Why does it hurt so much to see him like this?

why does it hurt so much to see him like this?

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Is something wrong, Jiren-san?

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>Oh? What happened to your poker face?
>Once shattered strength is so fragile
>I can hear your heart screaming, afraid to return to the weak you again

Based Frieza.

Sounds like he is speaking from experience.

>bullying a defenseless ayylmao with crippling insecurity issues
you're a bully, user


That's what it's even more great, honestly. He wants to tear someone down like he was torn. Delicious.

Literally what are you talking about?
/ouremperor/ is so based. Kill them all, Furiza-Sama.

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That smile when Goku enter again was great

Jiren is love, Jiren is life.


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Jiren is trash. Goku was bruised and battered like 10 times during that tournament and managed to completely heal himself in a matter of minutes yet Jiren was unable to do that even once.

He gets his tail back at the end.

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so he's trash because he doesnt have the power of being the MC?

He's powerful because of his... like... village man. A god of destruction can't kill him because... he... like... doesn't trust anyone. What a story man...

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Plot armor, also Goku always had somebody to cover his ass, on the top of my head I can think of Hit, Vegeta, Frieza, 17, I think Gohan once? And Jiren was always alone, nobody there to get their face stomped for him. That's Jiren whole character arc, kinda.






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Because he was introduced as a stoic, enlightened ayy who was far beyond the other fighters not just physically but mentally as well.

Then he turned into a Sasuke with French levels of spinelessness.
They fucking broke him.

But user, he had the universe's best psychologist working to resolve his issues

Don't cut yourself on that edge

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>Jiren then
>"I can't kill you it'd weigh on my conscience"
>Jiren now
>"I'll kill your friends Gokuuuuuu!"

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He knew the blast would be deflected, he was salty and wanted to get at Goku's nerves.

Super is fucking garbage

jiren was never like that in the anime. from the beginning he was stoic, and arrogant. not once have we ever seen him go on about his morals on killing people. doesnt make the action justifiable though

And Chadza ko the hell out of Jiren literally 1 sec later.