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Did Kokoro do anything wrong?

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Who /literally, unironically, believes she did nothing wrong/ here?

-seemed to care more about mitsuru than her own partner

>Baiting this hard with a Franxxpost

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Fuck off

We need a Futoshi version of this.

NTR is always wrong any of us could have been futoshi

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Fatoshi deserved it. Seriously, WHO likes that annoying fatass? Even bland MC is better.

>any of us could have been futoshi
Er, no. Only the fat ones.

>skinny, handsome people never get cheated on


Kokoro did nothing wrong, Fatass straight up pressured her into agreeing with him and he got cucked when she did what any normal human would do. Thank you based milkman.

Kokoro is into skinny handsome people though.

Is lying actually morally wrong?


is this anime any good? its seems like it has gotten pretty popular recently

02 > Miku > Ichigo > Ikuno >> Kokoro

it's like a 6 or 7 outta 10 so far, pretty average imo

>Griffith - sacrifices his friends and begins the fifth Eclipse which is a near apocalypse-level event
>Bondrewd - trafficked thousands of children in order to use them in horrific experiments that result in fates worth than death
>Tucker - turned his wife and his daughter into half-dog abominations that want to die
>Kokoro - leaves a forced partnership
This doesn't seem fair to her.

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Whats the bottom left?

Best Dad

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You're missing the part where she led him on. Fatman deserved to be ditched but not like that.

Good post. Although I'm not sure who is better between Miku and Ichigo

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Squealer did nothing wrong.


Morally, yes.

Holy shit what she did doesn't warrant that much notoriety does it?


She thought she was stuck with him for life, and that leaving was never an option. So her options are really only
>tell him to stop being a fat clingy creep
>"lead him on" aka, just live with it
While the latter is probably better, she's too nice for that and probably doesn't want to seem rude or demanding. Also, if he spergs out, that's really going to hurt combat effectiveness. It's a total surprise when the option to ride with Mitsuru presents itself, so she doesn't really have time to let him down easy. All she can do is apologize and say sorry, which she does.

Kokoro did a couple things wrong but was mostly right, and will make lots of beautiful babies with Mitsuru.

>DiTF threads are filled with Sup Forumsermin, /vg/fags and Sup Forumstards

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>Coolest mech with some sick moves
>Cute megane with freckles who will never lie to him and won't put up with his bullshit, forcing him to change for the better
Fatty will only benefit from this shuffle in a long run

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Depends on the circumstances.


>the state of fatoshi fags.

just get over it dudes everything is better in the end.

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Such as?

Nope, Fatass is a joke character and no one cares what happens to him.

Saying you'll be someone's partner forever

Now he just needs to get fit.

Imagine if you were an adopted child but your family never told you and you find out that, you would want to kill yourself.
Sometimes lying is justified

>The Cantu kill most of your race then genetically mutate the rest into a rat slave race

>Squealer rebels against the Cantu

Squealer did literally did nothing wrong Cantufags are cucks

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When lying is more beneficial than telling the truth, such as when there is something on the line.

Stay fat.

Why is there so much drama i cant even keep up with all the relationships in this series its ridiculous

It seems like every episode it just teenage melodrama now instead of action

Does anyone even care about all these relationships?

Dont we all just want good old fashioned action and not this girly soap opera stuff?

DitF needs to refocus on 02 and Hiro and stop with all the drama and refocus back on the action

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Any action must have the net balance of its effect on everyone taken into consideration.

Fatty will cry for a while and move on eventually. Ikuno doesn’t care. Kokoro will be happier out from under his weight. Mitsuru will be spared the farm upstate.

Saving Mitsuru and possibly Ikuno from getting FARMED by papa has such high moral value over hurting Futoshi’s feelings I can’t believe anyone could be selfish and cognitively dissociated enough to think otherwise.

Kokoro did not only do nothing wrong. She did what needed to be done for everyone.

This, she was literally used as a device for everyone's positive development. Anyone caught up on "b-but she broke muh shoehorned NTR bait promise" is a short sighted brainlet.

Fuck you Jennifer, i tried my best

I do, she went for the better ma.

This is the only character who literally did nothing wrong.

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That is not enough, improve yourself.

This is some kikebook-tier post.


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>even Miku

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wew lad

If you wouldn’t go for the Milk, there’s something wrong with you. He alone always makes the show more interesting.

I did, people are treating her as a bitch because she didn't love futoshi? Are you guys fucking serious?
It was obvious that she wasn't into him, it is her right to not be in a relationship with someone she doesn't love, yet /r9k/ is treating her like Hitler because she makes them remember their highschool life.

/r9k/ is full of social retards, of course they wouldn’t like a character that’s given actual depth.

>people are treating her as a bitch because she didn't love futoshi?
Nobody is defending Fatoshi
They are both wrong. Fatoshi is pathetic and weird and Kokoro is a cunt

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>people are treating her as a bitch because she didn't love futoshi?
I've never seen this opinion from a single person, yet people keep pretending it's a thing. I'm pretty sure this is what we call a strawman

dont bother. these people are too mentally handicapped to understand that you dont need to take either side to dislike kokoro. they seem to be understand the impression that if you are contra one of them, you have to be pro for the other.

Kentaro Yabuki, comic version author of Darling in the Franxx, NTRed his wife by a high school student nine years ago. LOL

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Everyone and their moms knows this.

Chlorophytum has to be the lightest Franxx with those spears as legs, but yeah, is my favorite design wise

God I hope they don't ruin Miku and Zerome by throwing them into this mess.

Their Franxx is the only one I am still rooting for.


Now it has to carry Fatoshi so probably not anymore.

