Hibike Euphonium

Who is your favorite Hibike and why is it Kaori?

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Haruka is simply the best

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She is insanely beautiful and has huge tits. I'll never understand why she isn't popular in-universe.

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cuz she's less hot than Reina and is worse at trumpet, so she takes a backseat.

Kumiko easily

Asuka is the best and I'm going to marry her.

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hazuki is best

Ponytail senpai can't be beat.

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That's not Raina.

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kaori - asuka - haruka love triangle.

Ribbons is unironcally best girl. No one even comes close.

I don't even know this show but damn she's so beautiful

Love ya buchou

because she looks like my dead wife

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It is definitely this fluffy cutie.

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Kumiko > Everyone else
As far as pairings go these two are the best, though.

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rare pigtails Kumiko

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Rare Kumikos was a different time.

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I was insanely attracted to Kaori-senpai because she was voiced by Minori Chihara.

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she's so beautiful I'm gonna start watching this show because of this picture solely

>All the beautiful girls are autistic
What is this show trying to say?

>I'll never understand why she isn't popular in-universe.
I think she is.

Go to bed, sensei.

How the FUCK are the guys at her school keeping her school keeping their dicks in their pants? With her, Reina, and Kumiko around, I'd go to the fucking band room, whip out my cock, and tell them to play my meat flute, if you know what I mean.

Is there any KyoAni character that isn't autistic. Think about it.

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Kumiko for sister, Asuka for girlfriend.

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asuka probably developed a slapping fetish from her mother. Could you fill that role?

If it means slapping her cute ass, sure.

Are you fucking me? That was the hottest scene in the entire show, I'd slap her 24/7.

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Mah nigga.

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poster girl for literally every "music anime" topic

it's obviously Kaori because I have shit taste and I can't see that buchou is best girl

Kumiko is best.

>pragmatic, blunt, and cynical
>works hard to the point of blood being spilled
>ridiculously fluffy hair

literally perfect

>>pragmatic, blunt, and cynical
Wut? How did you even manage to misread her character this much?

>character's most defining trait is to accidentally say what's on her mind, outloud, in front of everybody.

sounds pretty blunt to me.

i played trumpet in school and i've been putting this show off because i know it will break my heart.

anyway the show looks very pretty.

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>i know it will break my heart.
why? You're not a /u/fag expecting their to be yuri are you?

That's ain't blunt. Seems more like clumsy blunder made by someone whose head is way up in the skies. Blunt means to be too direct and harsh without being any subtle while dealing with others. Kumiko might be clumsy to slip her tongue now and then but she is still wary of her words unless she is pushing too far out of her shell(like how she breaks down before asuka) and not at all blunt like reina


i meant the nostalgia and idealized depiction of one of the best times in my life would break my heart, but uh yeah for sure definitely whatever you're talking about.

>Asuka is the best and I'm going to marry her.

It's gonna be difficult 'cause she's an alpha lesbian.

>he was in band

Who? Sorry I was distracted with the real best girls relationship

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i didn't even watch this show but want fuck all. opinios?

I feel like Kumiko is partially intentionally blunt and partially accidentally blunt.

An example for being intentionally blunt would be when she intensely claps for Reina during her duel with Kaori to bluntly express that she supports her and thinks she is the better player. Another one would be when she asks Asuka who she thinks is better between Reina and Kaori in a serious tone after Asuka tried to dodge the topic at first.

The accidental parts are probably the ones everyone knows, but my favorite one is the one when she tells Ribbons that she doesn't like her.

Shuuichi because he is best boy. Who gets Kumiko in the canon completely destroying homodegenerates.

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Reina made it clear that she only loves sensei you delusional Yuritard

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Pfffft stop being picky over the small details.
Kumiko x Reina is the one and only perfect ship and should have been made canon. Fuck KyoAni for baiting us, it's Yui x Azu-nyan all over again.

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It's pretty rare for the MC girl to be this much best

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based shoe

She really loved her, didn't she?

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Mi negro

This is a heterosexual show.

Fuck off, this show's as straight as an S-bend.

What is S-bend?

Fuck's sake, is no-one capable of googling things anymore?

Just wanted to talk to human.

What is googling?

To be fair, everyone does

That's where you went wrong. Most people here are no longer normal humans to initiate a friendly talk.

I love Ribbons! I want to make babies with her!

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Kaori is perfection

how could you say you love her when you dont buy her stuff?

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ribbon-chan best chan

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Everyone can get beaten by the D.

not sure what else to dump, ill stop here.

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I don't know why, but Kumiko's smile is always really heartwarming

What does Kaori smell like?

could it be that someone drew her that way?

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Kaori is no doubt the most sexual Hibike, delicious figure, dark short hair and beauty mark is lethal combination for me. Chill-senpai and Kumiko are good runner-ups though.

What's with KyoAni and their clovers?

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Sup Forums reference in my chinese cartoons?

Kyoani confirmed for bros.

Ritsu isn't! Honorable mention to Azusa.

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But that's not Hazuki.

Her design with Mitsuki Nase’s VA = boner^2
Grumpy-Chan best though

>why she isn't popular in-universe.
She is

Kaori doesnt shave

because i do it for her

fuck off shoe


Keep this thread alive while I go out for a bit, I want to talk about this show.

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ok s-sempai

It's quite obvious that Kumiko is not only best Hibike, but literally best girl in all of anime.

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I love Mijore

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I hope she gets good development on the movie

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Let's do this Sup Forumsnon.

>favorite freshmen

>favorite junior

>favorite senior

>you will never get to floof up Kumiko's hair
why live?

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>favorite freshmen

>favorite junior

>favorite senior

Kumiko needs a good dicking

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i agree. natsuki is amazing

She has superior thighs

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