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unironically the best op this season


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i hated it at first but it grew on me a lot
poptepipic's OP is better tho

That's the worst frame of oni ever drawn
What the fuck is that facial expression?

>i hated it at first but it grew on me a lot
Same. A few changes could make it a lot better though.

my thoughts exactly, and that's an uncomfortable smile... my guess is she was worried about letting Hiro into her life (and still is)

>Filthy FranXX

Trying to smile

The eye makeup makes her look like she hasn't slept in days at first glance.

Looks cute


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That's the only positive I can say about Franxx. The OP is really fucking good. Shame the actual show is so boring.


It's a feature!

OP is trash, fortunately with cour 2 it will finally be replaced. I hope the unit that does the EDs sings the new OP.

I wonder how much of her "MAH DAHLING XD" personality is genuine and how much is her being desperate for his love?

If she and Hiro get their memories back will she become a bit calmer and more profound like in the episode 1 intro?

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>wanting even more generic idol songs
People like you are why we can't have nice things

>No more BOOM BOOM SATELLITES OPs ever again
it still hurts

Warning: bits of cucking

ED fucking when?

Why is she acting so cold all of a sudden?
She obviously still likes him but her smile and playfulness: gone.

>he thinks those are hiro's memories

I bet you think when Zorome remembered kissing an adult woman in episode 10 it was his memory, too

Hiro is Dr. Franxx's clone and has memories from Dr.Franxx

The red skinned 02 was Dr. Franxx's partner, and she died protecting him. 02 lost some klaxosaur DNA when she was cloned, that's why she is no longer red

>Code 016. Let me offer you a piece of advice. Don't let her consume your emotions, too. If you want to always be her partner, that is. Otherwise you'll be the one to suffer later."

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What about Hiro being 9 iota?

He was talking about 02 there.


Someone die already to get my fill of EDGE

Yes, 02 was part of the Nines. Did you miss that line last episode?

The soundtrack of this show is absolutely irrelevant. Neither the OP, nor the ED, and the OST used within the show will remain in anyone's mind.
>I-I will remember it
Yeah, sure, whatever.

I must have.

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Huh. Completely missed that.

It's likely to do with her killing Klaxosaurs. When the other squad mates started to land killing blows on klaxosaurs she started to become unhappy, probably because this mean she would kill less herself. Notice how desperate she was to kill the klaxosaur this episode (11) and how she perked up slightly after she killed it

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No, it's just that her self-hatred is entering full swing and killing klaxosaurs is no longer enough to stave it off.

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I guess she was unusually aggressive, but are you sure its the other pilots that are causing it?

Specifically self-hatred of her klaxosaur side

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>If she and Hiro get their memories back will she become a bit calmer and more profound like in the episode 1 intro?
She'll become even more clingy.

Good Theory, but outdated with the last episode.

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i knew that this anime is really good when all people started create different fan arts and other cool stuff/shit.

you know, i just watched the first episode and something made me to think that there are a lot of related-shit between this and evangeleon.

although the main character still is really weird. plot hasn't told about him a lot yet and because of that i think that there can be too much fucking terrible shinji-actions by Hiro in the future.

That would be another red herring, friend.
Just like the OP.

Just wait and see. You'll rue the day you disagreed with the dorg.

Did he get his doctorate degree by aging rapidly too?

Except for the part where Dr. Franxx INVENTED the damn FranXXX (ergo the name)

If he "aged rapidly" by piloting with Oni are you implying he conceptualized, prototyped, and built the robot that aged him when he was a fucking child?

Stranger things have happened.

Why are you assuming that 02, who has now been cloned, and is also probably older than she looks (she eats the youth of those she pilots with) is a teenager?
And why wouldn't a young scientific prodigy exist in anime?

Use your brain for half a second

>Why are you assuming
You're assuming a whole lot more things.

Great way to change the subject from your completely mangled argument. Just shouting out "NO, YOU!!!"

