Being mad about a cartoon because you're projecting your own insecurities onto it

>being mad about a cartoon because you're projecting your own insecurities onto it

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>not being able to face reality

not wanting to see a fandom destroy its self

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these franXX threads have been entertaining lately

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>being mad that people said your cartoon girlfriend did something wrong

I dropped it half-way through the first episode but I kind of regret it because I missed the shitposting threads and I guess it's now too late. Tell me, anons, was watching this show for the threads worth it?

It's 2 cour, friend Rev up those shitposts.

Nigger, half of the people on those threads haven't even watched the show

But she did nothing wrong.

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It's like Valvrave: the threads are half the fun of watching the show.
On it's own, FranXX is a little bit on a dry side, the pacing for episodes 7-11 was awful.

>2 cour
Oh boy, I guess it's time to give it another try.

Welcome to the internet

>a little bit
That's a real understatement. At least things would not stop happening in Valvrave. It wasn't until the second half that it really slowed down with all the characters moping about. But when over a quarter of your show is gone and you're still in the very basics of introducing characters and the setting there's a problem. This show is just mind numbing with how little is going on that I feel like everyone needs to overreact the moment something does to justify how much they've invested into it.

The first six episodes had great pacing, and overall were good.
But yeeeeah nothing happened besides maybe episode 10 where Zorome triggered just about every deathflag imaginable.

Is this the new reoccuring meme-bait of today? It's already old and untrue.
>Learn to storytell

Yes. I binged the show to keep up with the threads, but I ended up liking it instead.

It's not too late. It's never too late.

I almost dropped it after first episode, because it felt like the most generic shit ever, but does get much more interesting in the next couple episodes. The story itself is still generic as fuck and has lots of stupid tired cliches from time to time, but it also turns stuff about robot driving into a strong and deep allegory of sexual relationships. If you can slog through paper-thin obvious setup with a predictable twist coming and lots of bog-standard fanservice, you can get an interesting exploration of themes about being in a relationship.
So far it covered: importance of emotional compatibly, societal push of young people towards marriage, taking initiative in a relationship, overbearing partnerships, being stuck in a loveless relationship out of social obligations, learning to withstand betrayal and heartbreak.
As with every Trigger show, it has a core of absolute genius writing covered in layers of generic drab.

isn't this what cartoons are for?

I want Dr. Franxx to grope my ass!

>being mad at anons being mad about a cartoon because they're projecting your own insecurities onto it because you're projecting your own insecurities onto them

We finally saw what kind of world humanity lives in. Before that we could only speculate about the specific conditions, now we know just how fucked it is. Imo the pacing was just fine during the scene in the apartment, cause there was a lot to extrapolate from that scene

I missed the threads for episode 10, what was Sup Forums's verdict of Zorome stumbling into a bit of worldbuilding?

Dunno, I only caught up yesterday too. It's definitely on the more fucked up side though, that's for sure


People were shiting on it calling it a filler episode like they always do. People whined about pacing and infodumps. That smiling old man meme came from it though.

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Episode was shit and little dwarf is a huge faggot. He does not deserve a cutie like Miku.

Meh. Not much setup that we didn't figure out by now. A few theories about granny's connection to Zorome, settling on her either being his mom, or some caretaker. Slight memeing of VR grandpa. That's about it.

I miss Nanaposting