Wasted Potential: The Anime

Wasted Potential: The Anime
Why was this travesty made?

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Why where you?

Because benis in vagene

>Wasted Potential : The Post
Why was this abominable post made?

I’m amazed at how little self-awareness they had while making a show with such meta themes.

Dealing with multiple IPs together is a nightmare. It was a good idea, but the logistical and legal side were too much for the studio to handle, so they wanted to recoup whatever they had invested into the project so far.

It's like trying to have the best of both worlds and ending up with nothing.

They've all been Hiroe's IPs from the beginning, literally everyone involved in the production said so.

It's one IP, brainlet poster.

That's just what I read.

The show tried what it meant to be: a meta-fiction with multiple layers of asspulls and succeeded in a most satisfying way.

It's a dumb meme originated on here when people were arguing about powerleveling back when the show was airing for the first time. Selesia, Meteora and most of the rest are as old as the project itself.

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i just wanted a fate clone battle royal and not some autistic deep deep story

This is so far a Sup Forums meme that it's not even a thing in Japan.
>Q: It was rumored that Re:CREATORS was originally supposed to use real characters from stories. Was it always the plan to use stand-in characters or was there any thought of using real characters?
>Aoki: This is the first time I heard this rumor! Re:CREATORS was created by Mr. Rei Hiroe. By the time I was given the story, the characters and their backstories were already well established. The universe of Re:CREATORS was then written up, and I hope you get to experience it.

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She didn't get enough screentime

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Spinoff author likes her a lot, let's hope takes the time to create something better.

In my experience people who claim an anime was Wasted Potential 1. Do not watch the PV or any other announcement material so they pull random expectations out of their ass and 2. Are new to anime (less than 1,000 series completed)
Does this apply to you?

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Black Lagoon died for this

Black Lagoon just rebroadcasted in Japan S4 soon.

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