Humans are the true evil!

>humans are the true evil!
Post a worst cliche by writers trying to be deep.

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You first, OP.

Reminder poison users are the most powerful in HxH

>humans are true evil
> and that's what makes them so apt for survival so it's not really a bad thing

Why not post the entire message of that scene OP? Why are you spreading misinformation?

Cell is the worst hxh character for sure. What a waste of time.

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I wish we got to see the other RG react to Pitou dying.

>Humans are the true evil
>But some humans are more evil than others
>Turns out those most evil aren't humans at all
What if you twist it?

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That's not the point of that scene dumbass, kill yourself.

The most evil human is a human

Well maybe if people like you stopped trying to deny the fact and let this race continue it's downard spiral it wouldn't be so prevalent you cuntzit.

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That's not the point of that scene, you dumbfuck. It was also translated as "humanity's infinite potential for evolution".
Meruem thought he was unsurpassable (at that point he actually didn't 100%), Netero just reminded him that he was conceited and naive, and was being smug while proclaiming Meruem's future death.


Is this that hentai genre I keep hearing so much about?

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>Angels are evil
>Demons are the good guys
Fucking japs, they love this shit.

Well humans are the most evil things we know right now.

God is an arrogant piece of shit after all. No one demons longing for liberty come across as the good guys.

villain was secretly the good guy all along

>Only adults are evil

Fucking bullshit right there.

protagonist has dead parents

That made me laugh decently hard. Have a (You).

A better subversion of this trope would be that angels and demons aren't inherently good or evil.

>misses entire point of scene
>mistakes it as an attempt to be deep
>fails at using the English language

No surprises here. You're a certified brainlet OP. Thanks for the laugh you dumb motherfucker.

>Humans are capable of good
Fuck that lie.

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>Angels are evil
>Demons are the good guys
>LOL JK PSYCHE NIGGA we played you and just made it look like it was that way
>What are you fucking retarded, thinking that Demons are good?

>people shouldn't be immortal
>said literally by an immortal person who even wanted to achieve said immortality
>all life in canon lore are literally already immortal because once you die you just go to heaven and then incarnate back on earth

There hasn't been a worst case of last-minute Instant Philosophy Just Add Water ending to a manga and revealed bullshit motivation to a main villain. His goal of recreating the world in a different form wasn't even detailed. Because then it wouldn't have made for an evil enough of a plan.

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>there are people who will argue that killing the Shiki wasn't mercy

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>Trying to connect people at a deeper level using technology for the sake of a peaceful world is wrong, they should just talk with each other and just b themselves

That’s not even the message of that scene. The ants did abhorrent evil things but humans are capable of and often do things far more evil than the ants, but on the flip side that’s what allows humanity to survive and get the chance to do good things. In fact the only reason the ants were capable of any kind of good was because of their human ancestry.


>missing the point of a comic for children this hard

Consider suicide

>jews are the true evil!
[user has been killed by this post]

It's not just nips. "Subversing" the story and making demons etc. the good guys is prevalent in the west too. (I guess you could say a lot of it stems from animal culture but I doubt Twilight'so author was a big Nippon fan).

It's kind of an interesting phenomenon imo. Most of these stories are based on . Demons are supposed to bring freedom from the constraining laws god puts on us, which is great for rebeling teens and millenials. They ignore the part where there was a reason for gods laws.

Also funny because some christian/non-canonical books claim satans sin was to keep free will from the humans.


Need source boss, my ape brain throbs

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>>humans are true evil
The point isn't even that humans are evil, they're just capable of being absolutely ruthless.

it's literally called Shiki m8

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>a non-immortal can't imagine what being immortal is actually like
Wow, you might be on to something user.

Paradise Lost didn't make Satan good, but it did make him sympathetic.

ape brain here, the autism flows strong within me, my guts churn with pizza rolls, my power in unlimited and my iq in minimal

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>my iq in minimal
It shows.

When is /our guy/ coming back?

>Technology is evil!!!!!11

Probably the thing I hate the most, especially if it is about ALL technology.

Best doctor.

>Dr. Stone is all about how technology is going to blow the fuck out of some dumb cavemen

>Correcting spelling mistakes on an anonymous Australian Aircraft Appreciation Board, cunt dont even fucking

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>getting upset because someone points out your mistake
Minimal iq indeed.

Expecting genuine emotions from someone who's been dead inside for years already,

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Always gets me hard seeing how the dumb bimbo looking shki are brutally killed. That one and that thot who got her head crushed.

A person with non-minimal IQ would have stopped responding long ago.
Your dumb brain just can't help itself I guess.

malice and evolution/potential has a double meaning in the Japanese version

I know she is his wife and everything but really, was it necessary to pull down her pants?

It was just as necessary as the crotch panning shot.

agreed, but my rampant shitposting is only matched by my ugly old man from star trek folder

So hows your day been, i worked a 4 hour shift at mcdickles and didnt get one complaint, even though i hadnt wiped my ass properly or something because it was itchy and i kept making warluigi noises at a friend

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