Serious question, why Frieza and not Cell?

Serious question, why Frieza and not Cell?

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because cell is literally too cool for DB.

the animators would have to put in actual effort and detail for his design

Because Cell sucks.

cell is a watered down frieza

Because Cell is not that popular in Japan, but Frieza is.

Because ssj god Cell would be too good. He’d just steal everyone’s powers and end up being the end boss himself.

Cell never ding dong diddly drew a dime, ya seethin’ simp.

Why? Cell is the best DB villain of all time.

too perfect

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Because Frieza is more popular and Cell is hard to draw.

>Cell is the worst DB villain of all time.

Cell is boring.

Dragon rat's stop posting a dead anime no one cares about anymore.

Norio retired.

Because the Chad emperor is a much better character than the virgin bug.

>getting owned by Jobhan


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Because no one cares about Cell aside from a few Amerilards. He's the least popular villain overall.

this is the correct answer.

also cell is too detailed for modern toei to bother animating anyway.

Simply because he's too strong. Give him 1 month of training and he would blow out anyone with no problem.

In-series reason: Golden Frieza is stronger than Cell
Actual reason: He's more popular

too much of a bother to draw.

By the time they needed Frieza, he was already on par with SSB in power and thus was actually viable.

Meanwhile Cell was around SSJ2 tier. And that was when SSJ2 was first discovered.

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Cell teaming up with Gohan would be hype but not as good as that Frieza Goku team up.

Cell would make a lot of sense. He craves for a good fight, this tournament would be a great motivation for him to attend.

Frieza makes Cell seem like a dumb jock by comparison.

thats not buu

Nah, he's a mongrel. His DNA is diluted. His gains wouldn't be anywhere near as impressive as Frieza's.

cell would have been more interesting to see having a comeback since he could have justified gohan getting his own powerup, but that would have broken the gocuck agenda of breaking limits nobody can touch.

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not a cellfag but didnt they just randomly power up jewnanago, also an android, without any explanation either?

im guessing its just because frieza's character is fleshd out more since he had more screentime counting all of the dragonball series, and even got his own movie. so people in general, not just nipps, are more invested in him. and since his last appearence (the movie) isnt that long ago, it was easier to bring him back again then cell
engrish is not my main language hurr durr fuck you

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Because Freeza is more powerful than Cell and they needed to find a fighter quickly

He dies to Enuma Elish

>more powerful than cell


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Nobody cares about Green Bug Man.
He came in behind Satan in a popularity poll at the climax of his own arc, he barely broke top ten.
Let's not even talk about him nowadays, in Dokkan he's just a power-up and fusion fodder for #17.

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>I'm being retarded on purpose!

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I have no idea why people like Cell or the Cell games arc. Gohan defeating him feels so hollow since they have no history. 16 taking him out with his mega nuke would have been more satisfying

because since Resurrection F Freeza is stronger.

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Buu's far better than Cell. I'd rather have an entertaining retard than a boring Freeza-lite.

>Cell jobs to the biggest jobber in the series
>Never to be seen again
>Not even half as popular as CHADza

>CHADza tag teams with GODku and defeats a main antagonist
>Is alive and well and has his empire back
>Is the most popular villain by far

Poor bug.

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Why would Gohan need Cell to get a powerup?

Frieza is a more populair villain.
Cell lost to the eternal jobber.
The eternal jobber is a mexican favorite.
Japan hates mexico.


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He had 10 years to train.

They didn't want to pay for Wakamoto

One of the producer said in an interview on resurrectuon f that it was his idea to bring frieza back since hes the most iconic db villain. So there you go OP, toie thought frieza will bring in the most bucks. It was purely a corporate board decision

I really want to watch this. DBZ Super reminds so much of my dad who died 4 months ago. We used to watch reruns of DBZ and Dragonball as a kid until my college days like a family tradition, but never had a chance to watch Super together.

I think I might marathon this, for him. I miss him so much dammit it hurts. Fuck.

Anyways, how do you rate Super, compared to Dragonball and DBZ?

Nobody cares about cell and freeza is much stronger now.

Because Freeza is by far the most popular and iconic villain in franchise history. No one else even comes close to him. This goes for the anime industry at large. The only other villains I can think of who might be on a similar level of popularity are Dio, Team Rocket and Griffith. Cell is just a blip on the radar by comparison.

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Cell= Frenkenstein

He has no soul, he has no grace, this kong has a funny face

-Cell's voice actor retired
-Not as popular as Freezer
-Too detailled to draw
Add in that super was just a cashgrab and it makes sense that they would do that despite Cell better potential for growth and development.

