Why is edgeshit so popular? Blood and gore doesn't improve a manga

Why is edgeshit so popular? Blood and gore doesn't improve a manga.

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Legitimately Yes. Berserk is just I AM POWERFUL AND DARK!!!!! I haven't seen Hellsing and Devilman Crybaby was dog shit.

Who cares

Don't forget rape scenes

Too old and irrelevant.

How the fuck is Akagi edgeshit?

hellsing: edgy at best, i guess. never liked it
berserk: has a plot during golden age arc
devilman: edgy, but actually its a fine manga. parasyte was an improved version of devilman

just let people enjoy their manga. nothing wrong with that

You posted this yesterday
It’s obvious you’re a falseflagging faggot

It doesn't make something good but there's no problem with having it. It fits some settings and stories.

Fore the same reason fan service is so popular. Blood and gore speaks to the animalistic nature of humans. It communicates at a baser level to our monkey brains. And when done right, it accentuates and expands on already compelling story.

if you like rape, blood and gore then yes, it will improve the manga.

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I know this thread is bait and all but does anyone else think OP is just female?

>blood and gore doesn't improve a manga
But why not? I love stories about suffering because those are interesting. A story in which nothing happens is dull.

Normalfags didn't even know what Devilman was until crybaby happened.

Then Ookami no Monshou should join the trio there

You were 12 once, too

That anti-moralfag poster mostly likely left an impression that it was.

>edge is popular
>only six works from different years that are known for explicit content
Yeah, so popular. You may say that when there is works like them produced hundreds every year, but few works containing that gorish scenes doesn’t mean it’s popular.


The noses look dangerous. Probably his impression.

edge is fun

Because people love Alucard and Berserk and Devilman tell a great story alongside the violence.

Go read Nanatsu no Taizai.

Never read Hellsing. Berserk has amazing art and great story to back it up. Devilman is a fucking incredible piece. It reads like a parody of 70s manga that was written in 2010, and yet it's still great to read despite that.

Also can someone post the death grips version of the "my father died" page? I somehow fucking lost that amazing edit.

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Thanks man I legit appreciate it

how can someone not love Alucard? Hellsing is edgy but it doesn't take itself too seriously

Just pick one that is good.

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>Berserk is just I AM POWERFUL AND DARK!!!!!
>There are actually people on this board that are too fucking retarded to understand Berserk's story.
Please be bait.

You're right.
Berserk is about boats, lolis and cute retards.

>Hunter x hunter
> edgy
Really nice bait OP