At least this fatty didn't do anything to hurt Kokoro

Of course he's fat and unattractive, and was awkward and sometimes creepy for he's relatively immature compared to Goro and it had been his first crush. But he never has blamed or done anything hurtful to Kokoro, and accepted her new partner in the end. So I don't hate him at least even though I've been in team milkman. But being fat should be illegal especially in the US

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Just stop eating corn.

Kokoro did nothing wrong.


the alternative was one less stamen

are you say you don't like gravy on potatoes you fuckin commie

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It's literally the same shit Ichigo pulled on Hiro except it actually worked.

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He should have blamed her though, there was plenty to blame.
I mean, the fact that this blew up so much already proves that. Neither Hiro rejecting Ichigo nor Ichigo (for now) rejecting Goro led to such a fucking shitstorm, because Hiro hadn't been leading Ichigo on and Ichigo handled her rejection in a way that was almost too mature for a teenager.

Based Kokoro making homos straight.

she tried to break up his relationship with 02, but okay

I meant how Ichigo handled rejecting Goro. Should have been more clear about that.

Fatoshi is fat, and therefore unattractive for his fatness, but I don't think he's inherently unattractive. At least he's got passion and is only slightly beta. Goro is by far the most beta on the show and he's also the best looking (male), but still nobody wants him.

Ichigo didn't reject Goro.

That's why I put the (for now) in there. It wasn't a flat out, permanent rejection but his confession also led nowhere for now.

It wasn't a rejection, she legit doesn't know how to respond.

You don't understand women at all if you think when one who is currently lusting for another man pretty much brushes off your advances is anything other than a rejection.

His desire to be closer to her has for now been rejected. But fair enough if you don't want to see it as rejection, we agree anyway and this is just semantics.

Any regular woman sure but Ichigo is sheltered as fuck, she legit didn't know how to reply.

Goro will be her plan B. She'll eventually get over Hiro or simply realize that she'll never be able to have him and then go for her next best option.

Not exactly glorious way to win the girl and kinda insulting, but they'll end up together eventually.

As far as I could tell, her inability to reply was more of an inability to reject him. She's always been into Hiro and always will be. It's basically like real life, where you always have some lingering feelings for the best boy/girl you ever met unless you find one that is truly better. Goro is a friendzoned pussy, and so far this anime has definitely drawn a line in the sand that that isn't enough.

>I've been in team milkman
look i hate the fat bastard too but milkman is just and edgy whiny closet homo, he is shit too, they are all shit

>and so far this anime has definitely drawn a line in the sand that that isn't enough.
The symbolism of Hiro's clip floating away and then her accepting Goro's was pretty strong. And Franxx isn't exactly subtle, if something is implied it also happens.

For real life I would totally agree with you but for Franxx it's obvious she'll end up with Goro.

I may be misremembering, but she already accepted the hair clip before he puked his feelings on her. Didn't it go:

>oh, here's this
>*takes hair clip* my hair clip! how did you get it?
>no, this is a different hair clip that I never got to give to you

>this fatty didn't do anything to hurt Kokoro