What did she mean by this?

What did she mean by this?

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It's /u/. Princess is taking Ange to Casablanca.

Five is a crowd

That's a fucking nice house. I would kill to own a house like that. Does spy gig pay that well?

Consider this is the early 1900. Being a spy today just gets you killed with polonium.

Slowpoke here, I just today realized that supai = spy.

But supai is bitter.

Get outta my fuckin' house!

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>buys a whole fucking house in an exotic location for her lover
>I don't want a house, I want the whole kingdom
Why is Princess so high maintenance?

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That statement is wrong in two ways.

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Beato goes in the dog house

Pls no bully.

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Remember when we thought Dorothy and Chise were fucking?

How naive we were, Dorothy and Beato is the far better option

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Fucking Beato is like taking advantage of the disabled.

I want to fuck Chise.

Beato is a responsible young woman, who can make her own decisions in life

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That's it, Beato has had enough of the bullying. It's time you ate lead.

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i want to bully beato with my meato

This to be quite honest

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>pink P90(?)
Is that from that new GGO anime?


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