Why do you love JC?

Why do you love JC?

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because the C also stands for cute!

>draw JK
>call it a JC

Why wouldn't I?

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I want to cum inside Karen and make her have my half black babies that will make millions in the NBA.

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What exactly is a JC?

A bigger loli

translate this 新ファグ and find out

It stands for cunny.

Nadeko >Karen>Tsukihi

Because they are perfection.

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Exactly the wrong order.

I miss Colette

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Because I love sexy, pubescent little girls.

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Rub JC tummy

That should be obvious.

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Is there anything better than flat JC in bikinis?

Public nudity.

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JC shouldn't be naked in public!

Imagine how wet Toi-chan must've been in this situation.

12 is the best age.

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I want to force Rika to perform in band-aids.

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Japan's junior idol industry could have reached that point if it didn't die out in 2016/2017.

You're making a mistake here. Or the author of this picture. Girls on the right are original, unique and beautiful. The ones on the left are secondary, unnecesary, rehashed moneygrab. Not really hard to understand.

Imagine if JS/JC idols were actually forced to do that. What would happen to the world?

I don't follow that stuff, but why did it die out?

I know I just hate that I wasted my time with both shows DESU. Was hoping for an idol anime with feels, closest one I've come to is TWGOK with Kanon s1 - 3 and Chihiro in the final few eps.

I don't I'm not a pedophile

I love little girls.

Best age range.

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You're too old for them?


But pedophiles love JS.

Not too tight (JS) and not too wide (JK). Just the right size (JC)

We hebe here.

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I want a threesome with those two.

Cutest butts too. This is very important.

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Don't we all?

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Sorry, but JS have the best butts.

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I prefer round JC butts.

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You can go balls deep in a JC.

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Because he's cute and he died for our sins

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I love these butts.

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Why are lolis so kissable?

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This post best post

Because they make me feels more safe about my pedophilia

because tsukihi is my wife

Why are JC/lolibutts so appealing?

Just recently started reading this manga, very comfy.

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There's really not much difference between the first two.

Fate butt

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They're so fucking sexy goddamn.


Lazy Google Translate work, user.

Stop looking at her butt.


JC > JS > JK > JY > JJ > JD

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I'm looking at Nanoha's _unny

That's not how you spell tummy user.

I want to spot a naked JC in public.

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I'm not looking at her tummy.

Don't be jealous.

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Only Fate is allowed to look in that area

13-year-old girls are never this innocent.

How many have you fucked?

>Why do you love JC?
because they combine the immaturity of JS and the sexual curiosity of JK in one perfect package

Why not?

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it mean Juicy Cunny dont let other anons confuse you !

Bap JC tummy

I want to give a JC my staff


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I want to legally have consensual sex with a small child

Cause there is no puss sweeter


Enjoy your ban?

Maybe in Cambodia

I want to have consensual, mutual loving sex with an innocent 2D loli

Which JC has the tightest cunny?


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Well, you can't

Of superiority complex? Nobody else would make it about race but a black dude.

The cutest
The sexiest
The bestest

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>Sup Forums

but what DOES "jc" mean?

juicy c******

Some pedo term, who cares?

I care, I like my lolis when they’re JC, they have FLAT and LONG tummies and tight juicy cunnies

JY - Joshi Yochien - Kindergarten Girl (age 5-6)

JS - Joshi Shogakusei - Elementary School Girl (age 6-12)

JC - Joshi Chugakusei - Junior-high School Girl (age 12-15)

JK - Joshi Koukousei - High School Girl (age 15-18)

JD - Joshi Daigakusei - College Girl (age 18+)


OL - Office Lady (18+), professional working woman / female wage slave

Christmas Cake (25+), unmarried

Young Wife (18-25), married

MILF - Mother I'd Like to Fug (18+), married / single, with children

Long lolis are the best they’re perfect for bapping

JS is prime for impregnating

Are you gay?

No, I just want to fill a loli’s womb with my love

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So, you are gay then?