Animes that only exists for the viewer to suffer

animes that only exists for the viewer to suffer

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You just don't recognize Saving Anime when you see it.
But really, this was a 5 minute short, half of it taken up by the OP and ED, made on a shit budget where half the joke was it was a poorfag anime about poorfags. If you were watching Miyakawa-ke for the animation you're doing it wrong.

Also. >>animes

The only reason to watch Miyakawa-ke is for the Lucky Star references

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I knew something was wrong, right before I hit submit I reread it and decided to post anyway
there are none its just two sisters that are really poor because of the older sisters addiction and they happen to also appear in lucky star


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Glasslip is unironically too deep for you.

i know i know

>he can afford HD video
So jealous.

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you could say im a bit of a high roller, I even ate meat today

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ii na~~

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A bug flying into your mouth doesn't count user.

actually it wasnt a bug it was a piece of sausage
stay mad poorfag

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Nice try, Pedro.

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ok fellas youve made your point along with everyone else thanks for pointing out a mistake I already noticed myself

No one actually cares, newfriend