I see you're not familiar with the Occam's razor principle. Not that I'd expect that from an anime theorist.

Occam's razor doesn't apply to fictional problems engineered specifically to defy expectations. I promise they didn't reveal a critical plot point in extremely plain language in the OP. You are being fooled by a red herring meant to only be effective against children, the show's intended audience.

>Why are you assuming that 02, who has now been cloned,
>02, who has now been cloned,

I'm not the one making baseless assumptions user

You never disputed the cloning element of the theory, you disputed that Franxx couldn't have invented the Franxx in time. It was explained to you why this was incorrect.
Learn to follow basic logic, or else stick to thinking about your retail job.

user, you speak of logic but you haven't the faintest idea of how logic works.
>It was explained to you why this was incorrect.
You just presented a theory, that assumes a possibility of things being different than they're presented. A virtually unfalsifiable theory at that. You haven't explained or proven anything incorrect.

>Lacks social nuance to recognize a faked smile

Don't reply to me any more if you're just going to whine. Say something with substance.

Else suffer what consequence?

Just because I disputed one facet of your dumb "theory" and didn't mention the others does not mean that I implicitly agreed to those others. For someone who talks about "basic logic" you seem to fail spectacularly in one of the first rules of inductive reasoning: focus on a given variable or argument being evaluated does not render secondary variables or arguments valid by default. If that was true then no experiment ever would work because you would assume all confounding variables are true by default and fuck up your result's confidence interval

>Just because I disputed one facet of your dumb "theory" and didn't mention the others does not mean that I implicitly agreed to those others.

It's on you to explain why it's wrong. It looks like you gave up, because your last 3-4 posts have been a bunch of whining and crying that had nothing to do with the theory. Better luck next time.

>Idiot can't even tell obviously different posters apart
Are me, the rest are not

And you just really outed yourself as a dithering nincompoop here:
>It's on you to explain why it's wrong

No, you presented the theory so the burden of proof has always been on you. I gave ample reasons why it's wrong: 1) In this society Franxxx's don't seem like a recent invention, 2) For Dr. Franxxx to have been aged by partnering with 02 he must have had a FranXXX with which to pilot with her and we know he invented the things so the idea of a child building giant sex robots is an unlikely an extraordinary claim, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. You have only offered "muh anime child genius". 3) There is, as of yet, no direct evidence of cloning. Only inferences and lastly 4) Your whole "who says 02 is really a teenager, this could have all happened along time ago" argument undermines the whole first part of your theory: If 02 might actually be fairly old then why do we need the convoluted "she aged the Dr." bit? He could have aged normally while she stayed young. Yet you now imply that both he aged fast and she aged slow, which are unnecessary to each other and actually diminish the other argument by lack of necessity.

"For every problem there is a solution that is simple, elegant and wrong."

Occam's razor is the statement that the most likely solution is the one that relies on the least assumptions.

In a fictional setting, it runs headlong into Chekov's Gun, or more generally, the "Law of Conservation of Detail": In general, it isn't shown unless it's going to come up.

Since this is fiction, the solution is arbitrary, meaning the answer cannot be obtained to conclusion through rationalism: The author must feed us data and we can only extrapolate on what is given.

From that perspective, a significant number of theories are entirely plausible.

02 can easily be the offspring of Franxx and a previous hybrid, a clone of one, an experiment which Hiro interacted with during his youth, or a heavily-modified parasite far further along the track between Man and Monster.

Hiro could be a force grown replacement of the original, an clone of Franxx or on the same genetic line as Alpha Nova, a failed experiment, or even a new generation hybrid lacking the instability of the old version.

While some of these concepts are further out there; they're all equally supportable with given information. A few of them have a few holes in them based on new information, but until the reveal, it's just as possible that we're being thrown off the scent.

