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No, later.

Death to Liberio. Death to Marley. Reiss is great.

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kino scene

Season 3 trailer when? This Friday?

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*cuts your throat*

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No, Reiss are cucks.

>Caring about the anime
Literally the best ost in the anime

Oh shit WHAT

nothing personnel, kid
lmao are you high

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If you could change or improve one scene in season 3, which one would it be.

>Uprising only
Longer Kenny vs Uri scene

>Uprising + RtS
More Marlow/Hitch and Moblit scenes so their deaths actually have an impact. If that’s season 4 I bet most anime onlys will forget them.

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In April, 2017.

More screetime for rods titan without its face on the ground.

In 3 days WIT going to animeexpo or something

I guess I missed it.

So wa ima. Koko de kiberu

They may add Zeke vs Reiner fight, they can't leave Zeke tease for nothing

Its been out for a year dude, do you live under a rock?

>add more japanese
>Suddenly Mikasa is not exotic anymore
>Suddenly we have lot of asians knowing about the outside world

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That'd be fucking awesome. Especially if we also see how it came to be.

Ytfw instead of rts aot2 went "what if" and made BRZ rescue Annie instead of just waiting liek retards.
Man I really wished they'd succesd

>makes everyone japanese
>makes Mikasa black

>The Blackermans meme becomes true kek, I hope he doesn't touch snk, literally the lack of diversity makes sense in the plot

>kek, I hope he doesn't touch snk, literally the lack of diversity makes sense in the plot
Who are you quoting?

SnK could actually have a viable western adaptation if it weren't for snowflakes and their bad ideas.

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Man after getting Annie to 10 as soon as possible in the new game I really just wanted to help her get Eren and escape with her, even though I hated her for that in the manga and anime.

I don't get westerns logic, according to them diversity = blacks, I barely see asian actors and if there is a chinese kid is a nerd , or a prostitute if it is a russian woman. White women fascism and their sjws followers most likely have something to do with it.
I would like SNK to be made by the GOT guys

I wonder if they would add Pieck,atleast in her Titan form and in the background

>I would like SNK to be made by the GOT guys
You'll wake the GoTfags again

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Western logic is impeded by billionaire think-tanks keeping the voters too busy infighting by using the media they own to frame all news as an us vs them conflict that happens to involve poor ethnic groups being responsible for everything going wrong in the lives of other poor ethnic groups.
Since there's not a notable population of impoverished Asians they're not worth baiting into the nationwide troll war outside of Hollywood

I was somewhat disappointed when this ended without the characters ever going to the mainland, but after the long shit that has been the Marley saga I think it was probably for the best.

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Isn't anime doing good on netflix? I wonder if even normies got tired of the same propaganda. I'm curious about the Witcher by netflix, that would be considered racist and they may change many things, but in snk it wouldn't make any sense to have diversity, they would face the Ymir problem having too many characters knowing too much


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No degenerate pervert, that's not Gabi.

Diversity > plot for Hollywood.

This scene was pure kino.

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Eren's hysterical laughing and sobbing was on point


fuck off


Still found it lacked oomph for a season finale. The episode when Eren beat Reiner and BerTOLD drops like an atomic bomb was more hype. All Annie events

>hasnt already experienced them all by himself
get tf out of here
I honestly think if they would've just stopped with eren punching into the air and the titan flying above him wouldve been perfect. The use of the founding titan kind of was that "oomph" for me. I seriously hope we get to see it once more, even though its most likely not going to be this random and out of desperation, but rather something planned, considering old Eren isn't so emotional anymore

Why does Zeke look so fucking old?
I mean you cant forget Reiner, Bert, Annie, Porc, Zeke and Pieck are pretty much all the same age, with maybe a few years difference. So why the fuck does Zeke look like hes atleast 30. Or why do Reiner, Porco and Pieck look roughly the same age, meanwhile Bert and Annie both look like 10 years younger?

He's probably approaching 30. He and Eren have a pretty big gap in their ages and Eren should be 19-20 now. There was some fuckery with the ages and I have no idea how old anyone is anymore.

eren will go back in time and save her..

