What's going inside her head?

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My dick

She's inwardly laughing at you for saying how much you love her when she's secretly fucking Tyrone next door.

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its what goes inside the head of a psychopath.

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I think she has already kissed her previous partners and perhaps slept with some of them too.

Who's gonna tl this? exhentai.org/g/1203129/edf0c4bc66/

she could be a high-class prostitute for APE council.

dunno but as soon as hiro shows signs of weakness she is going to diss him kokoro style.

that's not kokoro

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A tiny dinosaur is clapping inside.

I want to make cute little dinosaurs with 02.

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...not happening

She's a psychopath and a bakemono: all she thinks about is killing and destruction.

She had no problem at all with Hiro potentially dying, she didn't give 1 single fuck when he was sick.

She's LITERALLY subhuman trash. Mark my words she's going to end up betraying and killing all the kids.

Not much. She has a walnut sized brain after all.

how bad her shows flopping

I am glad you've noticed it.


>She had no problem at all with Hiro potentially dying, she didn't give 1 single fuck when he was sick.
but Oni-fags will defend her regardless.

fuck it

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>weaklings die
>but dahling isn't a weakling so he'll be fine
>if he dies he's not dahling anyway
>shit he's probably super freaked about the tumor thing, he's gonna want off for sure
>he doesn't want off my wild ride the absolute madman
maniacal laughter intensifies

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trying to keep this thread cuz almost every shit is about fatman, milk or kokoro

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Too bad, given the last few episode's shit writing you know they'll pull off some cheesy ending where 02 learns to be human bullshit.

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