Pre-2000s anime: now in 1080p HD

Because you need more grain in your diet. What're you been watching?

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Oddly enough I've been getting around to finishing Outlaw Star. Need to pick up from the wrestling episode.

Currently watching season 2 of Ashita no Joe.
Seriously hope it gets better, the stuff that was already covered in season 1 is way worse here.

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Huh, me too.

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I've started watching Sakura, although with the length of the series I feel like I should probably clear out some of my backlog first.

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Still watching Violinist of Hamelin. Has anybody else watched it? If so, did you like it?

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Building up the courage to watch the last episode of this nonsensical train wreck. Both episodes 14 and 15 are 90 minutes of nothing but explaining away plot holes.

Me and my friend tried to watch it but couldn't get passed 9 or 10 episodes. It literally turns into a slideshow. Which is a shame because I heard encouraging things about the ending.

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Tried it once because I love Hamelin's design, was alright but lost interest and didn't finish it.

But EG is partially degrained.

I thought that too at first, but it really flies by. The monster of the week format changes up, but the format is still a lot of fun. New characters are introduced and there is a plot, but it's a very slow and comfy ride.

It is, but the next step up is Bludragon's which is 40gb larger and I didn't have the space for it because I also downloaded Cardcaptor Sakura and Rayearth's BDs.

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Currently at ep40 of this series.
Animation and sound-wise it's a bit dated, but it's still very enjoyable.

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The last arc is pretty meh but overall it's still good and enjoyable.

New Cardcaptor Sakura will be out in a few days.

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Are you already informed on where to go after you finish the main series?

I should watch this.

No, do tell.

Love that hairy Lupin arm

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Genshi Shounen Ryuu (Ryu the Primitive Boy)

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Okay, so after finishing the main series, there are three OVAs that go alongside it:
>Big Battle
This one is set shortly before the final episode. It's basically a standard episode of VOTOMS stretched out to fifty minutes. It's pretty dope.
>Yabu no Roots (Roots of Ambition)
>The Last Red Shoulder
Roots is a prequel that covers a little of Chirico's time in the Red Shoulders and Last Red Shoulder takes place in the time between Uoodo and Kummen. The watch order for these two is up in the air, because while Last Red Shoulder was produced first, Roots sets up a few things that give a little more weight to the events of LRS. Go in whichever order you want.

After that, there's Shining Heresy. This one's a sequel set a few dozen years after VOTOMS. It's about a planet that totally isn't the Vatican. Turns off some people due to its political intrigue and general lack of action. The OP is totally sick. Five episodes.

After that is Phantom Arc, but honestly, I can't tell you anything about this. A friend of mine whose opinions line up very well with mine told me to skip it and he's the guy who got me into VOTOMS. The last time I watched something he told me to skip, I ended up watching Macross 2, so I decided to follow his advice on this. Six episodes.
Phantom Arc has a sequel, Alone Again. You'll pick up on the important plot points of Phantom Arc just by watching Alone Again. It's not half bad.

Now, there are two other series that you can watch at any point throughout this, they won't spoil you on anything.
>Armor Hunter Mellowlink
Side story set a little before the main series, follows a guy and his big anti-AT rifle. Watch this at any time, it doesn't tie in to Chirico's story save a random cameo. Hot opinions time: this is far and away my favorite thing in all of VOTOMS, I love this series. Twelve episodes.
Character limit.

>Pailsen Files
This one's also set right before the main series. It covers some of Chirico's story between Roots and the main series. I know I just said it doesn't matter when you watch this, but maybe you should at least clear Roots and LRS before this. Most importantly, it finally explains why ATs are so explodey. Twelve episodes.

Finally, there are two standalone OVAs that are markedly different in taste from everything else.
This one's about some guy who makes his living fighting in an AT arena. It's a little acrobatic compared to everything else.
Wildly different from the rest of the franchise. The ATs are different, the setting doesn't feel remotely similar to anything else, it's just different. You'll either love it or hate it.

I kept this all in the order I watched it, which is by no means the definitive way.
And once you've finished all of that, you can join the rest of us in the suffering.

Thank you, user.

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Yeah, man. I love VOTOMS, so I'm always happy to see someone else getting in to it.
Happy watching.

I've been meaning to start Gundam 0083 but I'm afraid of the NTR it apparently has, how bad is it?

