Why is drunk Hanabi so freaking cute?

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Fuck off narutards

She looks like she'd blow you without hesitation if you just asked.


i want femdom hanabi

It's her B-Day today guys and gals.

All forms of hanabi are cute

Hanabi is much better than her sister desu. Naruto shouldve waited a couple more years.

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i'd ask then. All girls should be like that

no he shouldn't have

Has Hanabi officially surpassed her sister?

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yeah she's been the better fighter for a while.

We haven't seen adult Hanabi fight.

Question: Could I pick up this show if I never finished Naruto?

is she a slut?

Fucking this. Never understood the fascination with Hinata. Her sister on the other hand is literal perfection.

Report and ignore shitposting

Probably because Hanabi actually has a personality.

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Happy Birthday Hanabi!!!

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Hanabi is for Bort.

Yeah. If you wanna catch up on the plot just play the story mode of Naruto Storm 4

hasnt she always been better, i remember in the og naruto her dad said hanabi was better of a fighter

yes but I suggest you finish naruto

do those games story modes add anything? Or they're just a rehash of the anime? I might get the legacy collection thing of all 4 games but i'm not sure. I'd only play story mode I don't like fighting games and wouldn't play against other people

yes exactly. Hanabi surpassed her sister a long time ago.

Is anything good happening in this show yet? That byakuya(?) gang shit bored me to tears.


The movie arc is starting in about 2 episodes.


Madara's fire style should have countered Hashirama's wood style. That just makes sense.

you cant really burn living trees though. for it to burn up it has to be very dry. That would make sense for yamatos wood style but hasharamas was literally growing massive trees and vines.

forest fires happen all the time. Those trees are living until they get set on fire

I suppose but that takes a constant amount of fire. And forest fires start from being VERY dry in the area.

Storm 2,3,4 is basically Naruto animated by the studio of Asura's wrath

what do you mean?

Will we get a fight after the timeskip with Hanabi, Hinata, Himawari, and Hiashi teaming up?

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yes hopefully

It is basically the naruto anime, but if it was animated by the studio that created Asura's wrath instead of pierrot

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Oh shi-its her birthday alreafy?

Hanabi's breasts might even surpass Hinata in a few years. Although I prefer her petite.

Nah, they are both great in their own way.
Naruto could probably get a threesome if he tried though

I wish the Boruto series could have just been about Boruto and Mitsuki going on homo adventures.

I wish you would write these solely on, you rotten woman.

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same here, but that's what non-existant doujins are here for.

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previews when?

>This meme again
Hinata is a kind, shy girl with terrible confidence issues she mostly overcomes during the course of the series. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's not a personality.

I swear, they better not have disbanded her team. I would hope Namida and Wasabi are training with Hanabi since Sumire outmatches them majorly. That would explain why they skipped the exams, maybe Sumire’s at Katasuke’s lab at least partly to give Namida and Wasabi time to catch up. There’s got to be a point in the future where the chunin exams are revisited somehow, since even Boruto himself was disqualified for cheating, and he’s the MC.

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To be fair, her former literally who sister just managed to have a more memorable interaction with her bug teammate than she ever did.

Heck, did Hinata even talk to Shino in the whole manga?

I would have loved it if it was just Bort and snek with Sarada as just another side character

so how did boruto deal with the powercreep that happened in original naruto? did they just basically start over with the children

Yeah pretty much. Naruto and Sasuke barely do much in the way of fighting but they just blitz through everything with ease when they do fight. Sometimes S-rank chars like Kakashi make appearances to teach the new generation little lessons, but its mostly the new gen and their grounded powers.

Pretty much, though there are Narutard powerlevelfags from /vg/ that insist Boruto’s kid will be some kind of god-child, completely disregarding the shitty writing that plagued part 2 of Naruto

Naruto’s stuck with a desk job with only one assistant for all the paper work, while Sasuke is constantly travelling dimensions to research on the aliens

But for the kids, they have the talent but are naturally immature

Boruto in particular is the genius that learns fast and compensated the lack of power with variety but is too easy going

What does Hanabi's breath smell like?

As a female, she’s doomed to be sidelined

Boruto’s shota-cock

>it's another waifufag OP

So fucking boring.

She reminds me of a certain rabbit.

The old characters don't do anything and Konohamaru is a jobber.


150% mad

You must be 500% devastated to reply in such a manner then user. It's pretty boring.

When do we get filler about hanabi's quest for cock?

Oh no... Shit he's gone

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There's a flashback at one point that showed young Hanabi only won against Hinata so easily because Hinata didn't want to hurt Hanabi and hesitated to attack her.

So it's less a question of skill and more of temperament. Hanabi has a much better temperament to be a fighter, but we don't really know who's better in terms of raw skill.

This looks like Boruto wants a kiss from his dad

>misses Bort's birthday
>misses Hima's Birthday

How the fuck did this happen? everyone expected him to be dad of the year all years with the past he had and how serious bonds were to him. I mean he was willing to die for Sasuke but his kids? nah fuck that. How did someone like that become such a shit father?

Blame Kishi. He needed to self insert into Naruto.

Because he's Kishi's self-insert and the whole thing is supposed to parallel Kishi's job preventing him from spending time with his own family. It doesn't make much sense, but not much you can do about that.

Fucking faggot. His own failures as a parent may be one thing but Naruto can make 100+ clones with ease. There is zero logical sense that Naruto can't use clones to do his Hokage duties and spend time with his family even if it's just for a few days a week. Same thing regarding Sasuke the man can teleport so after losing his family you'd think he'd want to raise his daughter so she isn't fucked like he is.

I'm legit mad at the direction Boruto has taken them both in.

>It doesn't make much sense, but not much you can do about that.
It might make sense if Naruto's signature ability wasn't the ability to make thousands of copies of himself.

Don't worry Bort, at least Sarada, Mitsuki and Konohamaru are going to celebrate your birthday.

I hope Sarada, Mitsuki, Hima, and Hinata all wear party hats.

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Aren't Shikadai and Inojin invited?

Real friends only.

Come to think of it, why aren't Hiashi and Hanabi coming? It's not like they live far away.

Shikadai and Bort are not friends in the same way their parents were.

Sarada is so cute, Bort is really lucky.

>Sarada is so slutty, Naruto is really lucky

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I seriously love Hanabi. Like she's perfect. I'm in love, and she's so perfect.

The only reason I'm watching this damn show is because she so damn hot, so damn womanly fine with that hourglass figure, so bubbly a fuckin perfect aunt, and she single as heck.

my boner burns with the passion of a thousand suns for her. shes my perfect woman. i need her.

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Sasuke was actually in the village at least once during his mission and still didn't bother saying hi to his daughter.

Delete this. Sarada is for Bort and Bort only.

Sarada is for Naruto and Naruto only

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Oh. I've seen cut scenes that aren't in the anime that's why


Just accept it, it’s basically already canon

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Even the "Hanabi is Boruto's true mom" crack makes more sense than NaruSara.

Sarada is perfection

Fuck off Boruto.

Perfect slut
NaruSara is literally OTP

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I know. He's out right ignoring his daughter despite spending most of part 2 whining about restoring his clan. All he's going to do is turn her completely against Uchiha.

Boruto’s too busy with Hawawa to care about Salad

Salad is for Mitsuki though

Stop this madness. Sarada is going to win the Borutobowl.

They are very kawaii together.

I watched Naruto in my teens. Watching others react to Boruto on Sup Forums now is so damn depressing.

Whole thing is depressing :(

Nah Sarada and the other characters are pretty cool too.

yeah just like when the original chunin exams were skipped and how they revisited the chunin exams because Naruto, the MC, didn't finish right?