I don't wanna stir up some shit on reddit.com/r/manga I'd rather ask Sup Forums:

I don't wanna stir up some shit on reddit.com/r/manga I'd rather ask Sup Forums:

If YAOI is marketed to women as their main demographic, who is YURI marketed to? Men?

I dont know but seeing newly translated yuri manga on my mangarock /new/ page depresses me. Like im being virtually cucked.

Here's my train of thought when differentiating between yaoi and yuri:
in yaoi, if you reflect real IRL shit in it, it's two men getting together, LESS competition for me as a straight person. the more men banging each other and getting married to each other, the more women for the picking

but in yuri, it's two less women for you to potentially date IRL. I mean it's emasculating that two women would rather be genetic dead ends and fuck each other than procreate with an ALPHA SUPER MALE VITALITY male like me . It's a lose scenario.

It's depressing. I want to filter out yuri from my mangarock app permanently.

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simply epic

But literally unironically
You gotta be gay to like yuri as a man

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yeah but what's the main demographic though? lesbians? JAPANESE lesbians? That's a double whammy on the depressive scale my dude.

I literally have an urge to fly to japan right now and bring a translator. literally go to 10 bookstores and ask the clerk "hey my dude, who usually buys yuri manga, men or women"

that's how curious i am with this shit

Yuri is shit everyone knows this OP, don't worry so much about it. People who read it are honestly fucked in the head. Its pretty much scat tier maybe a little better then scat.

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>who is YURI marketed to?
Lesbian men

welcome to /dubs/ - repeating integers general

Real shit? I wanna stress this out that this is REAL THREAD HOURS, I don't want bs in my christian thread.

You sure it's main demographic are men?

Wanna know what triggered this shit? I was on /new/ a few days ago and saw another fucking yuri manga and out of curiosity, clicked on it. the artist is this cute beautiful as fuck young mangaka and that broke my heart my dude. like for real. such a fucking waste.

go back there retard

Caring about reality was your first mistake

Yuri is for women and men. You sound mentally ill by the way.

You can't fuck fictional women, user. Why worry about it?

he's just a teen they all sound like this

yeah it's for species that have the ability to read. I'm asking about the demographic, buddy. if women start getting the tingles from shipping yuri on ice characters, i wanna know who has the same reaction when reading yuri. because if there are yuri manga for sale ofcourse there's a selling target demographic to make money from. a sizeable enough demographic for new manga to be made. question is who is this sizeable demographic?

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so is this some kind of multi-layer false flag or what

There is a thread on /wsr/ about trolling Sup Forums. Perhaps he is following advice from it.

I'm not trolling for fuck sake. I just want an answer so I can dispel all of my annoyance with this emasculating genre.

the answer is your a fagot

Yuri is for straight men, just like Yaoi is for straight women. If you like women you normally would like seeing two of them together. Seeing your situation, you're probably just insecure.

where the dubs @

Wow, autism. Get over yourself OP, you are literally jealous of fictional characters.

don't bump sh*t threads

You are a retard who can't distinguish fact from fiction and presumes the world revolves around you. Kill yourself.

Hmm I see. Your reply makes sense. Yeah I guess I'm just being insecure.

Oh so you're telling me there's no mandatory afterschool orgy in every women's only schools in japan? WOAH that's a sigh of relief

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thirty posts in this thread and only one dubs
shameful display

Oh yeah?

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