I want her to move up and down like that on my dick if you know what I'm saying

I want her to move up and down like that on my dick if you know what I'm saying

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I want her to jostle my dong a long up and down if you know what I am saying

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Bless the user that made this edit.

Everyone involved in this show needs to be thrown into a concentration camp.

Stay mad.

>T. astroturfer

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I want to hold hands and cuddle with Zero Two!

Whats a dick?

best franxx thread all week

why is she hopping?


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Netflix shoo shoo

she's riding the strong thick hiro dick

She wants attention obviously.

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whats that stuff on her feet?

Explain further.

maybe her feet hurt

corn syrup

The best part about her is her voice.
Tia Ballard is amazing


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「Scary Monster」

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>The best part about her is her voice.
Her laugh through this whole sequence was just amazing.

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I miss when 02 was fun instead of moping around for at least two episodes in a row

This whole thing was cute.
Felt so bad for her.

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as do i user

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I want to tell 02 that she's beautiful!

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well hopefully we can get things back on the right track in the next episode.

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That shit was harsh when they were like,
Ikuno: Can you feel it?
Ichigo: I can't feel anything. Is it in yet?
I was all oooooooh ouch.

Should just post the webm, user.

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cute fangs, would brush them.

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i want that smile back god damnit

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Go read the source material because S2 never

Oni want nakadashi.

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Is this the new comfy thread?

>source material
Yeah right.

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Let's make it so.

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Roger that

Anyone else's bodies ready for the inevitable loli 02/shota Hiro flashback/arc

No. I don't think my heart will ever be ready for that.

thank god

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But imagine the H E A L I N G

i love when fags get btfo this early

Fuck zero two

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>Psycho Bitch
Hiro is doomed.

Blue board?

that's illegal! you're under arrest!

Doomed to heal.

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Hiro is loved.

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i want to fuck her if you know what i'm saying

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Is her torso 6 inches long? Wtf?

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Don't worry. He's got this figured out. TL when?

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I wish she would suck on my lolipop

i wish i could be 02's clothes, that way i can always be wrapped around and keep her warm

Hiro's saliva.


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>tfw thingken of Zero Tsu

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Bird poop

Me on the right

>tfw thinkgn of her hurtin

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Should have just go, grab her hand and tell her that it's going to be alright.

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Let's post Futoshi NTR stuff

Whorekorofags go back to your containment thread

there are at least 10 other threads in the catalog dedicated to that.

Comfy sleeping clothes

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does she have a cute innie vagina? Or a disgusting roast beef tragedy vagina? I think the latter feels much more fitting for her...

Didn't you see the beginning of episode 1?

already 2500+ pics of zero two on boorus
barely 600 for ichigo

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>she will never grab you're dick as you wake up

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>Yabuki draws the manga
Well I learned something new today.

Tu Love Ru crossover when?

Black Cat crossover when?

All cute anime girls are innies no exceptions.

>tfw i will never come home from a long day of work and lie next to 02 listening to her heartbeat as i feel her warm embrace

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>Zero Two dominating Hiro
Is there anything cuter

Looks like my wife, Medb.

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dinosaurs are cold blooded

I want it to go back to Hiro and 002 shenanigans or at the very least the funny cuckposting (Ichigo getting siblingzoned) instead of the insufferable cuckposting.

Is this translated?
Why isn't everything with 02 and Hiro translated?

So I just caught up on this.

Will the twist be that they realize the dystopia future they're protecting actually means nothing to them at all?

02 is still a mammal

That's hardly a twist at this point. The only one who seemed sincerely committed to Papa is Zoro, and he's clearly going to wind up far away from that mindset.

This is NOT ok.

They sure all seemed to be on board with looking around the city even after that short """award ceremony""".

In fact, the bit about Zorome forgetting the experience leads me to believe that they may have brainwashed him to forget he visited the lady.

you're supposed to be looking at her feet, stockings and thighs

Zero tsu has very cute legs

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anymore from this person


just this

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Could you please explain further?


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he wants to put his ochinin in her omanko and slide in and out repeatedly until he byuu-byuus and gives her a nakadashi


They started delivering preordered EDs. I made a shitty translation of TV size of Beautiful World since nobody else would.
>Why am I gazing only at you
>You adorn this boring classroom
>I think your bed hair is cute too
>Being shy, being unable to get separated
>Open the window and breathe in deeply
>Sky is so vivid it looks almost within reach
>Happy, painful, so this is love
>I felt like I (we) could become free
>Just by you saying my name

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An explanation like that is not enough for me to comprehend.
Could you please elaborate?