Why did they forgive a character that genocided several civilizations and promised to not change his evil ways?

Why did they forgive a character that genocided several civilizations and promised to not change his evil ways?

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He was a fundamental part of the team that saved the universe. Without him, there was a big chance U7 would lose. Besides, they can fuck him up if he tries to do evil shit to earth.

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Joke answer: Muh trust, muh friendship prevails
Real answer: Goku needs another training partner for some reason

>trains for 4 months
>goes from being weaker than namek saga SSJ1 to being SSJB tier

He was forgiven because the franchise is greedy.

Frieza is really popular in Japan despite hardly appearing after his arc. His merch sells well when released in Japan. Keeping him around means they have more merchandise opportunities with new forms and such.

When they do a sequel to Super, I fully expect Frieza to have a starring role (either as the main villain or an anti-hero) for the series with them dragging out as many new forms and battles from him as they can.

Vegeta blew up planets for kicks and pretty much promised that he wouldn't change when krill was standing over him with a sword.

Frieza is a megadraw for the Dragon Ball brand unlike losers like Buu and Cell.

He’s like Fonzie or The Rock.

Frieza was resurrected because he's the only one that can restore order to universe 7. It's he who can keep the mortal level at a reasonable number.
Beerus is a failure when it comes to being a GoD.

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Because literally none of the main cast give a shit.
Goku only cares about himself and his friends.
Vegeta killed a bunch of people himself so can't cast shade.
Beerus blows up planets for having bad menus.
Whis couldn't give a flying fuck about anything.

Nobody else is strong enough to have any kind of say in the matter.

Isn't Frieza part of the reason why U7's mortal level was so low? so isn't he basically to blame for the universe being at risk in the tournament at all?

>Isn't Frieza part of the reason why U7's mortal level was so low?
We don't know what the exact criteria for Mortal Levels are, however it's clearly something the Kais and the GoDs are supposed to work on.

Also, it's not clear how morality plays into thing. While Frieza was in charge, the universe seemed pretty ordered, if oppressive. Does that make for a higher mortal level?

Not at all.
It was Beerus who gave Frieza direct orders for the destruction of planet Vegeta. So, Beerus is to blame for lowering the mortal level.
And as for Namek... Well, that lacked an advanced civilization, thus deeming it worthless.

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The mortal level is based on the advancement of civilizations, and the strength of races.

If it wasn't shown on-screen in the last 10 episodes it doesn't count.
This is anime LAW.

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>freeza got forgiven
>nappa is still in hell

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There wasn't really a reason he couldn't have been revived during the time period with Goku dead or around Majin Buu Saga (explaining why he doesn't come back right away).

The whole super genius who never trained thing makes much more sense in that light.

why are you posting dorks?

but the reason planet vegeta was authorized for destruction was because they were also lowering the mortal level with their wanton destruction, then Beerus fell asleep and missed the fact that Frieza genocided multiple civilisations after that

Ur a dork.

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Well, now that Frieza understands the consequences, I'm sure he'll be a lot more vigilant as Emperor.

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They needed him and he fulfilled his end of the bargain
Goku explicitly tells him that he will push his shit in if he fucks around
There was no forgiveness

They respected their promise.

Gives him an actual reason to be your teacher in the next Xenoverse game.

>obese dragon
>calling anyone a dork
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Frieza is comparable to Goku in strength with four months of training versus the latter's lifetime of fighting.

It seems logical that he could come to outpace everyone else very quickly, so they're taking a risk in just letting him go about his business.

>obese dragon
Take that back.
Kanna is slim.

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>Be the brother of the most popular shonen protagonist in existence
>No redemption arc
>Not one appearance since his debut arc 30 years ago
>Did far less bullshit than Vegeta and Frieza
>Just wanted to hang out with his lil bro

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Because he saved a gazillion more people than he had ever, and could ever hurt

They didn't but a deals a deal

>Frieza is really popular in Japan despite hardly appearing after his arc

None of the other villians appear after their arc. The Freeza saga is the pinnacle of Dragon Ball for a lot of people

Because he a good boy, he dindu nufin.

No it's apparently the opposite according to Beerus. The Freeza force kept the level high

Why are most of the characters characters jobbers

They basically just gave him a ten minute hard start. They can have King Kai keep an eye on him, which he should since that's basically his job,
And the second Frieza missteps Goku can IT over there for their next grudge match pay per view only on kamitube

>They basically just gave him a ten minute hard start
Remind me off the end of Justice League Unlimited where the legion of Doom help save the world so the league let's them go. They know they're going to have to stop them later but they wouldn't be the heroes if they went back on their word

Letting Frieza live so that he could become more powerful and fight him again was always Goku's plan even the first time they fought.

Hence the "You idiot!" when he tries to cheap shot Goku and he blasts him in the first place.

