Dragon Ball Super

When is the best boy coming back?

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help me bros. i can't stop jamming to this theme.

soon my brother

>Cuckhanfaggots desperately trying to come up with new jokes to keep their husbando relevant

whats wrong with loving someone?

Reminder that son goku is beautiful

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Dat wolf bulge.

loving someone =/= obsessing over them

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I want to be topped by him so badly

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>Aww! it was a happy ending because they were wished back!

Reminder that an entire planet of Namekians lost their individuality for this tournament, and let's assume tons of other crimes occurred as a reaction.

According to Sup Forums, Frieza is the best antagonist when it comes to the main antagonist of the main sagas.

VOTE: strawpoll.com/f825a848

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Mentally ill furfags yiff in hell

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I would honestly rank them this way:
Cell > Freiza > Zamasu > King Piccolo > Jiren > Omega Shenron > Vageta > Baby > Buu > Beerus > Piccolo Jr. > Super 17 > Tien Shinhan > Golden Freiza > Jackie Chun > Hit > Commander Red > Pilaf

I think we can all agree on this

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love is a female meme. optimal male performance is to stick it in as many vaginas as possible as fast as possible.

>>Aww! it was a happy ending because they were wished back!

>cell that high

Fucking Z babies. Literally had no motivation/personality/motive. Just "lol I am evil robot who loves fighting!"

>frieza says hell continue to be evil but doesnt explicitly state he will be going after goku again

Freeza won despite voters being split between 2 options. How can the others even compete?

i could say the same about goku

>im a retarded space monkey who loves fighting for my friends!

>acknowledging Commander Red as main antag instead of Tao Pai Pai or General Blue
Shit niggers what are you doing

cellfags btfo

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because goku would clap frieza. hell even vegeta would smash frieza. he beat a god

but actually I'm a white faggot


Retards BTFO. Where's that cuck who was claiming there would be no continuation?

gone into the wind like everybody else who has ever said some dumb shit in this thread anonymous

frieza could probably train a year and solo them easily

>Dragon Ball Super received positive reviews from fans and critics. First impressions of the series' debut episode were mostly positive with the quality of animation being praised the most. Richard Eisenbeis of Kotaku praised the series' title sequence and said "My middle-school self is so happy right now, you guys." Jamieson Cox of The Verge also praised the title sequence and said that "Dragon Ball Super's intro will have you begging for its North American release". Cox was also surprised that, considering how popular the franchise is, the series did not launch internationally at the same time. He called it "a move that wouldn't be unprecedented" giving Sailor Moon Crystal as an example. Lucas Siegel of Comicbook.com praised the debut episode for its "laid back plotline" and animation style and said that the debut was "very much put out as a "slice of life" episode". Siegel also noted that the premiere episode was more of a "where are they now" introduction to the series that will eventually help build anticipation for "where will they be."

Further proof that everyone on Sup Forums is just a contrarian faggot

Where's the force at? What will the fellow members do between now and the movie?

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t. nigger lover

They shouldn't have made Bergamo so hot if people didn't want me to jerk off to him

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Watch the dub.

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The ending was happy enough, no one really got hurt, I've seen animes where they try to write the ending off as happy because the main character got to meet their favorite celebrity despite basically going through hell prior.

but he wont, hes not autistic when it comes to training like those monkeys

>Fat, dying namekian was capable of creating dragon balls
>Shriveled old namekian was capable of creating dragon balls
>Small child namekian was capable of creating dragon balls
>Literally every single namekian from one universe, fused into two separate namekians that can easily fuse into one, (...?)

>What will the fellow members do between now and the movie?
Cry about how irrelevant and weak FUCKhan is.

Also, here's more of Frieza.

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200 word essay due tomorrow and im here representing the CHADforce

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>200 word essay due tomorrow
Chadforce confirmed 5th graders kek

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>Splits Frieza between two forms
>Keeps Cell as one form despite him being distinctly different forms throughout his Saga with different voice actors

Shit poll is shit

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He still saved universe 7, and got revived.
Chadza will always be #1

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What will Vegeta tell Cabba when he asks him how he won the ToP?

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My personal favorite.

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He will sucker punch him, and tell him to be quiet.

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Last one.

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Best villain
Best hero
Best boy
Best girl
U7 MVP and Savior
Most Hoho's Oh'd
Touched by an angel
All hail Lord Frieza

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Kill yourself already

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Maybe later

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Blue worked under red whilst tao was his mercenary. Therefore red was the Saga's main villain.

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Can frieza get stronger than UI goku is he trains for another 4 months?

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Frieza was split between tow options because he was the main antagonist of tow arcs/sagas. He was once in the namek saga, and once in the Resurrection F arc.

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yes but he won't be eager enough to do it. only saiyans can break their limits

>despite him being distinctly different forms throughout his Saga with different voice actors
Only in the English dub. He only had one VA in Japan.


Where are the people who consider GT better than Super? Why don't they vote for GT villains

why is his ass so small?

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Where were you when 17/Goku/Freezer CHAD alliance won eternally BTFO Jobhan, and Jobgetafagsm

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Why is Sorrel the best girl introduced in Super?

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male ass are round and solid. Not big and flappy.


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reminder that he's going to be canon

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because he's a male

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>Cell jobs to the biggest jobber in the series
>Never to be seen again
>Not even half as popular as CHADza

>CHADza tag teams with GODku and defeats a main antagonist
>Is alive and well and has his empire back
>Is the most popular villain by far

Based Emperor

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Didn't Frieza break his limit the minute he turned gold? And he was still limited by stamina, which he solved after RoF. We don't know how far Frieza can go and he can make extreme gains past SSB levels without training from Beerus or Whis if he can stay alive long enough. That'd make him as strong as Saiyans.

Toriyama stated he won't be as strong as beerus no matter how hard he tries

Toriyama said a lot of things in the past that he doesn't give a flying fuck about today.

OwO what's this?

How will Cellfags EVER recover?

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Frieza has the most potential out of the series.
Besides maybe Black or Hit.

Maybe if Frieza actually got a decent training partner this time...he got SSB+ by training on some Zarbon level fighter.

Maybe Whis will train him behind Beerus back, he seems to be looking for GoD candidates.


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>this thread still hasn't hit bump limit
Truly this is the end of dbz super fags

He is going to be Uub and Cabba's punching back until the day when he becomes true golden kuriza, then Cabba will be the new punching bag

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Why is Shaggy molesting that cute bunny

Its feels good to be a part of the Friezaforce boys. Uninterrupted smug until December



fucking Plague


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Cabba already has Frost if Toriyama wants that. Cabba vs Uub could be something though.

why is champa so cute?

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