To think anons are upset that Tomoko is popular with the cool girls

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No she thinks she lost to makeup girl.

New chapter is next week.

The New fan art is getting better and better.

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Hello anyone here ?

I'm not upset about tomoko.
I'm too focused on Minami, and wanting to make her body grossly sexual, through hormone pills and mechanical tools, in ways that she won't ever want to leave that house.

The way they slingshot this girl between being a pathetic mess and an insufferable bitch is so deviously inspiring. Tanigaw and Nico have probably awakened the inner sadist in a lot of their younger readers.

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What wil Ucchi do now?

Maybe find an easier girl to court

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Is that pic a metaphor for how some old school fans feel about the current chapters?


>no tomoko gf to give head pats


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Season two when?

I hope there's a few more longer arcs like the amusement park, just wondering if Tomoko will be talking to everyone still when she goes back to class


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Tomoko seems pretty easy though.

Next year if Watamote gets a good ending

Normal girls don't have lesbian harems.

Will the manga end within the next year? I kind of doubt it myself.

Fangbitch is the dumbest character in the show with zero emotional intelligence.
Literally every single other character had significant development. Her?
>bawww why did everyone leave me
>well anyhow, let's continue to be an insufferable asshole to people

Can't believe Tomoko is dead

Well, at least there are other cuties

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Will Ucchi ever win? She deserves a win at this point

Doubt it.
First year was 38, while second year was 83 chapters long. And we are currently 10 chapters in the final year.

She had insignificant screen time compared to the others. Maybe if she will actually interact with Tomoko will we see her change.

I think it's because there are people actually like her who don't change their attitudes even if people tell them they're a cunt.

Yeah, Fang isn't going to change overnight. She needs to get reamed out a few more times before she'll do any serious self-reflection.

You can't tell that her development is currently going on? Do you expect her to change overnight? Even Tomoko took two years to change her way of interaction with others, yet her nature stays unchanged. If the author wants her to change it won't happen in just ten chapters. Though I prefer her current personality, she is probably the only hateable character, or most hateable at least, that makes her outstanding in some way, and that's the reason I love her the most, plus how cute she is of course

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Watamote threads are so comfy

Tomoko is not dead.

It’s amazing in how a few short months she and several others became unique and recognisable

I really enjoyed that, instead of the only other characters being her brother, yuu and four eyed pervert

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If she had changed, I would never have wanted to tease the pudgey folds of fat under her baggy clothes and make her sleep in a cage under my bed.

I wish I had never caught up so quickly, now I have to wait even longer

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Who was emoji faced girl 2?


Why is Futaki so powerful?

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Season 2 never; fuck this gay Earth.

Anime shmanime
What we need are Doujins!

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This, uchii's confidence must be down on the dumps right now

Well, get to it, then.

She is tho, did you not see the hole nemo made on her torso?


Come on now, are you also telling me you forgot her sacrifice to tell the others nemo can stop time?

Can't really relate with her anymore
Maybe I should get a job


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Would any of you actually do it at that age?

Yes. Literally my ideal gf @ 13. Nowadays it would be jailtime tho.
I would've introduced her to marijuana and stuff.

Yuri is the most relatable character now.

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That has to be an edit?

I'm enjoying it very much. Unlike the losers who's hating on her development, I actually want Tomoko to be happy so it's nice seeing people befriend her.

Read the latest chapter.

Nope. slide.world-three.org/read/its_not_my_fault_that_im_not_popular/en/0/131/page/1

I loled

Giod damn it i hope author is a coll person and makes a chapter about a kid taking Tomokos proposal seriously

This, I like how it hasn't been a very rapid development it's took her over a hundred chapters to be able to hang out with more than three people

Why is Mako friends with the fanged bitch?

She's too much of a floor mat

Would something come out of it or is her personal girl barrier prevent her from getting any dick?

Because she has a dark twisted side and needs fang to be around her so she'll seem nicer.
And now that she knows fang's most vulnerable side, she won't be able to control herself around her.

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She's her pet.

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She turned to jelly doing a three legged race with a boy and putting a badge on him at the graduation

That would be the great part about a chapter like that, like how any kid that tries to fuck Tomoko has to prove he is wortly to each of the weirdos.

I wanna see a kid trying to convince yoshida that he only has prure intentions with Tomoko while she grabs him by the collar.

So award times with jelly tomoko, random guy and jelly friends then?

Will she always be friends with yuu?

That sounds like it could be a very wholesome arc

Eventually he gets to tomoko only to realize he confused her with komisomething

>Katou convinces Tomoko to try bleaching her hair.
>She looks just like Fang now

>Ensuing hijinks with Yuri, Minami, and Mako start erupting.

This manga used to be about an awkward isolated girl trying to get by in society. Now it's about some run of the mill roastie's interactions with her bffs.

If I wanted to read shit like this I'd subscribe to Seventeen magazine. Couldn't drop this garbage fast enough.

>trying to get by in society.
Yes and over time she grows and starts to succeed in this, what's wrong with that?

I'm pretty sure it was about an awkward isolated girl trying to stop being awkward and isolated

Then end it rather than drag it through the mud like this.

Why end it when it's getting good?

It's not getting good it's getting boring. Normalfags are boring.

Is anyone with friends a normalfag now?

>girl trying to stop being awkward and isolated
She doesn't even stop being awkward, she just stops being isolated. Since the very first chapters, it's been clear Tomoko's problem with people is entirely on her own incredible autism and shyness. She's still the same dope, she just hangs out with people while doing that. Her problems didn't end up being the deal killers she thought they were given the right people to interact with.

>She looks just like Fang now

It would be getting pretty stale right now if it was just tomoko having her little autistic moments in between her seeing yuu and talking to her brother. Not that I didn't enjoy those storylines.

>Couldn't drop this garbage fast enough.
that's what your mother said when you were born

good riddance. while you're at it you should drop yourself from an apartment roof

if you don't like it stop reading

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Listening to you makes my IQ drop fast enough