Blows the fuck out of all the isekai from the 21st century

>blows the fuck out of all the isekai from the 21st century

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Thanks user

You did a great job!

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your welcome user!

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Now watch it on blu-ray

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I have with the new dub too

I watched the first episode and thought it was shit. Not only is it the same kind of trashy as contemporary isekai, but it's also for girls.


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It's not shit but it does have that vaguely shoujo appeal

It was literally perfect until the rushed ending. The thing about Dilandau being Allen's daughter was fucking crazy but it was also super underplayed. What the hell.

*sister. SHEESTA. GATTY.

It was his sister, not his daughter

escaflowne sucks only good for yoko kanno

Green > Red > Blue

You are now aware that Madoka Rebellion is a Rayearth prequel.

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Yeah me too. It's sunrise so it feels like it's just ticking off a bunch of boxes instead of bringing me something good. Just judging from the first episode though. I love actual good isekai for girls like Utena.

>Watching it any way other than with Maaya Sakamoto
Kimochi warui.

But Utena isn't Isekai

Marry Red
Fuck Blue
Befriend Green

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What a handsome boy

I never did get the Escaflowne ED

Like none of those things ever happened

Merle was fucking trash

cat girls are usually trash


Frankly, isekai is better suited for shoujo. Girls are into fairy tales and shit so it's the logical next step. While for girls is an allegory of puberty, for guys is rejection from reality considering the average LN reader is a 35 years old male.

It's gay as fuck, I'm struggling to finish it. The music is really good though.

>Tfw literally not a single good show has been made since the turn of the millennium

as 35+ old male, i enjoy more the shoujo isekai than powerfantasy isekai

shoujo is just so fluffly and warm

You wish. Here's the best Isekai of this era followed by Mondaiji.

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S2 Never

And I would have preferred if it had less lolis

What? It had everything from lolis, teens to old hags. Also someone who complains about lolis should get the fuck out of Sup Forums right now.

I only remember the body armor with jiggling tits.

shit taste

Muh niggah.