I'll be watching Outlaw Star after finishing the entirety of Ghost in the Shell

The ending sucks. Just gonna put that out there. I remembered being told that this was a too deep for you anime like Lain, but it meandered too much and lost focus.

As soon as I complete Dirty Pair, I'm gonna binge watch LOTGH.

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>how bad is it?
Really bad, but in a really stupid way that's less about NTR and more about how Nena is a massive self-centric bitch who is okay with directly causing the deaths of thousands/millions and shooting Kou over muh feels.

The last arc is a genuine twist that barely avoids becoming overblown. Dunno how they avoided disaster with such a crazy ending.

Any new 1080p uploads?

I recently finished Giant Gorg, it was pretty good. Gorg was maybe a little too unstoppable for how there's like ten or so episodes worth of "gorg smashes shit" footage. I liked how Rod got a lot of focus and character development.

Thoughts on the ending: The apocalypse was averted and GAIL is ruined, but I'm not the biggest fan of endings where ultimately other than the villains being foiled there's a reset to status quo.

Took a small break from Hokuto no Ken. Now I'm going to watch a good portion of it this week. How come Rei didn't notice Mamiya had Yuda's mark on her the first time he ripped her clothes?

Im watching Outlaw star at the moment. 8 episodes in. It looks so fucking amazing. I already like it a lot more than Bebop.

I liked how down to Earth Outlaw Star was compared to Bebop. Both are very fun shows but Bebop just felt too cold.

Check tomorrow.

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Is it down do earth? I don't remember a lady cutting a truck in half with a wooden sword in bebop. If anything, Outlaw is more wild and imaginative, while Bebop is like an hong kong action movie in space.

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if you look at her birthday and then her backround, it looks like she wasnt very attentive student at highschool. Born on 1988, yet she graduated from highschool from 2007

she was 19 when she got out of highschool....

Ultimate Teacher was alright. It peaked at the supermarket scene.

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This scene completely overshadowed anything else in the ova.

I've watched it twice but I don't remember a thing about it. I sold off my DVDs (for decent profit too... I bought the whole series on clearance for $2-3 per disc and ended up unloading them for around $9-15 per disc - anime DVDs seem to have a tendency to appreciate in value).

I guess I'll just have to stream it.

I could never finish it. Design was good.

This was surprisingly good

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I'm halfway through the second Hakkenden OVA. It's neat, some art styles are better than others.

Shin Shou episode 4 looks simultaneously like complete ass and also fantastic due to the mixture of strong direction and the fact that every frame in the episode seems to have been drawn in less than thirty seconds.

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>those filesizes
Why is this any better than what's available? 4K remaster source already has raws that have much higher bitrate.

Only if you haven't touched the game. Ys 1 was decent while still managing to be faithful to the almost non-existent plot of the first game. Then you get to 2 and it just does what it wants. Episodes 2 and 3 are fairly faithful, but the changes made to 1 and 4 were completely unnecessary.

that sakura RIP is really good

I love VOTOMS' last arc. It goes full on Dune and it's great.

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42 episodes into Marco. No HD and put plenty of film grain. The 30~ episodes were really great, but now it's hitting a low again. We finally need to get close to the mother. It's getting ridiculous.

But I watched Venus Wars in HD, which is fucking delicious. Didn't really like it, but it looked beautiful.

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Is Utena 1080p like this or is it just this encode? I mean, 720p look proper, but 1080p looks slightly blurry.

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>the entirety
including the manga and the PS1 game cutscenes, right?

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Im watching eva too for the 9th time. Such a masterpiece with no peer

I bought the bluray of FLCL a few years ago and it looks like shit.

Blu-rays are too expensive to buy for the most part. It also makes me laugh when people stupidly import the Japanese versions at those prices.

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AFAIK OVAs were not made in film, but video.

>OVAs, transferred to video in pieces and assembled afterwards, can prove nearly impossible to reassemble today.

The only mech series I am interested in.

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As long as he doesn't touch Man Machine Interface he'll be fine. What a waste of time that was.

Thoughts on this? I'm considering picking it up.

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I watched Ninja Scroll a couple of days ago. It's nice. Did you guys like it?

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>the stuff that was already covered in season 1 is way worse here.
What do you mean? I haven't watched the anime but it's my favorite manga. Does 2nd season overlay or something?