Something tells me she didn’t take this into consideration when she jumped on milkfags dick


so is the honeybread thing retconned, or...?

>self hating fatty
Nobody cares. Is this some weird reverse psychology where you want people to defend fatties?

Kokoro-chan is the best.
Nothing wrong.

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I dont think anyone is arguing that she did anything wrong in not choosing, but it was fucked up she led him on. Now whether you judge her for it or not depends on how much credit you give to the teenage mind. First loves are crazy tricky situation that leave you broken hearted which is compounded on the facr they are hormonal teenagers so it sucks that much more. I think those legit anons that feel as though she did something wrong are those that went through a bad first love relationship and see parallels which I think is perfectly fine. Koko mishandled the situation and Fatoshi paid the price nothing more nothing less but like I said how much culpability kokoslut has depends on each persons relative perspective on jow cognizant she is of those feelings which we really dont have too much perspective on either way because this shows writing is garbage Gainax tier shit.

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>that went through a bad first love relationship and see parallels
Serious question. Can you really not morally judge something unless it has personally happened to you? Only people who had their bike stolen think stealing a bike is wrong in your world? Only people who had their pet killed by someone else can think that torturing animals is wrong?

>Can you really not morally judge something unless it has personally happened to you?
its called autism. and this time, it isnt a meme.

Not even Fatoshi blamed Kokoro. What do you faggots want?

Why is everyone ignoring this poor girl over the fat fuck?
>Treated like shit by her partner
>made a desperate attempt to pilot with her only real friend, which didn't work because they're both girls
>her new partner only cares about getting his old partner back

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Because everyone in this god damn show is either pathetic or a cunt
And she is both making her the worst.

Do we have the full version of Torikago out anywhere?

She'll be fine once Beartoshi and her get accustomed to each other.

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>Miku -> Goro
>Ikuno -> Fatcuck

So the pen gift was just a red herring?

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You can clearly see a fatso did that pic.

the moments fatoshi falls for Ikuno he will be there to NTR him again.

Only delusional shippers belived that. Also what happened with them, did they commit seppuku?

After taking some time contemplating, she isn't wrong, she's just being honest however she is wrong for leading Futoshi on.

Mitsuru wasn't responsible for it, Kokoro was. Being forced into a relationship you didn't necessarily want and then backing out when the opportunity presents itself isn't wrong, but she was still responsible.

She didn't really have a choice. Did she know that there was going to be a possible partner switch?

>She didn't really have a choice.
People are saying that she was super uncomfortable and could only make the promise but I don't see it. I agree what Fatoshi did SHOULD'VE made her uncomfortable but it didn't seem to.
Its like she only made the promise because she wanted to be a bad girl and then even said so proudly to Mitsuru.

>Miku -> Goro
I don't get the point of that arrow either, seems retarded
>Ikuno -> Fatcuck
Probably a bit too soon, but it's what's obviously going to happen.
>did they commit seppuku?
Probably, but now I'm still wondering what was with the pen?
I felt bad for Futoshi this episode, but I'd laugh if the writers busted Futoshi's balls that hard.

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I think my dude there is an objective morality to stealing a bike in most instances but something like love is pretty abstract even with societal norms. So what I am saying my dude is that there are different expectation and relative morality to each individual. I think its perfectly exceptable to think kokoslut did something wrong if have been betrayed by a friend or romantic partner, while at the same time I believe there is merit to her getting out of a relationship with no love. In both instamces this is some first love shit which for teenagers is super fucked because it coincides with puberty autism. Personally I dont think fatoshi did anything wrong and kokoslut fucked up in how she handled the break up but that's teenage romance dont shittly by Gainax.

>but it's what's obviously going to happen.
Isn't she obviously a lesbo though?
I can see them becoming friends or respecting each other but nothing more.

>Personally I dont think fatoshi did anything wrong and kokoslut fucked up in how she handled the break up but that's teenage romance dont shittly by Gainax.
And do you only think so because you see parallels to your own first love relationship in it?
Because you wrote that is the only reason anyone can feel that way.
My point isn't about how anyone feels and whether they hate or don't hate Kokoro

My point is that it is bullshit to say these judgements have to come from personal experience.

All I was saying was that there wasnt anything wrong deriving these feelings from a personal perspective you just gotta acknowledge that fact that's where your autism is spewing from. I also only stated that because people are making retarded arguments calling people betas for thinking koko mishandled the situation and defending fatoshi.

>you just gotta acknowledge that fact that's where your autism is spewing from.
But I didn't have any experience that is comparable in any way.

Who will be the first non 02Hiro couple in have a kissu?

Cruel reminder.

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Like Mitsuru was also obviously a total fag for Hiro.
Though I'd say rather him and Ikuno are "confused" and dysfunctional because of their raging hormones and miserable upbringing as child-slave soldiers of a dystopian autocracy.
Now just as Mitsuru got over himself and Hiro (to an extent) with the help of the warm, caring and supportive Kokoro; Ikuno is going to get over herself and Ichigo (to an extent) with the help of the warm, caring, and supportive Futoshi.
At least, this is what I think the story is going for.

God what a crepy, clingy bastard. I've seen so many beta assholes in MMO try to guilt girls into being their online girlfriends by doing that same tactic and they cry and threaten to hurt themselves if they don't get the attention they crave.

Mitsuru and Kokoro were drawn to each other and ended up as partners.
Fatoshi and Ikuno were the leftovers and that is why they're now partners
Its not quite the same

Fuck that thot

>being fat
obese fucks BTFO hope they realize no one likes you disgusting pigs, keep pushing that shit to your desperate doujin trash