Super Saiyan 3 will never be the most powerful form again

>Super Saiyan 3 will never be the most powerful form again
>You will never be in sheer awe when Goku uses it ever again
>You will never feel like you've reached the pinnacle of power when you unlock it in video games

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Super was a mistake.

Good riddance nostalgiafag, ugliest Super Saiyan form.

People liked SS3?

Yeah, how could you not.
That transformation was the collest biggest thing in the show. Plus is an actual transformation too. Still dont know what the fuck the difference in SSJ2 and SSJ is supposed to be aside from power increase.

Anything is better than this trash

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SS1 was a bigger transformation and had more impact than SS3.
The scene looked good, but that's all it had and designwise it just looks like Neanderthal. The hair is cool.

>>You will never be in sheer awe when Goku uses it ever again

I always will because characters in Super feel weak as fuck compared to Z characters, even tghough that shouldn't be the case.

I didn't like it because the eyebrows look so dumb

>You will never feel like you've reached the pinnacle of power when you unlock it in video games
I only felt that way with Super Saiyan 4 in Budokai 3.

>what should've been

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>all these DBS only newfags hating on SSJ3
>underaged shits with trash ass taste

The only way you'd hate SSJ3 is if you never tried it before

Give it a try you're going to love this

Hey anons I was thinking on what the feeling of being erased from existence actually felt like? Because when universe 6 came back it was like there paused and they resumed

>You will never feel like you've reached the pinnacle of power when you unlock it in video games
That was SSJ4

while i partially agree with this, i still feel hype when i do see it. pic related made me lose my shit when i got him in dokkan. still trying to collect every ssj3 unit.

You'll know when you die.


im a new fag and i haven't seen this until now
holy shit that was cool

The transformation scene is literally all it has going for it.
btw Buu saga works better when you treat it like a parody of itself

>Alright Tousan, please show me and the audience your super saiyan 3 form for the first time.
>How's about I show you something way shittier, torankasu.

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>You will never feel like you've reached the pinnacle of power when you unlock it in video games
it still does it for me since it's still the last one in the games i play
that or SSJ4

>tfw never watched gt but knew about ssj4 and other things about it
>mfw i finally experience him in budokai 3
>mfw i also experienced gogeta ss4j and reached the literal top

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>even further beyond

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Is funny because SSJ3 was meant to be a parody like everything in the Buu Saga

SS3 has a cool design and transformation but it was surpassed by Ultimate Gohan power up and ran out of juice really fast.
It worked with dead goku because he had unlimited stamina.

Kefla SS3 is superior to MUI and highly likely equals with Jiren though, user.

this and the ssj4 transformation are crazy hype. idk why sean schemmel autistically screaming is so amazing

>go further beyond

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>sheer awe when Goku uses it ever again
Haha, what?
I went straight from
>"Haha, his eyebrows burned off?"
>"Oh, it's a shitty impractical energy drain"
I don't think 3 every impressed me. The only time it seems to ever deliver is in the setting of a movie.

SS3 sooner or later was going to get replaced by other transformation like El goku blanco, o El goku calvo or Shaggy

I can't take it seriously. I'm almost glad it's basically gone, Goku isn't meant to have no eyebrows.

I've gotta be honest. I never liked stage 3. The lack of eyebrows is especially retarded

Muh electricity. Saiyan's hair would go even more up, best shown by Gohan cause his saiyan's hair is different from 1 to 2.

Fuck Dragon Ball Super.

All those god transformation suck ass.

Toei just doesn't want to spend money on Goku's hair, especially Super Saiyan 3 Hair.

>tfw it turns out the caveman brow is exclusive to male saiyans while females retain their eyebrows

o I am laffin

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Super feels like Rated PG shit.

DBZ villains felt more threatening and real. There was more horror in DBZ like when Cell used his tail like a straw and sucked people to death.

Or when Super Buu forced himself into this old guy's mouth and made his body inflate till it exploded; watching this as a kid was horrifying.

Um sweetie SSJ4 has been the absolute most powerful saiyan form for over 20 years now.

Why haven't they turned SSGSS4, again? And what color would that be?

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Bitch. Super sayan 1 WAS the ultimate form. The best transformation in anime ever.

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Super Saiyan 4 was the best form. It reminded all allies and enemies that Goku was a Saiyan and not a human.

The heritage of the Saiyan race, the tail, was brought back to the forefront.

The viewer gets reminded that Goku is part of an alien race and not somebody from Earth.

>Even further beyond

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Sometimes I like to doodle small timelines where Super Saiyan was more ultimate. More a little Ultra Instinct Sign.

green hair comes next?

SSJ2 looked better and more agressive.

It'll be the focus of the movie

Is this a common thing in Jap media? I realize now that a lot of anime and games have this kinda plot device where the whole world/universe is being destroyed, or already has been destroyed.
The difference between this and western stuff, is the west doesn't usually go through with it. I guess that's why its so astonishing that Thanos did it.


come on

SSJ - Trademark of the series. Still my favorite.
SSJ2 - Should have another name, and belong to Gohan only (perhaps Future Trunks as well)
SSJ3 - Amazing looks, but they put so many restrictions on it that kinda killed the hype.
SSJ4 - Amazing looks as well, but should have been named something different, like Perfect Oozaru or shit like that.
SSJG - I liked all the "skinny" looks from it, and red was a nice touch. Too bad it wasn't well used after BoG
SSJB - I hated how it became a substitution for SSJ. And the fact that many ppl matched them in fights kinda lowered its potential.
UI - Loved everything about it, especially the Oozaru screams
MUI - Really overpower, but I was expecting some changes besides just hair color

>Mfw Goku has twenty knock off SSJ transformations

It's a shame Oozaru gets forgotten about so hard.