Okay, at this point why do doujins even have a plot? Like, can you even get lazier than this?

Okay, at this point why do doujins even have a plot? Like, can you even get lazier than this?

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I hate that shit when the first few pages are solid plot but then they throw it all out of the window with out-of-character just straight up sex

Mao is best girl

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Its not so much about plot for me but just the set up and setting.

I like rape so having a good setup for a snobby rich girl lose all her money and be reduced to a cum dump is hot for me.

I can't fap to poorly written hentai unless the art is extremely outstanding.

>My japanese porn comics need a story because my life has none

>Like, can you even get lazier than this?

Why do you think people like to turn to hardcore shit instead of this straight up casual sex vanilla?

Luckily, Mallow is hot and Tamagoro's art more than makes up for it.

>not reading for the plot

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are you just now realizing that people who draw porn are retarded or at the very least taking leave of their senses

Tamagoro is all about happy sluts enjoying dicks, you won't get Shakespeare out of any of his stories.

>Reading hentai
That's not what you supposed to do.

Some have plot, some don't, as it's always been.

Now, is there a point to this thread beyond your advertising the one h-manga?

I don't think adding plot to hentai doujinshi is an indication of laziness

>plebs who doesn’t read H for the story

LMAOing at ur life fags

Mao is the biggest slut in the pokemon world

or maybe they just don't take porn too seriously and it's all just for fun.

>Artist has to draw a 20 page comic every month or two for a dime a dozen smut rag that most people who read it won't even pay for
>expecting them to put out any modicum of effort

There is one where a fat bastard rape a little girl to give her magical powers. It's really fun

>Implying hentai with the best stories don't also produce the greatest boners
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand h-doujin plots

post best plots then

I never usually give a shit about the plot in a doujin however I tend to find something unfappable unless it's translated into English



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Plot actually matters for me, which is why 99% of sadpanda doesn't get me erect.

You need to set up an arousing situation, you can't just rely of a comically retarded setup.

>best plot
>doesn't end in impregnation



provide the source nigger

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just added a needed nakadashi tag.

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>nakadashi is impregnation

fuck off with this cancer.

I think it's fine. Porn doesn't need a good plot, it needs a good premise (and good writing). The premise here is "hey dude check out how fucking hot it is that this sexy brown waifu will casually fuck you at a moment's notice with no qualms". The writing's not amazing, but that's not the end of the world.

It's like a lower-key version of those "World Where You Can Randomly Impregnate Busty Schoolgirls At A Moment's Notice Without Getting Arrested - In Fact, It's Encouraged! What A Dream World This Is! Fuck Impregnation Fantasy Dream Land!!!" things.

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Never finished project. I lose sleep over it pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=59205824

This. Cumming inside doesnt mean they got knocked up. You need the X-ray of the sperm going into the egg, a later panel where they are late into pregnancy, or at least them talking about it while and after it happens.

>World Where You Can Randomly Impregnate Busty Schoolgirls At A Moment's Notice Without Getting Arrested - In Fact, It's Encouraged! What A Dream World This Is! Fuck Impregnation Fantasy Dream Land!!!

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>>tags: sole male, leg lock, impregnation, vanilla, happy sex

Why is there so little wholesome vanilla, you faggots told me Japan was socially conservative and that Abe would boost the birthrate.

Where is my stack of government funded family raising doujins?

Birth rate in Japan is a meme. The Island is overpopulated and overworked. Lower population is desirable in every way. The only issue is who will be taking care of old people and it will probably be robots.

Western nations demanding mass immigration to grow the economy when native birth rates aren't sufficient is unironically just a scapegoat for the real agenda of displacement and genocide.

>The Island is
Invalidated your entire post, clearly you don't understand the problem.

>Mallow the biggest slit

All the more reason she is best pokegirl. Mallow is first class Alola THOT. Even better than Olivia.

That's right, I said it.

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Shit tier: Story intro is sex.
Low tier: Flimsy premise/set-up for sex.
Mid tier: Proper plot, characters, and scenario established before sex.
High tier: Plot progresses during sex.

