Don't you remember me, user?

Don't you remember me, user?

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Who? Ah right you're the vampire girl from that lacklu-

Um anyways, how has it been? You've been finding work recently?

She flew right out of my memory.

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Sure. Now wheres your sister?

knockoff Satania?

9.5/10 anime
season 2 when?

But people actually like her.
Of course best girl

Nib nib it.

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certified D O R K


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But best girl is S U C C

I remember the OVA, second season when?

Me on the right

She strikes me as a frequent masturbator

I miss Dumpire.

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See, this is what pisses me off.
>airs Jan 2017
>translations promptly die out

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manga got licensed

how I can forget the almighty iron man, drencher of a thousand pussies

you got the answer right here

So? Doesn't stop other shit from getting done even if others bail

I think up to 37 just recently got released on typical manga sites.

Hard to forget someone with friends this cute.

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