Is there anyone who can beat the Kok?

Is there anyone who can beat the Kok?

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The sterility plot twist reveal. Her tears will be sweet.

>nice guy shows he's human like everyone else
>normalfags freak out and demonize him

>nice girl shows she's human like everyone else
>losers freak out and demonize her


>girls rejects beta fag
>goes for a less beta male
>f/a/ts get triggered

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im getting sick of this shit

Best girl of the season

Can’t beat the Kok.

>fattie gets NTRed
>girl choosed the cute boy instead
is this supposed to be some kind of reverse NTR

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That's just normal NTR, what do you mean?

But... milk man is a gay.

Klaxxosaurs did nothing wrong

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>Implying the Doc would fuck up such a crucial step in his plans
>Implying Kokoro's pregnancy won't be one of the major triggers of Hiro's rebellion happening
>implying it won't be like that scene in Macross where Max and Millia show the Zents (or in this case Parasites and ADULTS) the child they made together shocking them all into standing down or joining them.

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Yep, that's what I'm implying. All the parasites are going to be revealed to be sterile.

NTR is usually the girl cucking the cute boy with some fat fuck

Mitsuru is the biggest beta though. He just fucking gave up and dropped the controls mid battle because he couldn't deal with Hiro not having remembered the promise like 10 years ago.


she got what she deserved for being a cunt

No he’s not

stay mad fattie

Not really. Tanned guys or older men are probably more common than fat guys, unless you are actively seeking them out.

>girls rejects beta fag
>goes for a less beta male
>internet tough guys pretend to be alpha

>hes not an Sup Forumslpha that NTRs fatties

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This is standard NTR. It just didn't portray the "antagonist" as ugly or evil to make the cuck and self-inserters look good.
This, there is plenty where the bull is handsome. It's the best for triggering people, probably because it's too true.

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you have be mad your self to respond

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Yeah, a bitter revenge fantasy where Fatass magically isn't a pussy worshiper sure taught her a lesson.

>Sup Forums being angry is specific to this one moment because it pushes your narrative
>Definitely not the whole show is shit and continues to be shit
>Definitely not shills shilling it all day everyday on Sup Forums
Keep dreaming.

The real problem is best girl Ikuno is now getting FATT'D

>nu/a/ can't even handle the mildest form of NTR
maybe you should go back to naruto or something

Futoshi should stop being such a beta and start lifting, he'd mog that twink in a couple years.

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