Franxx being 02's original partner and being a boy genius isn't even in the top 50% of ridiculous theories RE: DITF.

but user, that's my fetish

>Since this is fiction, the solution is arbitrary
Incorrect. While the solution is technically arbitrary, solutions with no reasoning behind them are a hallmark of bad writing. Far and out there theories are all well and good but you cannot dismiss occam's razor simply because "it is fiction". If any of them were true, they would be foreshadowed. So far the various progressions of the plot have been exceedingly obvious from prior foreshadowing. Ikuno requesting a pistil-to-pistil connection with Ichigo and Mitsuru becoming partners with Kokoro are some examples from just the previous episode.

Meanwhile, we have absolutely no reason to believe that Dr. FranXX is either a Stamen or a younger individual suffering adverse ageing effects. We also have no evidence for Zero Two being older than she appears, as her mannerisms are consistent with teenage behaviour, and no dialogue suggests she's been around for an exceedingly long time. I understand that you're just a stark-raving mad conspiracy nut who's just coming up with batshit explanations for the lols, but don't you fucking start saying that the solution is arbitrary. The entire mystery genre is predicated on the solution mattering.


Excepting the fact we've had memory alteration heavily implied. We also can't use APE for effective understanding of timescale since modern humans are virtually immortal.

The solution only matters as far as the material is presented. A good mystery is solvable before the reveal, but we're not at the reveal yet.

There are more than enough tracks that can be followed at this point that will retrospectively be called foreshadowing.

I have my money on the very humble aHiro/bHiro theory, where Hiro was altered during his childhood (Connecting thematically with Mitsuru's Elixir treatment) and either was successful (Shuttled into the 9's, replaced with a clone or double) or a failure (Stays with P13, complications arising from the failure causing his synchronization to degrade until he's no longer able to pilot).

I can't hold my position any better than the Young Franxx theory because we don't have enough information on world history, Hiro or Franxx to be sure.

yer kidding

Why are you spoilering speculah you turbonerd

Where in the fuck is memory alteration implied, let alone heavily?

I fucking love it. The visuals are fantastic too.

Posting from other thread.

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Not exactly the hair colours I expected.

Hiro didn't just suddenly decide that Mitsuru wasn't important to him. Something affected his recall or cognition.

There's also 02 and Hiro having a common link through the Jian myth; which seems to be unique to those two. While it might be a case of indexicality of the narrator voice, it is equally supportable that they collected it from the same source.

Hey there buddies, you just blow in from Gay town

I love her!

careful when opening this

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Remember to give thanks to Hyde, and also remind him L'Arc~en~Ciel exists and he should make music with them more than once every 5 years

>welcome to the plantation motherfucker

Does all of Miyavi's Samurai Sessions stuff sound the same? This is almost identical to All My Life ft. Hyde

02 cannot be old when she doesn't even know basic shit like what rain is, what the inside of a plantation dome contains or what an ocean is like. Her personality doesn't match an old woman either. She's as young as she looks.

I like it a lot. It's going to change, but I hope that at the very least, that that means episode 12 will actually have that kiss, since the whole song is about it.

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>green okappa
Edgy bitch (male) the character.

>no hair
I think this might be an altered image


t. Mitsuru

I missed last week discussion about episode 10. What do most people think she said after this? Is she related to zerome since they both have purple eyes. She said she can't be friends but why?

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How much time until they all ride Mitsuru or even better Kokoro?

Its filthy frank mothafuckaaaaa
Its filthy frank bitchhhhhhh



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I want a shooped image with Hiro crying on his knees near fatboy.

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Just cuck my life into pieces

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Where are the guys screaming that no other changes would be made? All the boys will get replaced with the male idol group. The cucks will start shitposting again

Don't get cocky, Mitsuru.

ban test

That's what the main 5 boys should've looked like. Instead we get ugly ass Zorome and Fatoshi

I would un-ironically watch trash like this and enjoy it. At this point half the reason I watch Anime is for the memes.
Kill me.

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