Fate/EXTRA Last Encore!

Where were you when Zabiko singlehandedly saved Last Encore?
Also subs are out

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Did the show git gud? Haven't watched since that awful Drake fight.

Yes it became really cute when Zabiko showed up and she will show up again!

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You can't save a flop
Don't bother Nasuverse a shit

Nero a cute!

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>Irisviel comes before me asking for help to save her husband.
>Tell her she needs to come before the Emperor and me and request it
>Request for a flashy enterance to Nero, with us both on the throne in each others arms
>in walks Irisviel and kneels before us.
>she laughs and turns Angrymanjew and attacks us.
>Nero stops her
>I am enraged she would attempt to harm Nero.
>Tie Irisviel to a wooden table, break the legs so she's in an uncomfortable prosition with her ass in the air
>she transforms into Rin to try to trick me into stopping
>I rape her while it's raining outside and there is lightning.
>Return to the throne hall with her closthes in hand.
>Nero is there and mentions that the Rose Emblem/Giant Rug in the middle of the floor are gone.
>I state to open a hole to hell where the Rug was.
>She does and I toss the clothing in
>as they enter, many pale white arms rise out and come after me
>Nero stops them and closes the portal she opened in an instance.
>I hold Nero in my arms and kiss her

what did user mean by this?

He loves Umu the most?

who is subbing this

>Rani's back
>Rani's dead

>jp audience on twitter only care when Hakunon shows up

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Fuck off, foxslut.

Is she not ded? I wasn't even sure if I would bother picking this up with male mc and nero.

You're mistaken, user. There is no Fate/EXTRA anime.

She shows up to give Nero backstory and then disappears. Highly implied she's just a ghost here.

She was worse than Drake. "How dare you say she isn't NIKUI", "Oh how sad I am for myself and Nero", "treat Nero with care". Just Nero this, Nero that. Drake and Amari had more personality than her.

She means NPCs here, right?

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Its shit, dont be fooled by these fags

What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard (c)

That was most likely one of the clones she had on the second floor.

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She doesn't have clones. Did you completely skip over the explanation given? Those were programs that just looked like her. Incapable of any intelligent task, just doing what Rani had programmed them to do. They were tools, not AIs.

feMC is even more overrated than umushit

So is your penis but here we are.

>another pointless thread with no topic and no new material
Sasuga cancer feMCfags. You love your dead generals, don't you.

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She literally call them コピー copies, incapable of fighting but can fulfill several tasks when instructed.

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>Suddenly Rani arrives despite dying in a previous episode
What kind of shitshow writing is this?

Reminder, Male Hakuno is Nero's REAL Love and canon master. And Nero is not a disgusting lesbian. Nero is straight.

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As it should be

sasuga speedwatcher

Nero is cutesexual, stop projecting.

No, she's heterosexual. She like young men and old men, but she exclusively likes only men.

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Prove it.

She has only ever shown interest in men. She is only ever with Male Hakuno, even in Extella Zero she only cares about Male Hakuno, and the femc was a very last minute addition so Nero was only ever intended to be with Male Hakuno.

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That's bullshit since her dialogue didn't change in Extra, CCC and Extella. Quit pulling stuff out of your ass.

That is only true for Extra where she was a last minute addition and they didn't have time to change the dialogue meaning that Nero was only ever intended to be with the Male Hakuno. The dialogue does infact change in CCC and Extella to have it be more just friendship for the femc while it's still romantic for Male Hakuno who has access to romance scenes for Nero while the femc does not and she only has romance scenes for Redman and Gil.

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Funny you say that when that exact cg is available for femHakuno.

Your waifu is bisexual, get over it.

Fake news.

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No, she's straight.

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She isn't. Nero is straight. /u/fags like you need to get that through your retardedly thick skulls.

/u/fags really are retarded.

And the dialogue is changed to less romance and more friendship.
Face it, Nero is straight. No two ways about it.

>Stating the fact that a heroine is canon bisexual make you /u/

Delusions are pretty sad. Intentions are the same even with superficial changes to dialogues.

She literally said "You'll fall for me again if you see my noble phantasm'' to female mc
She's bisexual and you can't do anything about it lmao. Keep replying everyone is going to ignore you.

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I hope we get an OVA or something with Nero and FemMC moments. Their 5mins chemistry was better than the chemistry of Hakuno and Nero in the whole series.

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She's canon heterosexual. She's not a disgusting lesbian.

No, she's straight. She's only ever expressed interest in men and only loves Male Hakuno.

