the same way as nippons. Nippons copied chinks. That's historic and relevent.

Yes, and?

is this viper draw?

Fucking a zillion year old MILF like Satoo.

If they aren't bisexual I lose interest honestly.
If they wanted to keep liking girls only why even become a women?

>He sung lesbian porn in front of the entire city.
absolutely based

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Just once, I want an MC to try to implement crop rotations in an isekai only to find out that all the crops are different and alien and he has no idea where to even start to figure out what a good rotation would be.

You are summoned into the last isekai you read as of the last chapter you read.
You have to kill the protagonist and his entire harem with the help of one random power

You get extra bonus points if you can instead devise a plan to steal his harem from him instead of killing them.

You do something and you get the skills, that's the best way to reward your efforts and why isekai is so loved.
IRl no matter how hard you try, how smart you are or how talented you are you won't be rewarded shit since the world is shit.

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But I love slime loli. And she's pretty a demi-outer-god, so NORWAY!

they didn't copy so much as they came from there

I'll write a game stats isekai just for you, mate.

Not sure that matters?
Family names as a whole are have been historically rare until recently, and how each culture named their clan/family/etc has varied a lot I'm sure.
For all you know, next time you get truck'd, the isekai you end up in might have a naming convention like "[Family Name] [Same-Gendered Parent's Given Name] [Order of Birth] [Given Name]" or something.

>Awe Inducement
>mixed bathing in another dimension
I'll turn his harem against him. As far as MCs go hes actually pretty weak too, so it'll be easy.

>Saving someone who also were isekai'd
>Scientific research
>A treat in the other world want to conquer earth