Must be embarrassing.

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Are JOBhanfags even trying anymore?

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Cell has literally no personality and he was carried by Wakamoto's performance, only good Cell is first form Cell

Americans like Cell because they can relate with being a mutt like him. The rest of the world prefers superior villain Freeza-sama

is that the winnie the pooh villian from super?

Frieza is probably gonna die in the anniversary movie to keep the story canon with GT


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Dunno about that.
Him being resurrected explains while he's alive with a kid and on cordial terms with the guys in the Post-EoZ period in Nekomajin Z, and why Jobeta is his bitchboy errand-man picking up his kid.

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don't post my bf without asking first

This desu

>has better regen than piccolo which makes up like 1% of his dna


>nip popularity
>too perfect for super

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>one has never defeated goku
>the other is perfect
no more canon than this >meme use of the word

More likely, Frieza will end up a babysitter for Vegeta and wet nurse for further hybrids down the line. A monkey's uncle is all Frieza amounts to now. He's just too weak (again).

He's a pain to animate

Nah its a henchmen from World's Strongest

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>no more canon than this
It literally is though, you retard.

Cell's not particularly popular in Japan. You'll notice that Freeza's always been more iconic, despite being the "weakest" DBZ villain. There's also the way Cell "killed" Goku. Western fans seem to see it as Cell somehow defeating Goku, but the Japanese see it more as a "lucky shot" from a cowardly act (self-destruct because he was going to lose anyway). He didn't plan to kill Goku and in any case, Gohan was the new hot-ness at that time. Even Buu seems more popular for some weird reason. Probably because his fat "cute" form as some appeal.

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Vegeta was permanently banished to the cuckshed.

>lizard lost his tail again

Frieza will never end up a pathetic literal cuck like Jobeta.

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>thinks it is canon
what part of super has you thinking it is legit or authentic as a toriyama work? surely you know the outlines are super simple. toei and toyo do whatever with them. easily more than half of what goes on is not from his draft at all. not canon. really it is no better than early gt or movies or specials. kids never learn. you lot will fall for the next bait thrown your way too as with Sup Forums for xeno, heroes, online and so on

Cause Wakamoto retired.

Perfect Cuck
>le random bug mix of everyone, has no innate strength of his own
>apart from jobbing to Gohan, is unheard of afterwards

Chadroid 17
>SSB level fighting rangers
>Wins the multiverse tourny

>Tied in with saiyan prophecy
>Was strongest in the universe 7 minus Buu without training
>SSB level with FOUR months of training

How do cellfags even exist at this point lmao

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It isn't easy being undefeated against Goku (not that Frieza would know).

Frieza was never really in the running. Goku came crawling back for his dose.

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But Cell has Frieza cells, why didn't he just power up in those 7 days he waited for Cell games with mental training like Frieza in hell?

He comes back to reprise old roles like he does in Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball Fighterz.

Freeza is more popular
Cell is too bothersome to draw

How do you explain Pop Team Epic then?

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>no innate strength
even with frieza's tenacity for surviving in bad situations it is a bit extreme to use piccolo's regen to come back from a single cell. his absorbing ability is something none of the others could do either

A perfect villain does not need an encore.

An exception.

Like Vegeta, he is undefeated against Goku. Jiren almost cleared Super without failing this, but ultimately managed to lose to Goku (though not alone, it still counts).

That was from RoF, you dumbass. It wasn't part of a vague outline, Toriyama penned the scene himself.

Isn't that pretty much the case every where?

>only arguing for return
like bog, toei did as they pleased with it using their writers. not legit as usual. when will kids learn? keep being a rube though


Are you genuinely stupid? BoG and RoF were originally written by Toriyama and he oversaw the development of the plot for both of them. It's not like any of the arcs from U6 onwards.

are you genuinely stupid? super was originally written by toriyama and he oversaw the manga development of the plot yet it is not canon. it's not like any of the original serialization where it was his authentic work. baka ass "youths"

>mfw Buu is more interesting than Cell and the Buu arc was better than Cell's

BoG wasn't even originally AT. It was some other fuck. AT rewrote it, true. Then Toei did whatever they liked with it, thus bastardizing the thing.

So you are stupid then. Get this into your head: Toriyama DIRECTLY oversaw the story for BoG and RoF, he did not directly oversee the story for any of the other arcs. That's the main difference between them.

I have no patience for retards, so I'm done with you now.

Murricans have some serious hard on for Cell for some reason