No one page thread? Well let me start.

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Horny Tsundere Wolfgirl.

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Is that manga still going on? I liked it but haven't followed it since bato.to went down.

well according to "MyAnimeList" the manga is still ongoing but no new chapter has been translated yet, the last one was on February so i dont know if a any new chapter is out yet or not.

anyway, i think its on Kissmanga so you can read it there

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sauce me my good man

It's literally right there.


sorry i'm retarded

I miss 12 Beast.

Thanks. I'll go check it out later

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Great taste.

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>same manga as OP
>scene that literally just got adapted
Why would you post that?

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seems nice. sauce ?

dragonball z

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i wasn't expecting that

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maki a best

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it's from one punch man, chapter 129

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What even the fuck happened to UB anyways??

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Why are there so many traps in manga nowadays?

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I need more monster girls in my life

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I really enjoyed Rokurokubi but the ending left me unsatisfied.

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Rip what?

Dead thread.

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Yeah, all of a sudden there was this X-Men-style fantastic racism plot when all I wanted was cheesy love stuff.

Arakawa's family member.

In silver spoon?

It seems like Ubel Blatt may have unretarded itself... Pic not related, I just glanced at a few of the latest chapters.

It really fell apart during the time skip thing. I mean like, it became fucking abysmal. Willing to check it out again now that I know he's still with his adventuring party.

nigger can't you read? he was talking about rokurokubi

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Scanlations never.

Plz kiss the ghost.

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This person makes some high concept pornography.

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Fat MC, overpowered nigga
Is this Sup Forums manga?

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Are they eating human meat?

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dumb frogposter