Lesbian =/= Bisexual.

If anything, she's Hakunosexual.

Wrong. That was bland as shit as opposed to the actually really good scenes between Nero and Niku, who have actual chemistry and are not bland personalityless self inserts.

Only if Hakuno is male because Nero is Heterosexual.

Nah, you're just desperate. Your waifu like girls and cute boys. Get over it.

And Nero is neither of those. She's heterosexual and only likes dick.

No she only likes boys. Young boys or old men, but she only likes males.

>I'm going to samefag and project my headcanon instead of accepting the established fact Nero is attracted to cute boys and girls.

Come on, you're coming on worse than yurishitters.

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The established facts are that Nero is straight, only likes men both young and old, only loves and is only ever with Male Hakuno, and is not a disgusting lesbian.
/u/fags are the worst as they try to force straight characters into being disgusting lesbians.

Huh uh, you say that while ignoring all of her statements about loving female Hakunos and cute ness being her byword of attraction.

You're pathetic, dude. Straight up ignoring established canon, it's like you only read her in FGO or something

>still falling for bait

She doesn't love the femc. It's canon that she only loves Male Hakuno. She like cute men and old men, but still only men.

I was having fun but this is getting obnoxious.

She love femc. It's canon that she loves both Hakunos. She likes cute boys and girls and make no distinction between them

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No she doesn't. The canon is that she loves male Hakuno. She doesn't care about the femc. In Extella/Zero she doesn't care about the femc. Even in LE she doesn't love her because if she did they wouldn't have lost, proving that Nero only loves Male Hakuno. Nero is straight.

No she only likes cute boys and old men. She doesn't care about other girls because she's straight.

>No she doesn't.
Yes she does.
>The canon is that she loves male Hakuno
She loves whichever one you play as.
>She doesn't care about the femc
> In Extella/Zero she doesn't care about the femc.
> Even in LE she doesn't love her because if she did they wouldn't have lost, proving that Nero only loves Male Hakuno.
She's with Male Hakuno, of course, she's choosing him because she's not a traitorous cunt.
>Nero is straight.
Nero is bisexual

You couldn't protect her smile, user.
How could you user
She's dead user

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>No she doesn't.
>Yes she does.
No she doesn't.
>The canon is that she loves male Hakuno
>She loves whichever one you play as.
Only if you are male.
>She doesn't care about the femc
No this is true, she doesn't care about the femc.
> In Extella/Zero she doesn't care about the femc.
Again no, she doesn't care about the femc in Extella/Zero, she only loves and cares for Male Hakuno.
>Even in LE she doesn't love her because if she did they wouldn't have lost, proving that Nero only loves Male Hakuno.
>She's with Male Hakuno, of course, she's choosing him because she's not a traitorous cunt.
You don't seem to understand basic logic and reason. The reason they lost to Twice initially was because Nero didn't love the femc. If she did then they wouldn't have lost, but they did and now that Nero has a male master that can actually be her lover they will win proving that Nero only loves Male Hakuno.
>Nero is straight.
>Nero is bisexual
No, Nero is straight.

Nero and tamamo = Hakuno

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Because Nero, thankfully, didn't love her.

Altera and redman = Hakunon

/u/fags need to go back to their containment board and learn how to read.

As are delusional maledom fags rejecting a character canon sexuality.

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>Forgetting Gil
Hakuno is for Nero, Tamamo, and Altera
Femc is for Gil.
Redman is for suffering.

Nero's canon sexuality is Heterosexual.

>more shipwars
Everything Hakunoniggers and Hakunoncanon touches becomes shit. Single worst fanbase and character in all of Type-Moon.

Dude you need to go outside and socialize more. You must be unironically autistic or retarded.


No, Saber Nero Claudius is Heterosexual.

Being Mathman is suffering, no matter the circumstances


Reminder that:
Hetero BTFO
Redman BTFO
That's it. Extra for yuri.
Pathetic, user. You can't lie to yourself, Nero is lesbian.

No, the retards are the /u/fags.


Nah, canon show otherwise.

Canon is that Nero is Heterosexual and has only ever shown interest in men. Check and mate /u/fag.

>Nero is straight in canon and only loved male Hakuno in LE.
Nero is straight and not a disgusting lesbian.

>check and mate

Holy shit user the bait was funny at first but you gotta stop

Is the only one Nero loves in LE
Nero only shows interest in men in LE
/u/fags BTFO

She's shown interest in both Hakuno and it's impossible to refute. Byebye malefag.

What's this? Abe propaganda in my fate?