Boku No Hero Academia

Friendly reminder that pic relate is end game.

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Literally who?

Sorry, this is end game.

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The only girl he knows that Deku is absolutely guaranteed to still be seeing for the rest of her life is adorable Support daughteru

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>festival will be skipped after Deku vs Gentle, condensed in only a few panels
>no Kendou nor Nejire to please our eyes
Why Hori, literally why?

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>tfw we don't see it happen at all, Deku just gets KO'd by Gentle and blacks out
>instead Deku wakes up in a ditch the next day and we see through his eyes the attempt to piece together everything that happened yesterday
>like the hangover except with villains, and a serial killer that can impersonate him still running around

You know that won’t happen, don’t make yourself upset over nothing

Why do I feel like shit is gonna go down in the festival?

Every time I see an OP like this, I know that the series has gone to pure shit and will not recover. Judging by the slogs that were that last couple of arcs, I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Because SoL was just the set up, VA will arrive too and the brainlet shitposters that were shitting on this arc will be BTFO as usual

Because that’ll be the climax of the arc, so obviously something is going down.


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fuck off back to your shitty bc threads

I swear once things become serious in bnha people are going to be complaining about it being too dark


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Such is life

Nice deflection there pal. You know I’m not wrong when I say every thread is the same. Same horrendous, low effort shitposting. Same tired discussions (or lack thereof mostly).

pregnancy arc when

>Nice deflection there pal.
>no u

Fuck those people. The festival preparation was such a boring waste of time. It wasn't even interesting SoL.

I’ve been loving it. I’m glad we finally got a more SoL focused arc, highlighting some of the other kids.

Sorry but this is true endgame.

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Friendly reminder that pic relate is sun shine.

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When will someone kill Deku so we can have a better MC?

I prefer darkness

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>Deku could have matured into a slightly autistic chad by now
>Hori refuses to let him so the self-inserts and fujoshits will stay around

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Why’s he blushing?

Darkness is only acceptable when it's accompanied by awkwardness and humbleness.

Last two threads have been legitimately fun. Stop being a cunt.

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>tfw no decent Mei desktop

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>why isn't the MC a badass after 6 months of school?

You could always just read naruto again

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I want someone to rip Aizawa's eyes out so I can force-feed them to him!

Stop being mean to Aizawa

I like the character... but lets be real...
The ships don't matter.
We're just going to get a timeskip and suddenly there will be the results of "pulled out of a hat" pairings running around pretending they are relevant or what the audience wants to see
Maybe even continue the disappointment and drag the series on after the meaningful story already ended because shekels are to be had.

If you pounded Todoroki's ass would your dick be warm on one side and cool on the other? Or is it just a luke-warm temperature in the middle?

>If you pounded Todoroki's ass would your dick be warm on one side and cool on the other? Or is it just a luke-warm temperature in the middle?

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I don’t think they’re serious, user

Holy shit I was just thinking the exact same thing
Probably a tempature spilt right down the middle like his hair

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An underaged anime boy's ass is not poundable!

Fucking disgusting. That means his half and half dick will be even more unbearable especially on the cold part.

It's called love, user! I would also feed him normal food! I bet he's so lazy he eats cat food or raw eggs

I know they aren't, but I am being serious when I said that. They would probably rather leave it completely open-ended or underhand it in some way so it doesn't need to be explained or characterized.

What if the coldness makes your dick's right side go soft but it keeps your left side erect?

Traitor reveal when?

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He slurps gelatin packs everyday. Have you already forgotten?

He drinks liquid food that keeps, and stores it with him in his sleeping bag. That's Aizawa in a nutshell.

I was gonna say he can't survive on that only but your numbers are too good to contradict them

>I wasn’t in the last two threads
A-am I the problem?


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That's not how dicks work, user. You would know this if you ever did any funny pranks on your boyfriend

Literally this guy

She looks like gum I want to chew her up.

he have a bird brain worst boy

what if my quirk allowed me to split my dick sensations in two and it could only get activated by coldness/hotness?

She'll melt you and slurp you up first.

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This post is gold.

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If you were in the bnha universe and given the quirk of your choice ( provided it’s not too op, ie my quirk lets me win everything forever) what would the effect be/ how would the story change? You don’t have to be a hero, villain or student do whatever you want.

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My OC would do things to Aizawa

W-what things user?

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quirk: Pillow! I can create body pillows of all my anime waifus/husbandos as long as they hold a special place in my heart. I can attempt to create pillows of characters I don't really like but they end up looking like chinese bootlegs with tumblr art design. That's because my quirk is powered trough the NATURE of LOVE.

I'd probably have a quirk that makes people forget me

I would be happy being a simple Nomu because I would have got to breed with Ragdoll then.

If I could choose a rare quirk within the limit of the series, I would probably choose for a spatial quirk like kurogiri.
I could probably make some good money with that.

post your OC please

I would be immortal but not impervious. I don't even know that I'm immortal so it just seems like I don't have a quirk until everyone else dies and I'm still alive.

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