One of Kawajiri's bests. Aside from his art style that I can't get enough of, it's just expertly paced with the right amount of action at the right places.

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Just started this

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Devilman OVA

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tough boy > you wa shock

also anyone have an idea on when the new game will come to the west?

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Finally got around to watching Serial Experiments Lain. Love how unnerving it is, also scarily prescient for something made in the late 90s. The sound design is also fucking spectacular.
Not pre-2000 but moving onto Haibane Renmei next (already seen Texhnolyze) since I never finished watching it years ago

Think I'll start Now and Then, Here and There after.

Oh, and waiting for Third Window Films to open preorders for their limited BR release of two of Tezuka's Animerama features

Season 1 ends after the Carlos fight
Season 2 picks up after the Rikiishi fight and goes all the way to the end.
I'm at the part where Carlos defeated Tiger and announces he wants to fight Joe next so I can't judge all of season 2.
But they mess up a lot of scenes that were perfectly fine in season 1. Like the majority of memorable and good scenes are just way better handled in season 1. Plus season 1 had cool scenes they skipped. Like Robert and Charlos visiting the slums.

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What are some good torrents for VOTOMS? Can't find anything good english translated.


>tough boy > you wa shock
They're both great in their own way.

That said. the italian OP is absolutely GOAT, and much better suited to the bleak post-apocalyptic setting, imho:

Rough translation: will forget
that moment...the earth trembled.
the air caught fire... and then ... si-len-ce....
and the hawks on the houses o-ver the ci-ty !! without mercy !

Who will stop... the madness... that floods on streets,
who will ever break... our ... chains,
who, from this dark nightmare, will wake us up !! WHO COULD DO SO...

Ken, you are... a fantastic warrior,
descended here like a thunder from the sky,
Ken, you are, our warlord
and nobody is alone now in the world

Ken ... you are ... free ... the last ... the only angel,
Ken ... you are ... energy ... the celestial magic (magic-magic-magic)
star of the North Great Bear, star o-ver us!! ... OUR WARRIOR!!

Ken ... with your strongest punch,
the one who defeated death,
Ken, you are ... steel on my hands,
you, my hope for tomorrow will forget, that moment...the earth trembled,
never ... never ... you will enjoy ... happy ... days,
star of the North Great Bear, star o-ver us!! ... OUR WARRIOR!!

Not watching anything pre-2000 at the moment, but I'm currently reading Dororo. It's pretty fun.

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What are some good ways of making GIFs without all that horrible static?

One of my all time favorites.

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Watched the first episode of Lain. It wasn't good.

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is that from the movie or the series?

What's your favourite top 10 pre-2000 shows?



>old Lina
>fighting fkn Dark Lords, Gods, etc.

>new Lina
>fighting stuffed animals and minor tugs

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I haven't watched enough pre-2000 anime to make a proper list, but some of the anime I love are Kare Kano, Serial Experiments Lain, Infinite Ryvius, Magic Knight Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, Princess Nine.

The old Lina fought minor thugs too.
Watched the recent LaserDisk rip of Download. Didn't really like it, except for the visuals. It had some nice animation and it was the most Moebius looking cyberpunk anime I've seen so far. Do other Rintaro anime also look like Moebius?

I enjoyed the first half of the anime and am excited for the new adaptation.

Doing the MAL Anime Watching Challenge this year and I need a series from the '80s for it. Any suggestions?


Votoms, duh.

Musashi no Ken

Finally watched this. Very nice, loved the sound design especially. The rhythm of the train was relaxing.

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I love good sound design.

Those outfits look cool and she looks very attractive. I wish I liked Gundam, it's just not my cup of tea though.

Holy shit this looks good, how have I never heard of it before? Looks surprisingly modern for an 80s feature

Feherlofia is amazingly beautiful.

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Man the fuck,
Just finished watching The Gundam Film trilogy and was about to start War in the Pocket and Zeta, but after seeing all this talk of Votoms I might watch that first.
Rip Ideon backlogged the fuck out.

How is it? I didn't know this had subs.

>Infinite Ryvius
This was a really good show if you ignore some of the character arcs that were like eh.
Probably one of the best premise in anime

What did they mean by this?

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Probably because nobody cares about Hungary's golden age of animation, despite them making one Rene Laloux film. (Time Master with Moebius!)