Shocking Fact

Your mom is not virgin

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I wish she was my mom.

How do you know? I asked mine the other day and she said she was.


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Remember kids. Mommies are for making them into mommies again.

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She also fucked my dad. What a faggot

That simply isn't possible!

Fuck her with your dad then fag.

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The fuck you just say about my mom you son of a whore?

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sluts = life
can't prove me wrong

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Does your name happen to be Jesus?

>Reminder to tell you mom that you love her, user

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This, unironically. If your mom liked dick enough to have it inside of her body to make you, she's gay. Only faggots like dick.

That's why I don't abide by her rules. I don't listen to faggots.

This user gets it.

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Not after I'm done with her.

My mom is.

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give sadpanda

>implying isekai jesus's aren't the result of immaculate conception

I'm sorry that you are retarded.

would bring back freud to show him that his ideas were all correct

based Mary

I know, and I have masturbated imagining my father railing that young mom meat

>wife son

My mom is dead though.

Meido outfits get me hard like no other.

I'm sorry to hear that, user. She died a slut. A proud slut.

But you grew inside her womb, which is the same place your dad's dick penetrated. Doesn't that make you gay as well, user?

>dick penetrates womb

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>his dick doesn't reach the womb

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confirmed asian

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What the fuck bros, how can I get a pure virgin mom like Jesus instead of some used-up slut?

Someone has the manga where incestuous mom fucks her daughter with strapon?

Yes she did. Pancreatic cancer is a bitch though.

How do you know I wasn't a test tube baby (and my mom is a life long virgin) or Jesus? Or the Buddha?
Literally be perfect/God.

Isn't she NBR? Could still be a virgin.

It's fucking hell, is what it is.

If you are going through it you have my deepest condolences. Would not wish that on anyone.

When is the impregnation chapter?

We can only hope.

I mean we already got hints the husband has been cheating. It's only a matter of time dammit!

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fuck, now i'm depressed

Now the real debate begins: which does Sup Forums hate more? NBR incest or non-virginal love interest?


Hopefully the next chapter. Got teased in the first chapter and hes been cumming in her nonstop in the sequels.

WTF but she OLD??

Thots BTFO

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