ITT: shit anime with great OPs

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Erased was a solid 5/6.

A waste of Maaya Sakamoto.

not complete shit

Erased is a genuinely good anime, not the best thing ever but better then 90% of shows that's for sure.

>implying great OP
Try looking at some elements other than the scantily clad lolis.

This thread was made for this opening/anime

Bleach has some good openings
Getter is pretty bad in anime form.

I enjoy how the scale only goes up to 6.

the worst arc of bleach oddly has the best OP

>OP by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

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Boku tachi gensai wo

Is this a reference to The Shining?

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I really like 1

>posts one of the worst BLEACH openings

Both Bleach and Naruto.


This entire thread could just be Bleach and Naruto OPs

>all these replies spamming links without saying what they are

Faggots need to learn etiquette. Anyway Dokuro-Chan.
10/10 opening's and ending's, nonexistent anime.

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>Critisizing others for not telling what they are linking to.
>Not linking the anime opening.

Anyways. You can see the thumbnails of each link by mousing over the blue letters.

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I liked op3 the best

shes cute

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>Implying Flip Flappers is shit.

Just admit you want attention.

>Implying I'm not a phoneposter

I wish it wasn't the case, but...
Unironically the best OP of the season too.

Not implying, flip flopper is SHIT.

>not liking aho girl
garbage taste

EDs count?

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What's wrong with sakamoto ?

Also had a fucking great ED

Fuck off

SnK's first season OP1 was kino


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>shakugan no shana
>guilty crown

This might be the best ending of the decade. Salesman New/op/1#

>implying bad anime

Fuck, I really wanna watch this just from the OP, but considering the thread I know I shouldn't.

FUNKIST was fucking amazing.


and Mahouka Koukou no Retousei but I couldn't find any good video on youtube.

The OP is shit and so is the show.

This should've ended after the first set of witches.


Absolute Duo is the king of this

>shakugan no shana

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>when the show is shit outside of a couple episodes but the soundtrack is one of the greatest ever made

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>no Velonica


and god-tier eds

Akame Ga Kill

the show is absolute dogshit but the OP is legendary
The show was actually great but I know most here can't appreciate it

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show is extremely waifu bait but god damn I love this op

my nigga
The show was some hot garbage but this and the ED were both great.


That was a terrible song

give it a shot, whats the worst thing that could happen? You will waste some time but your time isnt precious considering you browse Sup Forums

>aho girl
I see that you're the real aho.

Who the fuck dislikes Sakamoto?

10/10 opening

It's foreshadowing for when he gets drowned in a river.

>it's another "muh red string of fate!" thinly veiled whining thread

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Great OPs wasted on shit shows.

Oh you can fuck straigh off

That ain't Shin Sekai Yori son

Nobody posted this one because it was too obvious?

Yuri Kuma Arashi

>Yuri Kuma Arashi

Mazinger Z


Cutie Honey

Only bad Cutie Honey is Flash

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Erased was a 10/10. you nigger

>Great anime who diverged from my fanfiction with great OPs

They certainly have their flaws but it isn't fair to call any of these shit.