In hindsight it was a very stupid decision to recruit Frieza.
If they didn't, they'd eventually lose, but the winner (Jiren) would have wished everyone back anyway. That means they revived space hitler for basically nothing.
Not only that, they also allowed for a positive probability of a selfish asshole to win the ToP, who'd make a selfish wish and doom everyone. And that probability wasn't even small, Frieza was one of the last guys to fall.

Freeza did nothing wrong.

This should've ended with goku losing and evryone getting back to training out of fear and revenge, instead of that stupid happy ending

He is only guilty of killing a random farmer (and his brother)

Beerus was his boss and told him to do that shit in the first place. Being made alive again was basically the Dragon Ball equivalent of a bonus for making a good quarterly profit margin.

>but the winner (Jiren) would have wished everyone back anyway.

Yeah the unfeeling friendless space autist would definitely wish everyone back, Manga Jiren would. Anime Jiren would wish for Power Beyond Power or some shit

He draws in the big money, that's your real answer.

This actually hurts

>Frieza is really popular in Japan

Why do you faggots always specify Japan, as if Freeza isn't one of the most popular and recognisable villains in the entire fucking world?

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Everyone involved with DBS are morally corrupted faggots so inflicting any type of righteous justice is impossible just like Nardo and Tokyo Fool.

I mean a easy resolution like Frieza doing any evil shit will get him instantaneously hakai'd since he completely shitted on the entire lesson about doing immoral actions is inexcusable but fuck that of course because killing billions of mortals is completely fine nowadays. I'm still surprised they didn't surpass the peak of retardation yet.

Probably because what's popular in Japan dictates what direction the show goes in. I wouldn't have used Cell for the ToP either. So you win, then what? What do you do with Cell? Freeza gives a lot more possibilities

>catches up and surpasses several years of training (among which training from Whis) in 6 months on a rock with some weak faggot
>hey guys lets let him loose in the universe

I mean, it's an anime so it's down to the writers, but logically this would be a huge fucking blunder by Goku.

Amerimutts are Cellfags for some reason, every sane region knows it goes Freeza, Piccolo and then Vegeta in terms of villain quality

Because Super is terribly written.

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I havnt seen super but from what iv heard this is true

>saiyans from another universe show up
>they've never gone SS before
>do it instantly just because
>are now just as strong as Goku

>go to Earth to see what your bro is up to
>get shot
>get your leg hairs singed
>get skewered by a laser while bro is giving you a hug
>get put in a Yemma Lock
Being Radditz is suffering. At least Yamcha got to tap Bulma at one point.

The show had this kind of asspulls. The one you mentioned pissed me off the most but the show is good for me overall.It has great moments. By the way, those sayans got to unlock ssj 2 and one is basically broly but definetely not as strong as goku.

>scenes from dub are actually better than sub

I thought sub was always the way to go.

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DB dub has always been god tier my man

>What do you do with Cell?
Make him a Z-fighter because he's a hundred times more charismatic than Frieza, just wanted a good fight, and wasn't a gigantic asshole like Frieza.

>Freeza gives a lot more possibilities
Like fucking what? Abusing his fortunate situation by being a jackass? Not only is Cell alot more reasonable as a choice for the tournament but he's not some edgy fucker that will do more harm than good.

>he's a hundred times more charismatic than Frieza
fucking what

Most of the team didn't forgive him, but Goku promised to bring him back to life and nobody is strong enough to tell Goku "no"

If he gets out of line they can just fuck him up again.

If anything he was helping to raise it. His army had some really advanced technology and was spreading it throughout the galaxy.

Wasn't even Goku who revived him, Beerus asked Whis to do it.

>Why did they forgive a character that genocided several civilizations and promised to not change his evil ways?
Because Frieza is just Cooler.

>character literally saves the entire universe
>hurr durr why they forgive him for blowing up a planet of monkeys??

>he's not some edgy fucker that will do more harm than good

He tortured the friends and family of a nine year old in a bid to get him to fight him at full power and then attempted to destroy the galaxy when the fight went sour for him.

Yeah but Goku was gonna do it anyway.

>Whis can just revive people now
Anybody else think this was slightly bullshit?

If the normal dragon balls that aren't even powerful enough to kill Saiyan-arc Vegeta can do it, don't see why Whis wouldn't be able to.

Just seems weird to add that to Whis' skillset.

Death is already nearly pointless in DB but now it's 100% meaningless. If anybody dies Bulma can just call up Whis, give him some ice cream, and ask for a rez

are you serious? the dragon is quite literally afraid of beerus, and whis is miles stronger than even him. i'm not at all surprised whis can res, and kind of expected him to have such powers.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised to find out that angels are universe busters.

But it has nothing to do with strength, it's a magical ability

>If anybody dies Bulma can just call up Whis, give him some ice cream, and ask for a rez
she practically has that power even without whis. it takes them all of a few hours to collect all the dragon balls and make a few wishes.

