Boku no Hero Academia

When shit hits the fan y'all will be begging for SoL arcs back

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Every time Jirou appears, she gets even more perfect

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When shit hits the fan everyone will realise that hori cant write actual battle shounen arcs to save his life. Even this boring as hell SoL will look acceptable in comparison.

Honestly this

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>What is Sports Festival
>What is Stain
>What is Field Trip
>What is Kamino raid

SoL arcs are fine. Entire chapters of Deku fighting meaningless fights are not.

Please describe their first time fooling around.

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I can't wait for that arc.

>boring as hell
Nice shit taste


i imagine momo being very bratty

All almost 100 chapters ago.

why did everything since kamino suck so much?

>Momo creates cream and sugar out of her tiddies
>Todo freezes it with his ice
>they lovingly stir it together in a manual ice cream maker
>Bakugo flavors it with his semen
>they share a Bakucone on a romantic walk by the pier

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Its awkward
Momo is insecure and thinks she is not as good as a kisser as Shoto despite both getting into UA through official recommendations
Shoto thinks about Endeavor.

Bratty like how?

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Awkward as hell, they are both too pure

>16-years-old being pure


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Momo only pretends to be pure. You know in her head she's got to be a freak. In fact, she's probably embarrassed about how much of a pervert she is.

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(You) are my sunshine

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She is literally the most innocent girl, don’t slander her

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New Visual for S3

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baku looks more like a frog than Tsuyu

This is barely a fucking visual

A "6/5 intelligence" hero cannot possibly have that pure of a mind. This is especially true of someone who uses it to be creative.

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happy todo

all the important people

Foreshadowing that Mineta becomes a main character

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Iida will probably hook up with Ochaco.


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>This is especially true of someone who uses it to be creative.
But she doesn't. She literally has to research stuff she wants to create to the smallest detail before making them. She can't just wing it and be creative.

I think TodoTsuyu makes sense because Todo has a mage quirk where he doesn't have to do anything practical or physical. And Froppy is all strength and speed and strategy and physical abilities.
So they contrast with one another.

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Shoto sucks at lovemaking so she ghosts him, bringing him much dispair. Also she hurts her hand somehow.

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Eugenics is wrong, Endeavor

All I get from this is that Bakugou is the main heroine.

Psh. Tell that to Hiashi.

Why do they keep adding Grape to these promo pics? It's not like he's a popular character or even relevant in this season.

Given what Season 3 is likely going to adapt that is entirely accurate

Will this season go all the way up to All Might's fight against All for One?

After Momo breaks his heart he texts Camie who takes the reigns sexually, teaches him new skills and builds back his shattered self-esteem.

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>6/5 intelligence
>uses it to be creative
>a fucking stick

That’s true, and it’s hard to be creative with poop

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Let's never be creative again.

It’ll go way beyond that. We’re probably ending with Deku vs Bakugo

Probably even further. My guess is at least teasing of Deku vs Baku 2. More likely ending on chapter 121

No, Todoroki and Ochako make more sense

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Todo sticks his dick in Momo without foreplay. Momo shivers and winces because his dick is hot and cold. Todo cums after one thrust and starts crying. Momo wants to comfort him, but she needs to run to the bathroom and wash out her vagina because his cum feels like dry ice.

She is creative, she just needs more time if it's not a matryoshka or a stick.


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What quirk would their child have?

One of the three choices more than likely.

You know very well that all that fat, autistic fuck is interested in is a bite of her burger.

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Quirk: Brimstone
Power: Rain fire on enemies from above


The gloves are awesome

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Same as Ochako's, but 0K instead of 0G.

The animators love him, much like the animators love to shill Tsuyu

They’re easily his best upgrade so far, I’m so happy the finger blasts are back

Extreme obesity.

La Brava’s udders are fucking massive. What the hell

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Zero degrees Kelvin? So their kid's quirk would be Entropy? No gravity and no temperature?

I want them to be friendly eventually.

quirks were a mistake

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you and me both dude

Endgame ships:

Deku and Ochako
Todo and Momo
Kaminari and Jirou
Ojiro and Hagakure
Bakugou and Tsuyu
Kirishima and Mina
Tokoyami and Reiko
Iida and Ibara
Koda and Yui

Is Todomomo dead in the series?

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It was never a thing to begin with.

>Bakugou and Tsuyu
I am not against it but I don't really get how it is in any way implied like the other pairings.

And all the 1-B ones are bullshit.

>Bakugou and Tsuyu
Nope, that’s not allowed

Shouto stares a lot

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It's not implied but out of all the 1A girls, I can't see anyone but Tsuyu being able to handle him given his personality and help him sort out his issues. Plus they share quite a few similarities so there's that.

The 1B pairings are just based on similarities, that's all.

>Deku and Ochako
NTR route only

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what a man can't oogle at some boobs

>Bakugou and Tsuyu
>Kirishima and Mina
Bakugou and Kirishima*

>I can't see anyone but Tsuyu being able to handle him
So we are going under the assumption he HAS to end up with someone and it HAS to be someone from 1-A?
If so then I guess you are not wrong about Froppy but without those weird restriction I would think no one or Camie are more likely.

Tsuyu and Mina*

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Neck yourself homoshipper. I know fags are into manliness but the reverse isn't usually true.

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Bakugou x Camie only became a thing because of a mistranslation from Jemaini's Box.

You are posting Kirishima in his unbreakable mode
Remember how he got that hard? He remembered Bakugo telling him he should stay hard.

>black clover just keeps getting better and better
>bna just gets worse and worse

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That’s not the most practical hero costume for Mina. She probably shouldn’t have gone strapless.


She still made him laugh and she seems to be okay with him.
I mean I admit it is not much but there is fuck all of Froppy in comparison.

>Plus they share quite a few similarities so there's that.
Such as?

Thanks, now I get to go post bait in the BC thread that I made :^)

I am fine with beef with the HxH fanbase. I don't like it when it is with BCfags. That feels like bullying the weak.

>le he gets hard right guize xDDD
Eat shit homo. Always have to try and ruin manliness.

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Both are shown as blunt, Tsuyu cares enough to be honest. Bakugou doesn't care if the truth hurts.
Both their quirks are weak to cold.
Both have their insecurities revealed immediately after the raid arc.
As for appearances, official artwork at times has them either next to each other or parallel to each other and in similar positions. These are likely to be coincidences though

What's some good bait I can post in my thread that's bound to start some shit?

what was the mistranslated text?

While BC somehow did get good, Bnha is in its breather arc right now. I'm sure right after this festival we'll get something good.

Say that Zora is literally Stain 2.0

Camie is okay with everyone desu

I do that every thread but maybe we'll get something good this time

What is manly about Bakugo only wanting to hold hands with Kirishima?

I am not gay but they seem gay to me. Also you seem very angry about this so maybe you have some soul searching to do as well on why you like manliness so much and why this gay shit makes you so angry.

Post a better father.

>supports Shigaraki anyway he can
>keeps encouraging him to known he's improving even when he failed miserably
>attempting to ween him off of him to get him to think for himself
>literally on death's bed and still comes to protect Shigaraki when shit hits the fan

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>Both their quirks are weak to cold.
Bakugo isn't weak to cold? He had no problem beating Todoroki's ice in the sports festival.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH posting I guess?