The islands are?

The real problem isn't birthrates it's herbevore men who have become developmentally stunted by anime and societal pressure to live like an ant while tolerating and/or indulging in degenerate experiences in secret(paying to date highschool girls, pachinko, buying panties from vending machines, infidelity, general yakuza shit) in the little time you have off.

Japan is a very sick society. It's only strengths come from its homogeneous population.

>Okay, at this point why do doujins even have a plot?
>it's all just for fun.
>taking leave of their senses

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God tier: The girls are literal breeding sows

>blaming anime
post discarded

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I don't care about story, but shit like the secret Journey, which is a rule 34 of the Journey to the West, is something I really like, additionally Slut Girl too by the same token. I don't expect good plot, but knowing how these characters act really makes reading porn fun.

A new one from that same artist was translated recently and it's sweet.

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Not all of wisdom brings joy

Sadly no impregnation but this one is pretty good.

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I have a Japanese artist friend I meet every time during Comiket. He wants his circle to become a wall circle one day but isn't sure what to do with his doujins to achieve that goal. What would be your advice?

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>Open a doujin
>They already fucking in the first page

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what if they only fuck on the last page?

>"Why am I naked on the first page already?"
>It's because everyone wants to see your feminine benis, A*tolfo

not him, but that's bad. Not as bad as them fucking right away, though.

>Open a doujin
>They already fucking in the first page
>close doujin

4 pages of exposition minimum or no sale.

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Honestly, as time goes on, and the more porn you watch, mindless sex lose its charm, yeah, you can always read one or two for a quick fap, but people tend to want more than just the sex, it could be sweet romantic vanilla or some well defined revenge rape

>don't even attempt to draw on model

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>I just lap up whatever lazy horseshit that my nip overlords toss at me

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What about those that the first page is fucking but the last panel is "how did this happen?" or "1hour ago"

>art is great
>everything else is shit

Once upon a time I enjoyed these doujins, but as time progressed they weren’t enough.

I like stories that get to the point quickly.

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that was old now do you talk about the precure ones, right?

>hentai one shot is published in a comic magazine
>call it a doujinshi


My favourite porn tends to be quite scary.

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I'm the complete opposite. I used to value a lot of setup character building, but these days I tend to prefer the raunchier ones that get straight to the point, largely because most hentai that attempt story are boring and samey. Context is nice, and there are still some hentai that excel at creating meaningful romances better than a lot of non-smut romances (Sense of Values of Wine comes to mind), but most of it makes me fall asleep and I'd rather they just didn't even try.

isn't momorency?

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I actually read something like that recently, was very very good.


>"World Where You Can Randomly Impregnate Busty Schoolgirls At A Moment's Notice Without Getting Arrested - In Fact, It's Encouraged! What A Dream World This Is! Fuck Impregnation Fantasy Dream Land!!!"
hey, I fapped with that one

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Yeah, I also understand this, but at least for me, when I find something that gives the emotional payoff I am looking for, is great and I tend to go back to i many times

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Doujins assume you have some familiarity with the character which allows them to skip on exposition.

girl's cute

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draw about the fetishes were he/they have the hardest boner

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It's lovemaking in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.

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>AND head patting

Can you get any lewder than this?

There's even pillow-talk afterwards.

I'll post more vanilla

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A hidden gem which uses the medium in an unpresedented new way. I wish this was more well known, but the nature of it's erotic and emotional content prohibit it. I'm mad that something like emergence is popular using shock value while this subtle but impactful masterpiece is unappreciated

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Best part was when their daughter joined them for a threesome without them knowing

in media res

Don't ban me those are boy nipples which are fine

Oh right, forgot to mention. Jewelry got an animation.

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around stir sticks
don't fall for tricks

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that usually implies a callback, user.

Read the rest yourselves.

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One of my favorite doujin artists is Ichihaya, his plots are actually pretty good and even sad, I just wish he didn't make all of them be about lolis.