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the pacing fucked the emotional impact

in the manga shit had been fucking confusing and it all happens in a single fucking chapter

they had to make krista look cool, they made it clear the position of all the titans, they moved to eren at the pace of a snail

I never felt like they'd been about to die like in the manga

I was wrong.
Zeke was already 7 when he betrayed Grisha. In the flashback chapter for Keith he thinks he met Grisha around twenty years ago. That makes Zeke at least 27-28 pre-timeskip (depending on Grisha's imprisonment/trip to the walls) and 31-32 post timeskip.

This scenes was the peak of AOT.

But Keith can't have met Grisha 20 years ago because Grisha died in 845 and the present time was 850. So Grisha would have died two years before feeding himself to Eren. If we stretch the time to its limit and Grisha hit Wall Maria with 12-13 years in the bank that would be 832 and "around 20" meant 18. So Zeke was 7 in 832 and 25 as of 850. So he'd be 29 now?

>questions like these were probably part of the reason why Isayama made Erwin talk about Marie
Even fujos can get tired of fujos

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>Reiner, ima koko de SEX shiyo!

Isayama got what he deserved. He knowingly created manlet as fujobait, and the fujos got baited. He got exactly what he wanted.

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I want to know what kind of music Paradis has. I assume things like assigning real-world eras to other countries and the Asian country in general are off-limits.

>tmw your fanbase is retarded

Yes, he is 29. Maybe he is starting to age rapidly because he's almost at the end of his tenure.

Considering that and him being 8-10 years older than most other shifters he looks fine.

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Why is it that theres always a lightning strike when a Shifter transforms?
Nah its actually ima.

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Where does the game end exactly? Aside from the character creator I found it a bit less tight than the first one, and I don't want to play through the entire fucking thing again.

Aliens. Mikasa also had a lightning inside her head

I see you missed the shitposting from back then

Well I just finished Utgard Castle and I still have 2 more acts to go so I assume it ends at the final battle of season 2.

Anime wise at the end of Season 2, with the second to last Mission being the shit where Eren activates his coordinate for the first time thanks to Dina. The last mission is a what if scenario if Zeke would've lost that battle against Reiner in the Uprising arc.

Can you really save everyone that died post game?

Well, I know for sure that youre able to save the people who died, but I just finished it today so I didnt really try to save Annie, Reiner or Bert yet, but I think you can "save" them as well. Would be kind of dumb if you can still get you rank up after saving the supposedly dead people but not with the shifters.

Isayama wanted the fujo fanbase, so he got it.

Wait, do they confide in you about the Marley business?

>Bert: I, I think you're amazing...

Y-you too

>playing the mission where you charge against reiner/bert/ymir with the army of titans
>scene where Erwin gets his arm chomped
>"Erwin has left the battlefield'
I dont know why but that got me real good

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>The third or fourth game reaches the serumbowl
>We can choose to save Erwin instead

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I never did like his cut, that's for sure. Pre timeskip looks better

>we have to play through all of season 1 and 2 again to get to it

You get railroaded into saving Armong anyway, but
>Eren will remember that

This has still got to be one of my favorite scenes in anime. If they didn't have that little hiccup with reiner's hand and those lazy CG shots of the Collossal titan It would have been perfect.

They could do the next game a different genre, even
Would be curious. And then make the next game about killing titans again. But Telltale + SnK would be easy money

The Blu Ray release fixed the arm issue didn't it?
Pretty sure the Colossal was still CG though.

Yes they did, but the Colossal was still CGI and the last two eps were still full of stills.


I'm not sure. I doubt they'd bother fixing the CG though.

Bert is worst shingeki.

Fixed that for you.

>best is worst shingeki
That doesn't make sense

i think user meant that bort is the best shingeki

Dead characters can't be the worst. They are no longer a part of the story so they don't matter. Only living characters can qualify as the worst.

So Mankasa

The best things that come out from shingeki no kyojin since the politic arc are the musou games.

SNK is legit shit since this arc, only the musou games still bring something from it.

But that makes even less sense! Bort can't be best


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Bert is better than your waifu.

>Reaction vids

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user there are simply some things you shouldn't say

>that ending for the game
You know, despite him not saying anything at all throughout the entire game I still felt bad for my donut steel. Pretty cool mission though.

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Did Falco suck it?