Pre-2000 anime

>i hate fanservice except those anime I saw in my youth

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classic hypocritical nostalgiafags. leave Sup Forums

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Fuck off and take your nostalgiashit with you.

I'm picking You're Under Arrest back up for the 3rd time

Reminder that Armitage the III is a future in which sjws have literally won

So that means cute androids are running around. Sign me up.

>He doesn't know

and for some reason preserved Cowboy themes and Carpenters

Yeah cause they were not shit, they had story and while watching the series, bam, makoto is naked asking a child if he wants to fuck her.

Hell even full retard ecchi series were good, aika suddendly turned into a brown naked chocolate with panties flying around.

Go back to your trash show and shit moe.

The difference was that we actually saw nipples and that fanservice generally didnt devolve into minute long 'comedy' skits.

Are you implying youve dropped it twice already?

>What are Golden Boy and Tenchi Muyo

You got me there but

According to old ecchi was done better too.

>I hate fanservice
literal fags

I hate solshit where there's no plot and action, except Ghibli and Yokohama Shopping Log and anything else made before January 1 2000 00:00. This is because my brain does not work correctly.

You could've made this a midriff thread instead and it would've been 10x better.

Thats because they arent set in highschools. Girls Last Tour is a Sol too but look at how that show turned out with a refreshing post apoc setting.

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90's rock

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Wait, so the androids aren't allowed to have babies then?

as I said last thread not sure what to watch next: Gosaurer or 70s Battleship

On the last episode of Giant Robo.

Given the quality of the art and animation I'm surprised images from it don't get passed around more often.

No, that was literally the biggest plot point of the anime and why earth government tried to have them wiped out, to the point of promising to ship women to mars if their government assisted

>dropping these lovable idiots

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Was that the best of fujishima?

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Never read any of the Tales stuff, so maybe?

>tfw the reason I know who that is is because of Newgrounds

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It doesn't matter if something is set in high school or not.

This is not how you start a good thread.

Every time I start liking Anne she does something that irritates me. But seeing Marilla grow close enough to her to laugh at her when she's being silly instead of just scolding her is pretty heartwarming.
I feel like I have no opinion on Tekkaman Blade despite watching 10 episodes. Things are happening and I don't really care one way or the other.
I'm one episode away from finishing Giant Robo, which has way too many characters and way too little Giant Robo for its own good.
I also started Ashita no Joe which has entranced me, can't stop watching.

just finished pic related and it was really great, ben a best
the subs i had would sometimes just switch to finnish or english l33t speak though

i know its not pre-2000, but is the sequel good too?

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>setting doesn't matter
Congratulations, this is the dumbest thing I've read on Sup Forums today.

I hate fanservice.

so, most anime

me too fuck moeshit all modern anime is the same pedophile fap bait

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