Shokugeki no Souma

What will Soma's specialty be?

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A finger in the eye and surprise buttsechs
Srsly this arc is taking to long

Yeah, I hope they won’t stretch it out as much in the anime when it comes

why is this guy living the dream?

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The specialty of any shounen MC

"creativity" and "learning from others"

I really just want him to make the eggs and rice from chapter 3

Honestly don't care anymore. Just want to see Tsukasa's meltdown from not winning. At least the author has decency to wrap up his cooking in 2 chapters.

calling it now whiteknightfag is going to lose because he didn't taste his own food

even though it's such a basic fucking concept cooking shows like masterchef actively kick people off who refuse to do it

Remember, Soma and Erina prepped the night before the match so Soma knows exactly what to make and Erina was there with her tongue and knowledge to back Soma for it to be perfected so that it'll complaint her main course. I could see Soma's appetizer being some squid or egg dish considering it's a common theme for Soma to make either each arc.

Also, I don't think Soma has a specific specialty. His thing is just being creative and improvising dishes which is his strong point whereas French is something he isn't well versed and lacks much knowledge so any French dish he makes isn't gonna be top top tier.

The judges already said his food was good though

Same. Will Tsukuda deliver?


Stop using buzzwords you don't know the meaning of.

Sucking dicks


Soma isn't a female.

Adding BBQ sauce.

BBQ sauce is very delicious. Won't complain if it's his specialty.


... His speciality will be... "THAT"...!

His speciality will be being sous chef

Peanut butter squid

>hahaha! That's so funny! Coriander in the spaghetti! Haha I can't remember the last time I had this much fun talking about food!

It better be something awesome.

This is Soma we're talking about. Anything he makes will be awesome.


For meat lovers.

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slut with disgusting lips.

Why does she wear a choker?

Megumi a best

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Why does Tosh draw her lips like that?

I'm okay with any sauce desu.

I dunno but look! Here's my wife!

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Erina a cute.

I'd love to prepp with her all night long if you know what I mean
and I mean that I'd like to have lot of sex with Erina all night long

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He will bake his friends into a pie!

Wouldn't that make him an murderer?

Y-You barbaric beast!

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You are not worthy.

Hey she's my wife!

I want to see Megumi's mouth stuffed with more mazui tidbits.

Oh that note. How would Erina (and her body) respond to Souma's mazui experiments?

made for anal

She's made for tender love and handholding.

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I want to fuck her throat until her choker breaks.

I would love to see that.

1st seat

>I'd love to prepp with her all night long

>I put my raw meat in her oven
>Slowly tender it with her special marinade
>Served her the meat with some sour cream


best girl

Erina's p*op

Me too.

It was incomplete because it has not been yet put in "that"............
But now............

chibi Erina

chuby Erina

>Erina kisses Souma
>he tastes like shit
How will Erina ever recover?

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You know what burns me? This manga is about kids having cooking battles while attending culinary school. Yet there's very little teaching or mentorship going on. Shinomiya is like the only consistent mentor figure we have and he's not even on the Tootsuki faculty. Gin and Jouichirou came to help but most of their training was off-screened.

I understand that cooking involves a lot of improvisation and these kids are encouraged to strike out on their own but is it too much to ask for more learning scenes? It's no accident that Stagiare remains the best arc because it showed Souma in the process of improving himself. I was excited for other alums showing up to teach his friends until it ended up not happening. We could've had Hinako and Mizuhara and Taki and a few new faces mentoring Takumi, Megumi, etc. I also liked the chapter that introduced Megumi because it was a classroom scene with a teacher who they had to impress.

Since then we've had maybe 2-3 chapters total featuring classes. How are we supposed to condemn Azami for taking over the school and changing the curriculum to "mass-producing Elite 10 recipes" when we don't know much about what the original classes were like? The only tangible difference we've seen is that the Azami administration expels less kids and makes them act meaner toward Souma and Friends just because.

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Virtually all manga set in school don't actually show classes. The audience never reads for classes.

It doesn't even have to be in a classroom setting. Just more arcs like Training Camp or Stagiare where the kids are shown learning from the professionals. In this manga they're already professional-level and you have to wonder why they go to school at all.

Doesn't new season air this April?

yeah, the 8th iirc.

Good news, everyone got expelled from the academy

PERFECT as he is? I agree.

Peanut butter squid

I am dissatisfied as well by how little they show of the cooking and experimentation work, always showing only the perfected dish and explaining what makes it good once the judge eats, and goes on a long half naked rant about it

Wouldn't she suffocate and die before it breaks?

It's risotto, Isshiki already told us this.

Some stupid garbage turducken type thing WITH KETCHUP or something


Some diner shit.

Why ketchup?

If Soma finally creates a functional peanut butter squid dish I will buy a plane ticket to japan and yell at Tsukuda


Soma winning will only work if they show him and Erika resisting Rindou and Tsukasa’s dishes and maybe going only half naked at most.

I know everyone has no standards and they’re all sluts for any food but this is the only plausible way that it doesn’t come off as an asspull.

Yukihira Diner's Secret Menu #1!

What are the chances Soma, Erina, Tsukasa and Rindou all strip? I want an foursome orgy between them.

Azami's reaction to Erina's dish will strip everyone there except Erina and Alice, who will be protected by their genes.

>except Erina and Alice
But I want both of them stripped

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We all can't have everything we want.

oh yeah, Senzaemon is there too.

When will we see Azami naked? I wanna admire his sexy succulent toned body.

Go away WGO whore!

Where is Gin and Saiba?


Souma used to spend days before his matches trial and erroring. That's something he hasn't had in a long time now. I feel like that whole hard working aspect hasn't applied to him in forever when that's supposedly his strength. He just blows everybody the fuck out in his sleep.

Azuma is a hot daddy!

I always assumed Soma's specialty was eggs.

Like 50% of what he has cooked has had eggs in it. His most iconic dishes were about his crazy ideas of cooking with eggs.

While I think Megumi is more precious, a small part of me wants her to win the Somabowl too.

Lately the anime puts 3 chapters in 1 episode.

>a small part of me wants her to win the Somabowl too.

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Fat Erina

When they are going slow they go for 3 chapters, but its more common that they cover between 4 to 5 chapters per ep.

The 1st cour covered 47 chapters in 12 episodes, if we assume 2nd cour is about the same, the pace will be much slower because there's only 39 chapters left before RdC begins.

I wish I could punch her face while she's doing that.

That's not good user.

no don't so that