Guruguru thread

Guruguru thread

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did something get announced

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Good luck, now that the fun is over the threads never last very long. But better than becoming a general by a long shot, the Guru Guru threads were one of the best things on Sup Forums all last year.

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>posting kiddie shit
Everyone knows the oyajis are the best thing the show has.
Also halfway theough the old anime and i can understand why they cut out some stuff especially gail.

Guru guru 2 When???

best episode

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Nah, its the demon kukuri one

Remember to thank Square-Enix for funding this lovely series.

I want guru guru 2 now

Me too user

me 2

need more doujins of kukuri being creampied by fat old men

fool. juju is the one that needs the creampies.

So comfy~

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I think I'm going to pick this show up, it looks cute

Gail and Ena are cute.

Do it asap. You will not regret.

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I don't want to let this thread die.
Let's start a game: I have a guruguru's character in mind, you have to guess it in max 20 questions. (Only yes/no questions allowed)

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Is he/she a male?

1: Yes.

is he old?

2: Yes.

is he cute?

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GuruGuru is proof that good anime can still be made in this day and age. Now we just need something original.

This show was the perfect combination of cute and funny, the OPs and EDs where godly, too.

3: No.

what should i do if i find myself attracted to this?

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No. Kukuri is for Nike only, even in doujins.

I dropped it when she started dancing

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Damn I just started watching it and the first series look old as fuck, how much do I have to watch to catch up? 1000 like pokemon?

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Just watch 2017's version. It is way faster paced, its funnier, the animation is way better, and Kukuri's voice is the most cute thing ever holy shit.

>first series look old as fuck
It came out in the 90s, you stupid teen.

First series is gold.

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Even the filler is worth watching

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Best girl.

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What's that?

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Get down here.


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Plants have both male and female reproductive organs, so does that mean Planano is a futa?

I hope so.

Must take after her father.

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If I want to jump into this series can I start with the 2017 show? or do I need to go earlier

start with this one and check out the older ones if you want more, 2017 speeds up the pace and cuts a lot of the more "fillery" stuff

Posting best girl.

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i miss it

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You didn't post Juju though.

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I've been trying to find this, does anyone know exactly what time and what episode it is? Thanks.

Are there enough chapters of Guru Guru 2 to have a second season soon?

There should be, but if it does happen it wont be for another year i bet

Do it, faggot.

Probly the first Akihabara episode.

I want to lick her armpits.

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Nothing, unless you live in Canada

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Kukuri? more like Cutekuri.

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I'm marrying her!

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Ku-chan or Ku-chan?

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What a fun and comfy show.

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No, we need doujins of Kukuri creampieing Nike!

Planano is the Prushka of Guru Guru.

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Embrace the magic.

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Ending 2 > Opening 1 > Opening 2 > Ending 1

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They should have started traveling together, they would've made a great comedy duo.

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Is he a monster?

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Fucking good, Guruguru was a great surprise and I'm super happy it got the full treatment. Not enough people loved it.

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Does he have a sexy dancer's body?

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4) No.
5) No.

Does the character fight?

6) No.

Is he in a leadership position?

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7) No.

Nike knows how to raise a daughteru

I want to cum on those armpits

Is this character known to be a father?

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