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God I remember this one. It was so edge it was actually enjoyable.

>"hey I met some people"
>They are actually cannibals because of course.

you need a healthy balance. no point in being super strong if you never hit and no point in being super fast if your hits don't do anything

Why is the manga diverting from the LN?

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Ideally it would be AGI + STR + VIT
you can be fast, strong and take fuck-all damage.
Being the paragon of 1 stat doesn't make you stronger than everyone else, it just means you're really good at one thing and suck ass at everything else.
A healthy build is a balanced build.

his ultimate fate, his final doom.... always just a roll of a dice away.

>RPG mechanics

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It really depends on the system. DnD typically makes strength much more useful for melee combat than dexterity.

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>he can't into crits


Both are moot stats when you take buffs and debuffs into account

But at that point you may as well just go with spellcasters > mundanes.

Pale master blocks your path.

STR is the only build that matters faget

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>Only two stats to invest
That's literally shit mechanics.
You need at least 5 stats to make your game mechanics somewhat balanced.

That's some really shit technique on the part of Guts. His strike comes way too late. If not for the ridiculous breaking of Griffith's sword it would have been dangerous for him.

Of course, running straight into an attack is a rather suicidal move by Griffith. Not really demonstrating any agility at all.

>No vitality
>No luck
>No spirit
>No Dexterity
Also, moving so fast would kill him or at least he would break his hand with every hit if he only has 300 defense.

You talk about it as if it's some 10 year old series that's already finished.

came here to post this

Why the fuck did he go back into the dungeon? His goal was to get out, then he got out and he got back in. What is wrong with him?

Griffith should have thrust.
Or even slashed while side stepping.

To be fair, he did plenty of thrusting later that day.

fuck off onlyafro and go cross dress to stream, i need to beat my dick

>mfw monkey king bar went from truestrike to 75% chance to not miss an attack.
Goddamn it.

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>he doesn’t have max stats

Okay bro

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150-200% of low damage is still low.

I though the was referring to the fact that even if you have a low hit chance because of lacking dex, you can still hit the opponent when you roll a crit.

>Int maxxed out with a single digit
I feel bad for Aqua

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I wonder what will happen when someone max up LUCK

Except that full agi guy have the most broken poison so even 1 hit is enough to kill anyone

INT > brainlet

INT is the only thing that matters.