Sakura is a baller

Is there any magical girl with game to equal Sakura's? I don't think so. Name your mahou shoujo, Sakura can take them at the hoop no problem.

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>blocks your shot

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Utena isn't a mahou shoujo, more like a riff on the regular shoujo genre.

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Real loli niggas play ball

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she's magical, a girl and has recycled transformations

close enough

>she's magical
I bet you believe in eternity and flying castles, too.

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is this worth watching for the basketball?


Not really worth it if you aren't into lolis. It has more loli fanservice than than actual basketball.

*blocks your path*

homare didn't make the shot

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Sakura only gets better as she ages. Is there a stronger magical girl around?

MKR girls are pretty powerful, S-tier similar to Sakura but work on willpower mechanics. I feel like on her turf Hikaru would be invulnerable. Also CLAMPshit. Never gonna get a proper crossover even though they seem to love those.

Never seen it, sakura just seems so overpowered, like theres no actual limit to her magic. Seems like she caps at 2 cards at the same time but every card ahe has is so fucking powerful it doesnt even matter.

not a real sports anime. focuses more on relationships and feelings. pretty much like kyoani's Free

Wow, is precure saved? I didn't finish Kira and Maho made me want to die.

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it's time to jump on that hugtto bandwagon user

Tempting. This happens every couple of seasons where I burn out, but happened twice just within Maho and later in Kira. I just want to be able to enjoy my chink 5 year old cartoons.

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hugtto could end up being the best precure series ever if it plays it's cards right, it has the potential.

Sakura makes me want to commit a crime

post the slam dunk edit. you know the one.

she's demiurge powerful but her earnest and trusting nature could betray her easily in a pitched battle against some edgy faggot like that whiny chick from madoka or one of those keikakus. then you've got a slew of characters that could potentially outsmart her strategically, as sakura is a little bit, slow in the head. in the right hands sakura's gear would be unstoppable without running into actual demiurge turf like in cephiro. but I think the main reason clow dumped that shit on her was because she couldn't do anything destructive with it. the potential power level is high but the applicable power level is chaotic and seemingly dependent on a bit of chance and intervention from her allies.

Didn't Nagisa BTFO a bunch of high schoolers one time?

They're playing netball.

>I've got to enter The Zone or Syaoran-kun won't notice m