But at least that was limited to once a year. It's just free rez's for life now, and Toriyama had no reason to introduce it because they could have just brought Freeza back with the earth dragonballs


strength as in power/abilities. whis has already shown that he can reset time, which imo is a lot stronger of a skill than res.

it does remove a lot of the suspense, but we have to remember that whis and beerus have tried to be neutral and not appear to take sides. even when they had the opportunity to take care of zamus in the past, they didn't(or i'm just forgetting some minor detail for why they chose not to time travel with them)
good point but even with the year cooldown, it's basically, "hey, hang out in the afterlife and we'll bring you back".

but if I had to guess, they wanted to wrap up the episode and not spend 5 minutes fucking with a dragon scene(but I guess they could've just had a still image depicting him being rezzed)

who knows, really. the series is over, and we may never see whis again.

I guess we won't be seeing dragon ball on the disney channel.

I think it's fair to say Whis can do whatever the fuck he wants at this point. I'm sure he can rewind time more than 2 minutes too, if he so wishes.

Holy hell that's good

>Make him a Z fighter

Wow what an inspired original idea

>he's a hundred times more charismatic than Frieza
lmao no. 90% of his personality that people actually like is from non-canon shit like TFS and Fighterz. In the actual canon, his personality is literally a knock-off Frieza with none of the charm or entertainment factor. There's a reason he's the least popular main DBZ villain while Frieza's popularity blows him out of the water.

>they wanted to wrap up the episode and not spend 5 minutes fucking with a dragon scene
This is probably the truth of it

Remember when he made Piccolo watch as he slowly absorbed a man. Not edgy though

>the series is over, and we may never see whis again.
It's 100% coming back next April, the interview with all the voice actors had them all saying it's not over

They would have to use the Namekian balls as well which would be kinda fucked up

because super is stupid shit

Frieza did this about five times already in a much harsher fashion. If it wasn't for those retarded Frieza genes he would've at least excepted his fate.

Only a fucking mongoloid would think it's not coming back. DB makes way to much money for everyone concerned

He's literally a clone of all the Z-fighters so no shit.

I kind of thought we'd just be getting movies every few years going forward, but it really does look like the anime itself is coming back yeah

Good, honestly. I wasn't ready for it to end.

If Frieza doesn't spend the next 3 years (at least) training as hard as he can every single day, he's a dumbass.

>still wants immortality
>pretty sure Goku and friends would try to stop him
>has to become strong enough to take all of them on
>RoF 2.0 is nearly inevitable at some point

Frieza please. Look at the gains you got in 4 meager months. Take a few years off, become unstoppable, THEN make your move.

Think frieza could use a turn in the time chamber

Frieza has a life outside of killing and fighting though, he operates a galactic real-estate company and is willing to let people carry on with their business if they are sufficiently subservient.

Cell doesn't care about anyone or anything other than fighting and being the strongest and in that respect he would be more of a liability.


I don't think you're adequately considering just what a massive shift in frieza's personality it is, to even momentarily trust another person, or accept a gift

I dont know if dragonball is degenerate fiction, like the kind we have in burgerland, or if orientals really have substantially different morality, but it seems like strength, goodness, and godhood all kind of overlap in dragonball, they aren't discretely different things like they would be in an anglo morality or fiction

frieza is strong, did something benevolent, and also props up the universes's strength numbers (even though he is directly responsible for diminishing it as well) so he gets a pass? I don't think its far fetched to think that he is actually starting a redemption arc

Freeza saved a lot more people this arc than he killed in his entire life

>90% of his personality that people actually like is from non-canon shit like TFS
What the fuck is wrong with you?

>and Fighterz
This is actually understandable.

>In the actual canon, his personality is literally a knock-off Frieza with none of the charm or entertainment factor
If you think spamming OHOHOHOHOHO everywhere and getting your ass kicked every episode is anything other then ironic entertainment, then your taste is as shit as your villain.

>There's a reason he's the least popular main DBZ villain while Frieza's popularity blows him out of the water
>First major villain with transformations
>Torturing the entire cast brutally
>Killing two main characters
>The entire catalyst for Goku finally reaching Super Saiyan
>Had one of the best fights in manga and anime history
Yeah I can see clearly why he's the best villain in popularity because he was there first having the most historic feats you autistic retard. See Yugioh and Jojo to see how the successors aren't as loved as the predecessors because of being the first in their own respective greatness.

>starting a redemption arc
>"I have no intention of stopping my evil ways"
>Immediately goes back to being emperor
I wouldn't count on it man

>Killing a million people is alright because you saved a billion
This is your retarded thought process staring back at you in your dumbass face.

Yeah, if you get your Freeza personality from Super I guess, he acts very ooc and flanderized in comparison to Z

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