You can't beat this imouto

You can't beat this imouto

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i also cant seem to fuck her

A loli that doesn't feel like a loli

Step aside Mikan. Your reign is over. It's time for the new queen to take her place.

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yes I can

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A housewife imouto will outclass anyone by default and Mikan is probably the best one in that regard.

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I miss Mikan.

And all of the other girls.

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not yet she doesn't even bathe with oniichan

Just when it was getting good between Mikan and Rito the manga ends.

I want to breed Mikan so that we can make cute, breedable Mikan children

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I could probably take on Mikan in a fight.

It's going to happen soon. It can't be stopped.

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God Mikan is the best

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She would destroy you mentally

You're just not trying hard enough

At least she is getting her 3d game too

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>tfw you'll never taste Mikan's sweaty pits
it's not worth living in this hell

Delicious pineapple

More anime need bathing with imouto scenes. That alone kept me watching Tenshi no 3P for a good while.

That's a tangerine, user

Pineapple hair.

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TLR is so fucking stupid

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Reminder that Yabuki has a little sister. She also called him by his first name instead of Nii.

fuck you rito, mikan is mine

>doesn't protect her brother from thots
Mikan is a failure

Thots didn't exist when TLR was published.

Mommy when?

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I think you mean interesting, user

n-not even with cock?

Not after i take my pants off

>no more monthly lewd shenanigans
>no more Nemesis being his stand
>no more Mikan the ultimate imouto
>no more Yami or Mea
>no more space succubus sisters
>no more Risa
I want to die

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Not even with the Cock?

Nope not the cock

Don't remind me it still hurts.

>Nemesis won't flash her pantsuless crotch again

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Isn't it great?

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You need to be Rito for that to happen.

What's wrong? You can't get it up?

Delete this

Yandere imoutos a best

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>no harem ending

fucking yabuki with everyone naked

Lord save my dick



I wanted more Nana development.

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>You can't beat this imouto

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I fapped a few times to those two

Hanakana is always a good imouto

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sorry but, sauce?

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can't be serious

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There's no one better then Misaki!

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>ywn witness Mikan and all the crazy TLR shenanigans for the first time
Lucky user.

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Don't forget to wash your imouto.

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What series is this?

Momoiro Meloik. Be warned though, it ended in 10 volumes and translations only covered up to volume 2 before dying.

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rip that manga

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Wat? She specifically started bathing with him to keep mono away. She snuck into his bed to prevent others from sleeping with him.

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How long is Franxx going to go on? Is it stoping with the anime?

Did their relationship progress in those 10 untranslated volumes or is the author just blueballing his audience?