Admit it Sup Forums, this is who you want to be

Admit it Sup Forums, this is who you want to be.

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I want her to step on my dick

So I finally got around to finishing this.

Is it just me, or is there an incredible amount of sexual tension between her and dekomori?

Nah. I like dogs and all, but not in that way.

They're just friends.

This is who I want to be sex friends with.

Stop posting the same shit every thread, Deko. Shinka is not a lesbian like you.

I respect Shinka.

I want to fuck Shinka in the clubroom and make her lose her hairpin!

You will lose your hairpenis.

She would murder you, one squeeze from her thighs could kill any man.

I wanna be Kumin by all the anons and nap with all of them!

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I want to sleep with Kumin.

I want Shinka to hit me till death after i raped her in front of the class

This is what anons want to be with. Sadly she loves her chad bf and hates pathetic manchild anons.

i can kill her bf

I want to give Kumin a hard dicking so she can sleep better.

Nah, I don't like dog semen like she does.

I could never handle that kind of power. I would open a door, crush the doorknob like a beer can, and be afraid to leave the house lest my sheer physical might injure people on accident. So many broken bones. Shinka has had a lifetime to live with and control her strength.

And an outlet for it, crushing user's balls and sanity

It's past your bedtime, Deko, you r-tard.

How many pounds of force does it take to shatter a human elbow? Shinka knows.

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Does Shinka know how to put someone in an armbar?

What's the equivalent only using sweaty thighs of steel that are solid like iron yet also somehow soft and fragrant?

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The Shinka special

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What purpose does the clip serve. It doesn't hold any hair together, it's not even in the right position to hold hair effectively.
It just dangles in front of her forehead, it's only purpose to draw attention to itself and away from her.
8/10 character, 6/10 considering the useless hairclip

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Shinka's a cold hearted cunt, Id rather be rikka, at least she has a cute boyfriend.

>Admit it Sup Forums, this is who you want to be.

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be an emotional autistic

I want to eat big lunches then happily nap to allow the fat to go to the places that boys with big dicks like

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It contains her magical power so it doesn't expose her to the normal human world. Power unrelated to her physical might.

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i want to fuck you in the sleep and have you wake up exactly when i cum inside

Why was she such a bitch?

wwhy are you such a wimp

Because she's the superior being.

because she's in heat

I'm just not an insecure bitch who gets off to bullying chuuni kids

Dubs confirm. Unfortunately her version of being in heat involves a bit of the old ultraviolence.

Somebody post 'em.

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Imagine what a Shinka in a bad mood would do to a Satanichia.

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God I wish that were me

You really don't, it would hurt a lot.

What if Shinka is your imouto?

i will rape her and threaten her to never speak of it

That's not nice, she probably looked up to you.

i will make her kneel down when she giving me head, she will look up to me one way or another

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stupid useless imouto, go cook me ramen and suck my sock while i watch my favorite ecchi

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If anything chuuni kids should get bulli harder.

>improper shift from first to second person view

He was badly assaulted, it's hard to have a clear mind after what he's been through.

hardly any

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