Which Lucky Star character has the best smelling armpits?

Which Lucky Star character has the best smelling armpits?

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After a team of greasy smelly japanese experts and I sniffed all of the luckies' armpits, we cam to the unanimous conclusion that Hiyori Tamura has the best smelling armpits.

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That depends on who is best girl?

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Is Tsukasa really intelligent, but puts all the luckies under a false sense of security?

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I don't see best girl in that picture.


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Are those albino penises?

It's the question of the century anons.

Which one of Luckies would you marry?

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Hard to believe this show was crazy popular 11 years ago, these days it barly gets discussions. Man the internet was so different back then.

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I think you'll find best girl is obvious.

Underrated girl

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Was there always a ginger with a hairband?

She's the forgotten girl who should've had more screen time.

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Kagami or Misao.

The one lucky there is never enough of.

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What is up with all the lucky ️ star threads lately? Is something being advertised for?

No competition

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Now that's more like it

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