Now that the dust has settled, did you like it?

Now that the dust has settled, did you like it?

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4/10 it was ok

It was good. The last episode was a bit of a letdown, but overall it was the second most comfy show I say this season behind Yuru camp.

Was a bit boring finally

As usual, manga >> anime.


I guess so. I was pretty hard on it at the beginning because it felt really contrived, but it grew on me.

Though I’m a tad upset that Chise never really got directly called out on how much her self-sacrifice hurt Ains and instead just got lectured on not making decisions on her own. But I haven’t read the manga so maybe it’s adressed there.

Short answer: yes

I wanted to like it a lot more but even with clear moments of growth for all the characters I feel like the finale leaves them so close to where they started in terms of their real goals so I was disappointed in that.

bullied jew ruined everything


It was a huge letdown to say the least but I quite enjoyed the characters

Second half was more of a chore to actually watch and finish.

Came in with a mindset that this is a girl wish fulfillment anime with good visuals but it's good enough to not make me sleep like other shoujo series

This is pretty much my experience. I would look at it in my queue and go 'oh, I guess I could watch that' and promptly find a couple of other things I wanted to do more.
Any time I zoomed out and looked at the wider picture I found myself very interested in where things were going, but was the anime's presentation dry and lifeless.
If nothing else it made me interested in seeing what they skipped from the manga.

In the beginning Elias was mysterious, powerful and showed evidence that he was very wise and could see through people. By the end, he was impulsive, childish, emotionally unstable and did things that betrayed his wisdom that was shown in the beginning.

I really liked the beginning and was prepared for a nice SoL teacher-student magic in the country, but they added all this bullshit drama and changed the character's personalities. Almost like they weren't expecting the series to gain as much popularity as it did, and then started adding in generic shit that they knew wouldn't be great but also wouldn't be outright hated enough to drop the series.

>chore to actually watch and finish
Became like this when the femMC puked up blood for the 3rd time, then she puked it up more frequently.


The leanan sídhe myth got me interested in the sídhe and made me learn a few hundred words Irish Gaelic. So I guess it wasn't too bad.

It was okay but really boring in the middle part. 5/10.

This, Maybe because it was fresh and new I enjoyed the first half so much but the last half just lost me completely.

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I really enjoyed it. My AOTS

I have no idea why people hated the ending. It resolved very much like the many other conflicts before it.

Either way, it wasn't the travesty people pain it as. The show was a very neat story with beautiful scenery and more fully than I've seen, captured the spirit of a Fantasy.

Very low 8/10